Monthly Release Notes - April 2021

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Boldon James

Classifier Administration Server

Version 3.18

April 2021

New Features
  • Support deleting licences.

  • Support new features in Email and Office Classifier version 3.17.0.

  • Support new features in Classifier Mail Add-in version 3.12.0.

Other Fixes
  • Addressing Appscan results.

  • Inconsistency On Edit of Single Click from Admin Console To Admin Server.

  • Addressing Appscan results.

  • Request For The Facility To Completely Remove (Nullify) An Existing Selector Value's Colour.

Classifier API 1.3

Version 1.3

April 2021

New Features
  • Classifier Web Configuration is now supported in Client mode

  • Support for label caching

  • Functional alignment with the Classifier REST API product is provided through:

  • Support for marking formats.

  • Functional alignment with the Power Classifier for Files product is provided through:

  • Support for preserving Timestamps.

  • Optional use of Alternate Data Stream.

  • Ability to remove Classifier metadata from a file.

  • Microsoft Office Documents labelled by Titus Classification products are now supported.

Other Fixes
  • The Classifier API Compare function returns SecondLabelDominates when appropriate rather than the more generic LabelsAreDifferent.

Data Classification Service

Version 1.3

April 2021

  • Improved Error reporting and handling

  • Improved DCS Agent processing performance

  • Improved Knowledge Classifier Intelligence Pack performance

  • Introduces the concept of file repositories

Email and Office Classifier

Version 3.17

April 2021

New Features
  • Support for new features introduced in Classifier Administration Server version 3.18

  • New Condition to detect edited meeting responses (00001621)

  • New Message Body condition (00005197)

  • New Subject Only condition (00006060)

  • New File Size condition (00006530)

  • Change classification history date/time to show as local time (00008664)

  • New Message Originator Attribute Values Condition (00009221)

  • New Audit Events For Classifier Decision Tree (00009581)

  • Provide ability to format of watermarks (00009689)

  • Extend formatting ability of Insert Image Rule for Word (00009907)

  • Extend or control the amount of time the tooltip stays on screen (00010017)

  • The warning image in the labeller UI is now configurable (00028419)

  • Supports interoperability between Titus products (TMC, TCO and Gmail)

Other Fixes
  • Setting Follow Up Flag Or Categorize On An Email In A Shared Mailbox Causes An Error Message Dialog To Display (00004206)

  • (The Outlook setting Folder View Column populate on startup now applies to all available mailboxes)

  • Subject marking in emails not working with conversation mode in outlook (00005871)

  • (Requires new Outlook setting: Allow Show As Converstations when using Subject Labels in Classifier Administration Server)

  • Email & office Policy/configuration not loading when region language changed to Turkish (00006163)

  • MAC Classifier to E&O Classifier Text Label Decode Issues (00006277)

  • Label Not Removed from Powerpoint Footer on Copy and Paste - Powerpoint Footer Rule (00006848)

  • (Requires the following registry key to be set: .\Boldon James\Classifier\PowerPoint\UpdateDuplicateMarkings=1)

  • Document Content Count not triggering Suggested Classification (00006986)

  • Favourite labels that include a Date Picker selector value should automatically update to today's date (00008869)

  • Unable to display content check hits for PDFs in Outlook (00009135)

  • The latest version of DTSearch PDF Search highlighter is required for this CSD fix.

  • The dtSearch PDF Search Highlighter is a free plug-in for Adobe Reader, which allows

  • dtSearch and other search programs to highlight hits in retrieved documents inside Adobe Reader DC, XI, and X

  • This can be obtained from here. After installation, use the 'check for updates' at the bottom of the dialog to ensure you have the latest version installed.

