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Core Security

Core Impact

Version: 19.1.1

Aug 31, 2019

  • New Exploits:
    • LibreOffice LibreLogo Python Scripting Vulnerability Exploit v19_1.: By abusing document's event feature in LibreOffice and the LibreLogo script, an attacker can execute arbitrary python code from within a malicious document silently, without user warning. (CVE-2019-9848)

    • MAPLE Computer SNMP Administrator Exploit v19_1.: Maple Computer SNMP Administrator is prone to a buffer-overflow by sending a specially crafted packet with an overly long string on port 987. (CVE-2019-13577)

Other Fixes
  • Exploits Catchup Update for impact 19.1: This update includes 15 exploits that were released for 18.2 but didn't make it into 19.1 plus some exploit and AV evasion improvements.

  • Vulnerability Checker Modules not executed to test vulnerabilities imported with Network Vulnerability Scanner Validator.
  • Network modules from ''Information Gathering/Vulnerability checkers'' category are not launched in the context of Vulnerability Scanner Validator to test imported vulnerabilities. These modules were moved from RPT AP to RPT IG execution in the context of IMPACT 18.2 release. In the context of this changes, they were excluded from the Vulnerability Scanner Validator execution.
Version 19.1

Aug 1, 2019

  • Updated Local Information Gathering (LIG) modules (password dump & cookie retrievers) to show the before in the customer deliverable.
  • Enhanced support for SQLi Database Injections for Network SQL Agent and SQL Injection Analyzer/SQL Agents for the following:
    • SQL Server 2017
    • SQL Server 2016
    • SQL Server 2014
    • SQL Server 2012
    • SQL Server 2008 R2
    • MySQL 8.0
    • MySQL 5.7
    • MariaDB 10.2
    • PostgreSQL 10.5
  • Easily identify compromised hosts from Network RPTs with a Vulnerable Hosts search folder.
  • Updated list of supported and certified platforms for v2019a:

    Certified: Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit (April 2018 Update - Version: 1803), Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (April 2018 Update - Version: 1803), Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit (May 2019 Update - Version: 1903), Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (May 2019 Update - Version: 1903).

    Supported: Windows Server 2016 Standard, Windows Server 2019 Standard.

    No longer Supported: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit, Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64 bit, Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit, Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Refreshed WebApps IG RPT module output.
  • Refreshed WebApps AP RPT module output.
  • Implemented AS-REPs roasting attack.
  • Updated Network SQL Agent & Database Identity Verifiers to support the latest versions of db engines.
  • Show all web pages with vulnerabilities when selecting 'Vulnerable pages'.
  • Show a visual indicator of privilege level of the agents.
  • Create built-in search folder for connected OS Agents.
  • Extended webapps's vulnerability search folder criteria to look for pages with *any* vulnerability.
  • Updated Impacket library for Impact v2019a.
  • Support added for macOS 10.12/10.13/10.14 versions.
  • Run vulnerability checkers as part of RPTs.
  • Added new mechanism to integrate third party Python libraries.
  • Improved Wizard Workflow for Network IG/AP.
  • Added Impact Network pentest REST Automation API for specific vulnerabilities/exploits.
  • Updated mimikatz to latest version for Impact v2019a.
  • Updated Nmap database files for Impact v2019a.
  • Updated support to current version of Metasploit for Impact v2019a.
  • Updated Nikto database for Impact v2019a.
  • Updated Identity Manager dictionaries for Impact v2019a.
Deprecated Features

In an effort to maintain and support up to date features and components Core Impact 19.1 deprecated the following features:

  • Removed obsolete mobile devices functionality.
  • Removed support for Surveillance camera testing.
  • Removed PatchLink VMS / STAT Guardian importers.
  • Removed modules related to Insight Enterprise from Impact.
  • Removed WiFi modules that use AirPcap devices in favor of WiFi Pineapple.

There are currently no updates.

