Monthly Release Notes - September 2021

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Boldon James

Classifier Reporting Server

Version 1.2.0

September 2021

Other Fixes
  • Error when importing intelligence packs resolved.

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Information Governance Server

Version 2.2.1

Sep 23, 2021

  • Sensitive terminology has been updated where possible. Whitelists are now referred to as allow lists.

  • Branding changes have been applied to the user interface to include new product logos.

Other Fixes
  • The Breach Investigation Report now works as expected.

  • The IG Reporting service now works with the latest versions of OpenJDK 1.8.

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Core Security

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Version: 9.4.0

September 7, 2021

Access Assurance Suite Features and Enhancements
  • AAS support on Google Cloud. AAS components and customer target systems can coexist in Google Cloud.

  • AAS now supports the Microsoft Edge Web Browser. This replaces the Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported.

Core Access and Core Provisioning Platform Features and Enhancements
  • Request Management feature provides users with the ability to easily search requests, perform specific actions like sending reminders, canceling requests, or resubmitting failed requests, and filter requests by type, submission date, status, and more.

  • Time Bound access feature enables users to request access that is valid only for a specific amount of time.

  • Policy management has been enhanced with the addition of role-based access that assigns access to users based on clearly defined roles in the organization.

Enhancements to the Provisioning Platform
  • Connector for Microsoft Active Directory Forest Authentication has been added to the suite.

Visual Identity Suite (VIS)

Version 2.8.0

September 24, 2021

  • Connector for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) added to the Connector options.

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Version 6.8.4
New Features
  • Added new Get Agent Group Information task.

  • Added new Get Agent Information task.

  • Enhanced database configuration to allow for a separate connection pool dedicated to retrieving primary keys, preventing deadlocks when spikes occur.

  • Improved database efficiency during initial processing when an Agent connects.

  • Enhanced the agent registration process to be more efficient.

  • Enhanced the Active Sessions page to use the new filter framework.

  • Enhanced the efficiency of listing Agents within the Agent Manager page.

  • Enhanced the Active Sessions page to paginate the results to support a better experience when many sessions exist.

  • Enhanced the Job File Event processing to occur on a separate thread to alleviate the strain on the database connection pool when under heavy load.

  • Enhanced upload processing from Agent to GoAnywhere. Requires 1.6.3 or Later of GoAnywhere Agents.

  • Reduced the amount of application logging for cluster messages. This logging is now at DEBUG log level.

  • Upgraded Apache Commons Compress library from version 1.19 to version 1.21.

  • Upgraded the Commons IO library from version 2.6 to 2.11.0.

  • Adjusted the logic that truncates a file within the SFTP server ensuring write permission is adhered to. This was introduced in 6.8.2.

  • Fixed an issue where the sessions were not refreshed upon terminate action.

  • Fixed the submit time and end time job related email template functions to refer to the proper fields.

  • Fixed an issue with Write EDIFACT and X12 tasks where an invalid error would be returned if mapping to both a composite and an element within a repeating segment.

  • Fixed an issue with the Write EDIFACT and EDI X12 tasks where repeating segments could cause their parent loop to not iterate correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the Write EDIFACT task where validation for the Interchange Date would fail if using the format yyMMdd.

  • Fixed an issue with the Write EDIFACT task where validation for the Segment Terminator would fail if using the option New Line.

GoAnywhere Agents

Version 1.6.3
  • Enhanced the process that creates new connections to MFT to be more efficient.

  • Enhanced upload processing from Agent to GoAnywhere. Requires 6.8.4 or later.

  • Enhanced the processing when requesting a file/folder listing on Agents.

  • Enhanced Agent downloads to process requests on a separate thread, reducing the impact on the core client threads.

  • Enhanced the Agent upload/download file validation logic to be more streamlined.

  • Upgraded Apache Commons Compress library from version 1.19 to version 1.21.

  • Upgraded the Commons IO library from version 2.6 to 2.11.0.

  • Fixed the reconnect logic to ensure we close the existing connection before reconnecting when a response is not returned in allotted timeframe when setting up the control channel.

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IBM Partnership

Version: PTF 7.4 SI76738, 7.3 SI76737

September 14th, 2021


In version 7.3 and later:

  • BRMS has been enhanced to support Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) environments when doing cloud disaster recovery using BRMS with IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i.

  • BRMS has been enhanced to support parallel backup and restores when using IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i.

  • BRMS has been enhanced to support full system FlashCopy when using IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i.

  • DUPMEDBRM with SBMOPT(*YES) has been enhanced to delay when submitting multiple jobs to prevent volume selection collisions.

Other Fixes

In version 7.3 and later:

  • Issue where spooled file backups may fail with message MSGMCH1210 has been fixed.

  • BRMS support for Ultrium 9 (LTO9) tape drives and media has been added.