  • Issue with Email/office classifier interacting with Stories in Office applications (00009402)

  • Recipient Removal Query (00009875)

  • Text Entry selectors values should be included in high water-mark checks (00010277)

  • Specific Excel File issue (00011204)

  • Error message when opening a PowerPoint file, after labelling it with File Classifier (00010486)

  • Issue with X-Header format in Outlook message (00010488)

  • (Classifier now supports x-header values that are encoded using RFC2047)

  • FLOT does not obey alignment setting when using Right To Left language (00010499)

  • Additional blank line appears in footer that includes mulitple lines (00010802)

  • Content Checking Not Detecting Expressions In The Content Library (00010873)

  • Issue With Classifier's AD RMS And Azure RMS Integration (00010924)

  • Duplicate LLOT appear on replies if the label is changed (00011010)

  • Request to select User defined default classification from the Classifier Options Menu (00011220)

  • Dynamic Clearances with Clearance Masking enabled causes significant performance issues (00011030)

  • Outlook Signatures causes Classifier to add ATT files on emails (00008296, 00010275, 00010463, 00010592, 00010637)

  • Subject marking on emails appear to duplicate when responding to message (00010507, 00011126)

Intelligence Pack for Data Classification Service

Version 1.1

April 2021

  • Added support for repositories.

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Core Security

Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

Version: 9.2.3

April 12, 2021

Access Assurance Suite Enhancements and Fixes
  • AAS support on Google Cloud. AAS components and customer target systems can coexist in Google Cloud.

Access Assurance Portal Enhancements and Fixes
  • The Password menu on the menu bar now includes a Profile Management menu item.

  • Parent menu items from menu bar can be rearranged as needed by assigning appropriate weights in the menu.xml file.

  • Enabled the authentication with the Connector for Sun Directory Server and authorization of dynamic community based on macros. Read the section Setting Up Connector for Sun Directory Server Authentication for Access Assurance Portal located below in the Readme.

  • Added the ability for customer logo to be displayed on Access Assurance Portal and the menu bar is updated to display a large logo.

Identity Mapping Solution Enhancements and Fixes
  • Improved conditions to not run disabled mapping rules.

  • Fixed the Identity mapping time out issue when using a staging table.

Enhancements and Fixes to the Provisioning Platform
  • The Admin Manager menu item now opens the Administration Manager with the Copy and Paste feature enabled.

  • Added a button for select all and deselect all in identity mapping screen of workflow.

  • Upgrade jQuery Version to 3.5.1 which enhance Security and Performances issue.

  • The new wodSSH 3.1.4 now ships for use with the Linux and UNIX based connectors.

Core Compliance Enhancements and Fixes
  • New default email template for assigning certifications. Template contains more informative details that differ based on the type of certification.

  • If the number of columns in the staging certificate table increases, a scroll bar assists with data selection for new certifications.

  • Added condition to the Unselect/Select All button so that select button can be used when navigating through other pages.

  • My Certifications page:
    • Updated the width of Status column of my certification page to show proper status of each row in the certification.

    • Issue of raw data appearing in hover text over scroll bar is fixed.

    • Functionality enhanced so that rows of certifications grouped together collapse by default to save space.

    • The entire line of comments can be seen in a tool tip.

Core Access Enhancements and Fixes
  • Time Bound access management functionality. Submitters of an access request can set a start and end time for the requested access to be active. Once a time bound access request is approved, two requests are placed in the system: one that adds access to the user on the start date, and one that will remove user access on the end date. For information about how to use this function, read the Time Bound Access Management section in the Readme below.

  • Modified the Core Access user interface to show full descriptions, if the mouse is hovered over an entitlement description.

  • A new macro %Custom Macro.IsApproveAsProfileDelegationAvailable% can be used to assign Profile approval delegation.

  • Manage Access improvements:
    • Manage Access Catalog page performance is improved for the role creation process.

    • Added a sorting functionality for entitlement in roles on Manage Access page

    • Manage Access page enhanced to disable the Submit button and to display a list of users with no available manager; or, if a default approver has been assigned, Manage Access page informs users that access requests will be sent to the default approver.

    • Updated all column data lengths making them consistent for access.