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Version 6.2.1
  • Added EDI X12 transaction sets for versions 002xxx and 003xxx to the online marketplace.
  • Added support for EDI X12 versions 002xxx and 003xxx in the Read and Write EDI X12 tasks.
  • Added indexes to the Secure Form payload table to improve efficiency and processing speed of the database queries.
  • Added additional validation when loading a sample XML document in the UI Data Mapper.
  • Added some missing translated messages on the edit Admin User and edit Admin Role pages.
  • Added missing translation text to the multi-row selection footer menu.
  • Updated some message translations on the Admin Client to be more accurate in Spanish.
  • Updated the Resource Test Dialog height to better display within all monitor sizes.
  • Updated the Secure Form REST API endpoints for uploading attachments to be more efficient.
  • Updated the Secure Form submission process to use database connections more efficiently.
  • Updated the purge process for submitted Secure Forms to delete records more efficiently.
  • Updated several message translations in the Admin Client for French.
  • Updated the styling of the main menu to properly handle the adjusted length of translated menu labels.
  • Updated the logout message to properly display in the Admin User's selected language.
  • Updated the 'Edit' action on the context menu in the project designer to show the properly translated label.
  • Updated the 'HelpSystems' text in the footer to always display in English, regardless of the currently selected language.
  • Improved the styling of the Load Sample Document dialog in the data mapper.
  • Improved the German translations for 'Save' and 'Cancel' button labels across all screens.
  • Updated 'GoFast' labels and references to stay in English and not be translated on the Admin Client.
  • Fixed an issue in the Project Designer where the Execute, Debug, and Show XML buttons would disappear when changing the Project name. This issue was introduced in version 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue where public Secure Forms were not displaying the correct error message when website embedding is misconfigured.
  • Fixed the message shown to the user when deleting Contacts in Address Books to include the contact name.
  • Fixed an issue where the Environment label within the Admin Client page header would only render if the Admin User was a Trigger Manager.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the Date component in Secure Forms by using four digits instead of two digits for years.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would sometimes occur when updating the Read XML Task from the Data Mapper.
  • Fixed an issue where Asynchronous MDN messages were improperly flagged as tampered.
  • Fixed an issue with the custom logo alignment in the Web Client. This issue was introduced in 6.2.0.
  • Fixed an issue where log entries for admin user login with two-factor authentication were missing the Submitted From value.
  • Fixed issue where EDI X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets would expire 30 days after installing them from the Addon Marketplace. This issue was introduced in 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue where the Write EDI X12 and Write EDIFACT tasks skipped empty composite elements followed by a mapped value.
  • Fixed some UI issues on the Browse Projects and other layout pages with resizable sections. This issue was introduced in version 6.2.0.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the Admin Client main menu bar where hovering would not work properly for some languages.
  • Fixed an issue with context menu widths to support longer phrases due to internationalization.
  • Fixed an issue where task attribute values were sometimes lost when applying values from the UI Data Mapper.
  • Fixed an issue on the Read and Write EDI X12 tasks where validation incorrectly flagged separate iterations of a loop as repeating segments.
  • Fixed an issue on the Read EDIFACT Task where the repetition delimiter was improperly used as an escape character.
  • Fixed an issue where the Share Folder and File events in GoDrive would indicate a false positive within the tamper evident logging.
  • Fixed some labels in the filter component on various list pages that were not properly translated.
  • Fixed an issue where required fields submitted without a value resulted in an error message containing extraneous random characters. This issue was introduced in 6.2.0.
Version 6.2.0 - Beta
Language Support
  • Added the ability to view the Admin Client interface in 8 additional languages. This includes support for German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese.
  • Enhanced the product installer to also support the 8 additional languages.
  • Added support for the Danish language in the Web Client.
  • Added a language selection option to the Web Client interface for Web Users to select a language rather than relying solely on the browser language settings.
  • Added the ability to specify intended languages on Secure Forms. For example, you can create two forms that serve the same purpose but one could be in French and the other is in English. As the user toggles their preferred language in the Web Client, it will only show the forms that are applicable to the selected language.
EDI X12 and EDIFACT Data Translation
  • Added a Read EDIFACT Task to read EDIFACT files into RowSet variables, which can then be used in subsequent tasks to insert the data into a database or converted to other file formats.
  • Added a Write EDIFACT Task that reads data from RowSets and writes it to an EDIFACT formatted file.
  • Added 8,000 EDIFACT Transaction Set definitions to the Add-on Marketplace.
  • Added validation to the Read EDI X12 task to validate the data matches the X12 definition.
  • Added validation to the Write EDI X12 task to validate the data matches the X12 definition.
  • Added validation to the Read and Write EDI X12 tasks to ensure at least one value is mapped.