  • Issue involving BRMS batch restores failing with message MSGCPF0001 has been fixed.

  • The recovery report process was changed to remove an incorrect instruction to set the Allow object differences to *NONE or *FILELVL

NOTE: Starting with the September 2021 BRMS PTFs, only systems at release IBM i 7.3 or later will be supported in a BRMS network. All systems at release levels earlier than 7.3 must be removed from a BRM

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Latest Archived Version: 6.5.145

Sep 21, 2021

  • Desktop Client
    • Resolved an issue where the Monitor view may display an error when loading child Jobs.
    • Resolved an issue where a completed entry could be removed from the Scheduler before its Notification or Recovery job started.
    • Resolved an issue loading a JAMS V6 module in a JAMS V7 environment.
  • Scheduler
    • Resolved an issue that may occur if the Scheduler could not write to the log file.
    • Resolved an error when updating a Setup through a PUT request in the REST API when multiple Setups have the same name.
    • Resolved an issue where a failover could result in an MSMQ sharing violation error.
    • Improved the handling of additional exceptions that may occur during failover or in mirrored environments.

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Robot Network

Version 13.02

Sep 15, 2021

  • Fixed issue with node installation failing.

  • Turned off product metric data on new installs.

  • Corrected Host installer to use the host name/ip address when configuring the node instead of *LOCALIP.

  • Performance Metrics now correctly copied during a conversion.

  • Easily handles switching to TLSv1.2.

Performance Navigator

Version: 19.2 B

Sep 24, 2021

  • Added new disk controller, flash systems and NVMe cards to our hardware table. They can now be used in our What-If analysis.

  • Added Power 10 systems to our hardware table. They can now be used in What-If analysis.

  • Added Shared Ethernet Adapter transmission and Shared Ethernet Adapter Packet count graphs for AIX systems (Graphs/Reports > Network > SEA Send/Receive KB/sec and Graphs/Reports > Network > SEA Packet Count respectively).

  • Added firmware level, time zone, and nominal frequency to View > System Information.

  • You can now see if HMC data collection is turned on or off by going to View > System Information, going to the “Performance Data” tab, then the “Current Day/Collection Services Data” sub-tab.

  • Added Library size change percent to Reports > Libraries & Objects & IFS > Library Size Change.

  • Added ASP column to Reports > Libraries & Objects & IFS > Library Detail.

  • Updated Monthly Interactive and Noninteractive Summaries to include internal model in System Specs page.

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Version 2021.1

September 2021

New Features
  • A web-based UI for Cloud Credential Management has been developed to replace TITUS_ICM. Users can now generate a token for SharePoint Online/One Drive, Box for Business, and Dropbox for Business using the Credential Manager tab in the UI. See the Titus Illuminate Deployment Guide for more information.

    NOTE: TITUS_ICM.exe could not get a new token because no longer supports Internet Explorer 11. If you are a new Illuminate user scanning DropBox files or an existing user requiring a new token, you will now use the new web-based UI to get authentication tokens for DropBox and all other supported Cloud credentials.
  • You can use Cloud applications with custom credentials to generate tokens if you are scanning files in OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box for Business, or Dropbox for Business. You must add your custom credentials to the web.config and TITUS_ICM.exe.config files. Ensure your Redirect URL points to the URL where Illuminate is installed. If your Illuminate URL is localhost, the Redirect URL will be: http://localhost/IlluminateReply. If it is not, the Redirect URL will be in the format: <IlluminateURL>/CredentialManager/Reply.

    NOTE: You do not have to use custom credentials; you can use the ones provided by Titus. For more information on the new Credential Manager and Cloud applications, see the Titus Illuminate Deployment Guide.
  • Improved handling of the following errors: Cannot access SharePoint account and 401 error blocks to complete scan for THRESHOLD with apply.

  • A SharePoint Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) optimization has been implemented to improve scan performance for SharePoint sites that exceed the maximum threshold limit of 5000 files.

  • Titus Illuminate no longer supports Windows 2008 R2 or Internet Explorer 11.

Other Fixes
  • "StackOverflowException" error from certain "corrupt" Office2013 files in Aspose.Words (MetadataSDK Office2003 plug-in).

  • Re-setting metadata values causes "Policy Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: FileError".

  • The following error message occurs when scanning Box files: Error loading file details an item with the same key has already been added.

  • When scanning a Box folder, a Fileshare folder, or SharePoint site, the Dot not Include Sub-folders is being ignored.

  • Cannot upload a file > 250 MB to SharePoint Online.

  • Getting internal server error 500 when attempting to download large CSV scan report.

  • When integrated with VERA, Illuminate does not consistently encrypt every file the first time the files are scanned. Subsequent scans need to occur for every file to be encrypted.

  • Illuminate does not load GoogleAPI font family resources using HTTPS URL.

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