    • Manage Access page displays the list of available categories in the category list consistently.

    • When restriction is applied through Restrictions.Manage Access Search Roles, unused categories are removed.

    • Updated the Manage Access page filter to show data for intelligent modelling.

    • Modified the macro "Restrictions.Manage Access Search Users" which returns exact data that is shown to logged in user for Intelligent modelling.

    • Removed unnecessary pagination from current access on Manage Access page.

    • Improved performance on intelligent modelling.

    • Some stored procedures are updated to align consistent data sizes with the database schema.

  • Approve and View Requests improvements:
    • Request page contains field for adding and storing comments when request is cancelled. Email template also updated to include those comments.

    • Approve Requests or View My Request pages input searching error fixed. The search character no longer disappears as soon as the user stops typing.

    • Request view page toggle button to view admin requests controlled through new entitlement "view.request.admin" and visible to users with that new entitlement. See the section, Request View Page Toggle Button for Viewing Admin Requests for information about how to set up this entitlement.

    • A required comment notification displays on the screen of an Approve Request. This comment field is a required field. The submit button is disabled until user enters any comment into the field.

    • The Approve Request page now honors the global config value: "AllowAttributeValueEditingonApproval". This enables users to modify the value of entitlement on approval.

    • The Approve Request Page, by default displays Acting As: All. This means that all approval requests, both approval requests that are a user's own, and delegated approval requests. Approvals and delegated approvals are differentiated by an info icon.

    • Improved the performance of Request Service to process the ready requests.

    • Fixed the functionality for auto search on View Request and Approve Request page, eliminating need to apply search filter.

Core Password Enhancements and Fixes
  • PMM for Oracle Internet Directory is included in the suite.

  • Updated PMM for Netscape Directory Server and Oracle Internet Directory no longer use the Agent port and CertificateDB target configuration parameters while configuring the target. These PMMs no longer use their agent Windows service.

  • Passwords validate, even if the password and verify password fields are masked or unmasked.

  • PMM for Databases no longer writes passwords from unsuccessful password reset attempts.

Visual Identity Suite (VIS)

Version 2.6.2

April 21, 2021

  • The issue with the VIS matrix deselecting user selections if users rapidly click on the Zoom in/out or the scroll buttons is now fixed.

Core Network Insight

Version: 7.1.3

Apr 14, 2021

Other Fixes
  • Fixed issue where if the system was overloaded, the reports were not properly generated [CAS-0010236180].

  • Solved OWASP 2017 Category: A6-Security Misconfiguration vulnerability [CAS-0010236499].

  • Corrected issue with some columns output on the Riskiest Assets dashboard widget.

  • Corrected how the 'Force password Change' feature behaves during user creation.

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Version 6.8.1
New Features
  • Added the 'Trust Store Algorithm' field to the SSL tab of the HTTPS and Admin Listeners and updated the label of the 'Algorithm' field to 'Key Store Algorithm'.

  • Enhanced SFTP transfer speeds by setting the default SFTP buffer size to 1MB. Upgraded copies will have a system property that uses the old size to prevent any issues after upgrade. Customers should consider adjusting the system property value once they have verified it will not negatively impact their environment.

  • Added the truststoreAlgorithm property to secured listeners in the HTTPS and Admin Client services to fix a configuration issue introduced in 6.8.0.

  • Updated the shutdown process to reduce the amount of time it takes for a node to leave the cluster.

  • Updated the AS2 MDN Message ID format to ensure there are no duplicates when a server is under heavy load.

  • Improved security around running Agent Group Projects.

  • Fixed an issue where variables passed to a Project from a Monitor or Secure Form were not respecting the 'Is Value Encrypted?' setting on overridden variables.

  • Fixed an issue where Shared File records could end up orphaned during Web User deletion.

  • Fixed an issue where the X12 997 Receipt was populating the GS Sender and Receiver with the incorrect information.

  • Fixed the error message that appears when creating the initial user on a new installation, where the username supplied matches the default root/administrator.

