Monthly Release Notes - October 2020

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Automate Desktop and Automate Plus/Ultimate

Version 11.4.10

Oct 22, 2020

IMPORTANT: Before installing Automate Desktop or Automate Plus/Ultimate 11.4.10, confirm your version of Windows is compatible with .NET Framework 4.8. See .NET Framework System Requirements for more information.

Other Fixes
  • The Web Browser action can now correctly locate HTML elements in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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Boldon James

Email and Office Classifier

Version 3.16.3

October 2020

Other Fixes
  • Issue when saving PowerPoint document in conjunction with Seclore software

  • Issue with large attachments when working in conjunction with Seclore software

  • When using the right to left language option, the visual markings are not right-aligned

  • Classifier adding ATT files on emails when using Outlook signatures with embedded images

  • PowerPoint footers may not be formatted as expected

Classifier Mail and Office Add-in Website

Version 3.10.2

October 2020

New Features
  • Allow Classifier Add-in for OWA to work via Proxy connection.

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Core Security

Core Impact

Version: 20.2.1

Oct 30, 2020

  • New Exploits
    • Microsoft SharePoint Server WikiContentWebpart Web Part Remote OS Command Injection Exploit: A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Microsoft SharePoint Server when it fails to properly identify and filter unsafe ASP.Net web controls, aka 'Microsoft SharePoint Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability'. (CVE-2020-1181)

    • Microsoft SharePoint Server CreateChildControls Server Side Include Vulnerability Exploit: A server-side include in Microsoft SharePoint via CreateChildControls in DataFormWebPart class allows an authenticated user to leak the web.config file and forge a malicious ViewState with the extracted validation key. The user credentials requires user with page creation privileges, a standard permission. (CVE-2020-16952)

New Features
  • OpenVAS integration: OpenVAS importer bug fix and integration with Vulnerability Scanner Validator RPT.

Other Fixes
  • Microsoft Windows DNS Server SIGRed Local Privilege Escalation Exploit Update: This update adds support for Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition SP2 - x86-64. (CVE-2020-1350)

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Version 6.6.2
  • Moved the PeSIT Server ID field from the Web User configuration page to the PeSIT Service configuration page.

  • Updated the embedded web help documentation to use JQuery 3.5.1.

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Authority Broker

Version 4.23

Oct 28, 2020

  • An issue causing Firecall access to use an incorrect start date has been resolved.
  • An issue causing the purge process to delete records prematurely has been resolved.
  • A rounding problem with Firecall access timing has been resolved.
  • The ability to enter a FireCall Start date/time that is before the current date/time has been removed.
  • As issue causing the error message "Text not available for message PCSC000" to appear erroneously has been resolved. This message could previously occur when an Authority Broker command was prevented by Powertech Command Security.
  • An issue preventing swap profiles from adhering to 'day of the week' overrides has been resolved.

BoKS Manager

Version 7.2 (version update)

Oct 6, 2020

NOTE: For system requirements including supported platforms, see the BoKS Manager 7.2 Installation Guide. For Known Issues in this release, see the section "Known Issues" in the Administration Guide.
New Features
  • Support is added for BoKS Server Agent 7.2 on SUSE 15 on s390.

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Titus Classification Suite for Windows

Version 2021.0

October 2020

New Features
  • The product now supports retrieving RMS templates from Azure. The AD RMS SDK 2.1 version 1.0.4114.0 is required. The templates can be applied using a Policy and Action.

  • Overlay icons in File Explorer have new branding. The icons can be updated through the Titus Administration Console. To remove icon caches, go to

  • The Titus product logo was updated.

  • The file containing user favorites has been relocated, thus enabling users in remote areas to maintain their favorites across sessions. The location is now C:\Users\<UserID>\AppData\Roaming\Titus\UserSettings.json.encrypted.

  • Logging is now enabled by pressing Alt + L on the About dialog.

  • A minimum of .NET Framework version 4.7.2 is now required. A minimum of .NET Core 3.1 is required for the Titus Administration Console.

Other Fixes
  • Using Australian Email Protective Marking, non-Titus Subject Label were not removed by Titus Message Classification.

  • Advanced Header Footer and Document Marking actions were not applied as expected in Titus Classification for Office.

  • Adding section breaks impacted headers and footers when using "Different First Page" option in Titus Classification for Office.

  • Titus Classification for Office – Sporadic Vera Integration Errors have been reported.

  • In Titus Classification for Office, a document Classification was lost when the document’s custom property contained a dot(.)

  • Incorrect Tool Tip text was shown when hovering over the Help Icon in Titus Classification for Office.

  • Outlook 2016 Pro Plus- Calendar not showing details of meeting invite.

  • A code change made to address another issue in Titus Classification for Office impacted saving an Excel spreadsheet with macros.

  • The Quick Print feature in Microsoft PowerPoint was unavailable while Titus Classification for Office was installed.

  • In Outlook 2016, the calendar does not show details of meeting invites.

  • Titus Classification for Office prevented Excel from closing when saving file as .CSV.

  • Titus Message Classification would sometimes prompt user to classify Outlook Tasks when not required.

  • Errors were displayed when Titus Message Classification would attempt to open certain messages to apply a body tag.

  • Monitor Scaling affects Titus 2020.1 SP1. This issue was found in Microsoft Office 2013 (build 15.0.5267.1000).

  • A 3rd party Add-in conflicted with Titus Classification for Office Add-in.

  • Email body tags were periodically not applied and a “Bookmark not defined” error would generate in Titus Message Classification.

  • One-click button alignment in the Ribbon does not render as expected in Titus Classification for Office.

  • Memory usage of the Titus service was high in remote access environments.

  • Titus Classification for Desktop did not recognize certain date formats on non-English operating systems.

Titus Console

Version 2020.10

October 2020

  • A banner message is displayed in Titus Console welcome page to notify planned outage and other important messages.

Other Fixes
  • Intermittent 401 unauthorized error from Titus console. This issue is fixed now.

  • Intermittent 403 forbidden error from Documentation in Titus console. This issue is fixed now.

Policy Manager

Version 2020.10

October 2020

  • Configuration card UI displays 'Supported Products' label under each listed Event in the Configuration which you can expand to view respective supported products.

  • You can define Custom Properties and use them in Rule conditions or assign values to them.

NOTE: If you created a Set Classification action in a previous release, it will not be updated in the current release. You must delete your previous action and create a new one.

Titus Classification for G Suite

Version 2020.10

October 2020

NOTE: Titus Classification for G Suite extension must be replaced to the latest (version 2020.08 or higher) due to the change of the authentication workflow between the extension and Titus Services.
  • When a Policy has no defined Rules/ Actions, Send option of an email was failing with "cannot connect to the Titus Service..." error. Fail open dialog should be displayed instead. This issue is fixed now.

Titus Office Add-in for Outlook Online

Version 2020.10

October 2020

NOTE: Office Add-in manifest file has to be replaced with the latest (version 2020.10) due to the change in Titus Services URL.
  • Tooltip description is displayed for the classification of a message on Read mode of Classification pane.

Titus Data Detection Engine

Version 2020.10

October 2020

  • There was an issue where Catalogue_id_GDPR is too sensitive to names in content. This issue is fixed now.

  • There was an issue of SSN Smart Regex queries detecting same 9 digit solid number twice in some scenarios. This issue is fixed now.

  • The issue where orchestration is unable to evaluate a correct score when PDD and LANG tasks are run in parallel is fixed now.

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