Monthly Release Notes - September 2019

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Version 6.2.2
  • Added a session timeout warning that appears one minute before a user's session expires. When a session expires, the user will automatically be redirected to the login page.
  • Added new options to the Write EDI X12 Task to reset RowSets, allowing loops and segments to repeat.

  • Added settings for EDI X12 loops and segments to evaluate a condition before a loop or segment is processed.
  • Fixed an issue with versions 002xxx and 003xxx of the EDI X12 transaction sets that was causing segment looping to fail.

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IBM Partnership

Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)

Version: PTF 7.4 SI70626, 7.3 SI70625, 7.2 SI70624

In version 7.2 and later:

  • BRMS has enhanced the way it processes job log messages to improve performance.
  • The STRRCYBRM command now orders *IBM and *ALLUSR libraries by ascending tape sequence order.
  • BRMS has enhanced provide turnkey virtual support when using media classes named QAVVRTTAP or QAVVRTOPT.
Other Fixes

In version 7.2 and later:

  • Using SAVSAVFBRM for several save file backups up with different media policy retentions may set the wrong volume expiration date.
  • Cloud backups using an IASP for the cloud transfer were not checking for enough space available for the virtual media and MSGBRM1799 did not show the correct IASP name.
  • Restore commands with more than 25 omits may fail with MSGCPD0013.
  • The BRMS GUI Restore Wizard "Browse" dialog box does not show contents of IASPs.
  • BRMS user media library device support is resolving the incorrect Deallocate device command parameter for the &DEVICE variable.

In version 7.4:

  • The old world call to set the cloud transfer ASP does not change the Cloud transfer ASP setting in the backup policy.

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