  • Fixed an issue causing failed SSL connections for the Admin Client and Web Client on IBM i. This issue was introduced in 6.8.0.

  • Fixed an issue where 997 Receipt control numbers were not meeting minimum length requirements.

  • Fixed REST/SOAP Resources and Tasks default connection timeout to use a default of 60 seconds rather than 0.

  • Fixed a connection leak related to Web Client Shared Files.

  • Fixed an issue where Monitor and Scheduler emails failed to send due to a missing field.

  • Fixed an issue on the PeSIT File Templates page where changes to saved filters would not persist.

  • Fixed an issue where certain tasks and resources were not properly applying a connection timeout when connecting through a forward proxy.

  • Fixed bug related to displaying Repeat Segment options in the Read EDIFACT task Data Mapper introduced in 6.7.0.

  • Fixed an issue in the EDI Write X12 task where mapped elements separated by a non-mapped element would not be written out. This issue was introduced in 6.8.0.

GoAnywhere Agents

Version 1.6.1
  • Fixed an issue where using network share resource file path syntax within file transfer tasks would fail.

  • Fixed an issue where certain tasks and resources were not properly applying a connection timeout when connecting through a forward proxy.

  • Fixed the REST/SOAP resource and task default connection timeout to use a default of 60 seconds instead of 0.

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IBM Partnership

Backup, Recovery, and Media Services for IBM i (BRMS)

Version: PTF 7.4 SI75084, 7.3 SI75083, 7.2 SI75082

April 14, 2021


In version 7.2 and later:

  • BRMS has been enhanced to support the IBM DSI VTL iSCSI device as a cloud backup solution using NFS.

Other Fixes

In version 7.2 and later:

  • Batch parallel restores of a multiple member file using WRKOBJBRM may not restore all the members issue was fixed.

  • Provided solution for when an *ALLUSR backup of an IASP takes a long time during BRMS outfile processing and the job log contains many MSGCPC221C messages.

  • Fixed problem with BRMS cloud backups of control groups named with the prefix QCLDBIPL using more than 16 volumes failing with MSGOPT1494.

  • Issue with parallel backups using device *MEDCLS not selecting the device with the most expired volumes was fixed.

  • Fixed issue where STRMNTBRM called QICC delete API twice when removing expired cloud volumes.

  • SQL service QUSRBRM.MEDIA_INFO view failing with MSGQRY2283, MSGCPD4019, or MSGSQL0181 for records with date fields earlier than the year 2000 was fixed.

  • DUPMEDBRM completes successfully but may incorrectly report MSGBRM0004 with reason code 14 issue was fixed.

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Version: 6.5.2

Apr 21, 2021

  • Added the Advanced Audit Log.

  • Added support for MacOS version 10.15.

  • Added the Intermapper Migration Guide to help assist in upgrading Intermapper Database for PostgreSQL version 10.14.

  • Upgraded Python version 2.7 to version 3.8.5 and from 32-bit to 64-bit in IMDC. Probes that use Python 2 need to be converted to Python 3. For more information on converting to Python 3, see the Intermapper User Guide.

  • Changed IMRA components to 64-bit. Existing shortcuts need to be re-created or updated.

  • Updated PostgreSQL from version 8.3.8 to version 10.14 and from 32-bit bit to 64-bit. For more information, see the Intermapper Migration Guide.

Other Fixes
  • Database import does not restart following nightly maintenance, no error shown.

  • IM Database insertion errors - violates check constraint "event_status_check".

  • No current PostgreSQL database can be used with Intermapper.

  • IMDC startup depends on executable "/tmp" directory which conflicts with some site security policies.

  • SNMPv3 noAuth noPriv fails to send securityName.

  • Acknowledgment not properly reflected in map status icons.

  • Resolve CSV Injection vulnerability in Intermapper.

  • Map export as .svg fails with 50 device license.

  • Execution hangs - SSL errors, datapoints report sync.

  • IMRA 6.5.1 Java exceptions generating error logs.

  • IM Database insertion errors.

  • Layer 2 scans fail to complete (traceback with illegal IP passed).

  • IMDC is not optimized for MacOS.

  • IMDB maintenance task not completing.

  • ForeignKeyViolation in updating on table notifierrule.

  • Fixed IMAuth error with Active Directory.

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BoKS Reporting Services


Apr 22, 2021

  • Fixed a problem where the previous user database could not be re-used after an upgrade. This was an issue in the and releases.

  • Updated dependencies for Jetty, Spring and Spring Boot fixing the following reported vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-22112, CVE-2021-28165, CVE-2020-27218, CVE-2020-27223, CVE-2020-27216.


Apr 22, 2021

  • Fixed an issue where users could not be deleted in the GUI. This was an issue in the and releases.

  • Fixed an issue where the user database from the previous version could not be re-used after an upgrade. This was an issue in the and releases.

  • Updated dependencies for Jetty, Spring and Spring Boot fixing the following reported vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-22112, CVE-2021-28165, CVE-2020-27218, CVE-2020-27223, CVE-2020-27216.

Powertech Encryption for IBM i

Version 3.62

Apr 21, 2021

  • Powertech Encryption now includes a utility to assist with encrypted key sorting when processed by native I/O (SETLL/READ).
  • A Powertech Encryption Configuration Report can now be generated to quickly export important configuration information for specific field encryption or IFS encryption entries. This report can be helpful as a diagnostic resource when customers collaborate with HelpSystems support.
  • Enhancements have been made for compatibility with Powertech Antivirus.
  • Pending Record Changes and Other Pending Changes options have been added to the SAVACTWAIT parameter of the ENCSAVLIB and ENCSAVOBJ commands.
Other Fixes
  • An error preventing encryption due to an incorrect field type (*BLOB instead of *CLOB) has been resolved.
  • An issue that could cause IFSENCJOB to incorrectly indicate no active IFS entries after IFS entries have been activated has been resolved.
  • Entries in the List Fields in File screen are now sorted alphabetically, and option F8 (Position To) now functions properly.
  • An issue causing an inconsistent number of decimal positions when adding/changing field registry entries has been resolved.

Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i

Version 4.4

Apr 21, 2021

  • The "Commit Configuration Changes" option has been added to SIEM Agent's Main Menu for easier access.
  • Subtypes for Event Description TNA are now supported.
  • Event Text has been added for events that indicate commands that have been allowed or rejected by Powertech Command Security.
  • Upon installation, some Event Descriptions are now set to Active in the AUDIT Event Source so that once AUDIT has been connected to an Output useful information is available while monitoring.
Other Fixes
  • A performance issue related to the message queue monitor for QSYSOPR has been resolved.
  • Inconsistencies in CEF Arcsight event output between Interact 3 and SIEM Agent 4 have been resolved.
  • A blank now separates the Syslog header from the Syslog structured-data for events sent in the *MODERN message style.
  • An issue causing incorrect values in common fields, such as the Remote Address field, has been corrected.
  • Events sent in the *MODERN message style with the RFC 5424 header format no longer contain too many "-" or "NILVALUE" entries.
  • An issue that caused missing request data in Syslog transactions from the Exit Point Manager Event Source has been resolved.
  • The Act column in Select Output Targets now indicates the Outputs that are active.
  • Header Format Compatibility on the MODERN Format is now set to "No" for first-time installations. This setting is required for upgrades only, to provide consistent (but non-standard) Syslog output with previous versions of the software so as not to interfere with existing operations.
  • An issue that caused missing event text in SYSLOG messages for Audit and Custom journals has been corrected.

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Robot Console

Version 7.06

April 13, 2021

  • RBCRJS records now correctly remain for QUEMINS resource records until they are active or complete.

  • Updated license agreement.

  • Remove Response Required has been added to the GUI on the Delete Message History panel.

  • Required Message Center data areas are created if they do not exist in order to successfully delete messages.

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Automated Analytics

Version 11.3.26

Apr 20, 2021

This is a maintenance release.

TeamQuest CMIS for Storage

TeamQuest Surveyor/TeamQuest CMIS for Storage is no longer being released by HelpSystems. If you are currently using TeamQuest Surveyor/TeamQuest CMIS for Storage, please contact HelpSystems Customer Support for more details.

TeamQuest Manager

Version 11.4.7

Apr 20, 2021

  • Added support for the DB2 Agent (tqdb2).

  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04.

Other Fixes
  • Enabled stronger cipher suites.


Version 2.10.0

Apr 20, 2021

  • Added an exponential smoothing function to enhance forecasting.

  • Added server/OSI chargeback and reclamation reporting for cloud and non-cloud system types.

  • Added the ability to browse for a system by group.

  • Updated the PostgreSQL version, which includes the latest security fixes.

Other Fixes
  • Refactored the VMware Generate Groups view to use a condition based on the vmware_cluster property rather than a list of host names to prevent the Condition Length <value> longer than Maximum of 1024 error.

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Titus Classification Suite for Windows

Version 2021.1

April 2021

  • The Reason field of the Set Classification and Set Message Classification actions now provides ability to add rich text within the dialog shown to users when a Set Classification action is executed.

  • In Metadata Handers in Application Settings,, the default value for Version 3 Metadata has been changed from Off to Read and write, and the Version 3 Property Name has been set to Titus.

  • This Custom Action allows Administrators to prevent the viewing of restricted documents when screen sharing software is in use

Other Fixes
  • Titus Administration Console allows use of round brackets in schema fields. These are restricted characters.

  • Titus Client Service would execute code to evaluate custom functions while these were not in use by the customer’s configuration.

  • Monitor Scaling affects clients using Titus 2020.1 SP1. This issue was found in Microsoft Office 2013 (build 15.0.5267.1000).

  • Titus Message Classification – a Bookmark not defined error would occasionally be shown when applying Body tags in messages.

  • Titus Classification for Office – in Custom Properties of an Office document, Titus GUID property is set while the product is disabled.

  • Titus Classification for Office would intermittently cause labels to print incorrectly.

  • Titus Classification for Office removed a pre-existing text box when adding document footer.

  • Titus Classification Client threw an error when loading custom functions.

  • Titus Classification Client – Fields shown/hidden by conditions are not displayed as expected.

  • Titus Classification Client – the SaveAsPDF custom action writes keywords when saving a new PDF. This could result in duplicated keywords.

  • Titus Classification Client – the 1-Click display layout is not respected in the Titus Select Dialog.

  • Titus Classification for Office prompts for classification when closing Excel without document changes.

  • Message formatting changes caused email classifications to not be displayed in Titus Message Classification when messages were generated from Titus Message Classification for MAC.

  • Saving a PowerPoint presentation in the Picture Presentation format would fail when Titus Classification for Office was installed.

  • Type-in Text fields would not expand to accommodate multiple lines of text in the Titus Select Dialog.

  • Schema fields were not displayed as expected when selecting multiple files to classify with Titus Classification for Desktop.

  • Visual Markings were not maintained when meetings items were forwarded using Titus Message Classification.

  • Classification values were not maintained when classifying attachments in Titus Message Classification.

  • Justification was triggering inconsistently for certain schema fields.

  • Titus Classification for Office – Titus GUID property was being set while the product was disabled.

  • Portion Marking Dialog was not displaying expected portion mark fields in Titus Classification for Office.

  • The Classification Dialog was not correctly displaying very long value lists in multi-select fields.

  • Multi-line First Line of Text (FLOT) values were not correctly read by Titus Message Classification.

  • Titus Message Classification would not classify files attached to a message.

  • Titus Reporting installer would fail when attempting to add system machine name to the reporting database.

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