  • Added the ability to save and close dialogs in the Data Mapper with the keyboard.
  • Added teaser text to the Load Sample Document dialog of the UI Data Mapper to make it more intuitive.
  • Improved the scrolling capabilities of the UI Data Mapper to better handle large data mapping definitions.
  • Enhanced the UI Data Mapper to keep user sessions alive when actively working within the framework.
  • Updated the X12 Data Mapper to prevent mapping root nodes.
  • Fixed an issue with the drag and drop functionality in the UI Data Mapper that would allow more than one RowSet with the same name to be created.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue in the EDI Data Mapper where it was possible to have a hover effect on more than one item at a time.
  • Fixed an issue with the Read EDI X12 Task to properly parse data into the configured data type.
  • Fixed an issue with the Write EDI X12 task where a big decimal data type was improperly converting the data to a long data type.
  • Fixed an issue where the XML and EDI Data Mapper would fail to load when the Project has validation errors.
Other Enhancements
  • Added new configuration options on Secure Forms to control the position of the form buttons (top, bottom, or both).
  • Added the ability to override the button labels, the characters remaining text shown on Text Area components, and the drop zone text on File Upload components.
  • Added the ability to use the UI Data Mapper for the Read and Write XML tasks on Agents.
  • Added additional branding options to the Custom Report task to customize the logo, modify the footer text, and exclude the Generated On date in the report.
  • Added new settings on the Admin Server configuration page to enable additional languages for the Admin Client. Also, a Default Language setting can determine which language to is selected for users that access the Admin Client for the first time.
  • Added a View Details page to the Administration Log to view the Remote IP, Submitted From, and other details of the Admin User performing the action.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when deleting an Admin User Role.
  • Added arbitrary tracking IDs for identifying sessions in the Administration and HTTPS logs.
  • Added new audit log entries when a Web User fails to send Secure Mail or share files to contacts that are not in a shared address book and they are restricted.
  • Added the missing Allow Personal Address Book and Restrict to Shared Address Book settings to the view detail pages for Web Users, Web User Groups, and Web User Templates.
  • Added new audit log entries to the Administration Log when Admin Users login and logout. These events were previously stored in the System Log.
  • Added page filter options for Address Books, Contacts, and Contact Groups on the Manage Filters page.
  • Added logic to terminate the Admin User session after a GoAnywhere Command action completes.
  • Added validation on the mobile phone number field to match the expected format of the supplied country for the Add Contact and Update Contact actions in GACMD.
  • Added trimming for leading and trailing spaces when updating Address Book Contacts from GACMD.
  • Added a message to the screen that notifies Web Users and Admin Users when they have successfully logged out.
  • Added UI validation for required fields during Multi-Factor Authentication on the Admin and Web Client.
  • Added ability to load the UI Data Mapper from a sample file on the Read XML task.
  • Added the server host and user information to the Job File Audit log when files are accessed via the Resource file system syntax.
  • Added the ability to post a sample file on the AS2 Resource to perform a better test of the connection information.
  • Added the ability to limit the maximum size of a file uploaded using the SFTP Service.
  • Added a new REST endpoint for Quick Download of Secure Folders content. This API can be enabled in the HTTPS service settings and supports HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • Added validation to prevent folders from being created or renamed with trailing periods in Secure Folders.
  • Enhanced the Export Web User action for GACMD, REST, and SOAP to now accept search criteria for exporting multiple Web Users
  • Enhanced the Update Web User API action to support updating most configuration options on Web Users.
  • Enhanced the color of links on the Quick Download page to have higher contrast ratio for 508 compliance.
  • Enhanced the performance when logging into the Web Client by no longer expanding the root folder of the Secure Folders menu.
  • Improved the performance of listing virtual folders and files mapped to remote systems when a resource is invalid or offline.
  • Improved the performance of listing virtual folders and files mapped to remote systems when first logging into the Web Client and SFTP, FTP, FTPS servers.
  • Improved the implementation of the SFTP server to support more streamlined API updates in the future.
  • Updated the Add Admin User page to give cursor focus to the first field when the page is loaded.
  • Updated the REST endpoint for the Delete Contact action to be /rest/gacmd/v1/addressBooks/[addressBookName]/deleteContact.
  • Updated the Add Contact and Update Contact actions to require the country name to be specified with the mobile phone number.
  • Updated the labels in the GoAnywhere One-Time Passwords feature to not have 'Verification Code' capitalized.
  • Upgraded the Maverick SFTP server library from 1.7.18 to 1.7.22.
  • Updated the device approval emails to reference the recently renamed Web User Devices page.
  • Updated the Mobile Phone field on several screens to be disabled until a country code is selected.
  • Updated the default Secure Mail email templates to no longer include the list of all Secure Mail recipients. The email template variable that contains a list of recipients is still available and the email templates can be overridden to include the Secure Mail recipients if needed.
  • Updated the error message to be more clear when sharing a file or folder within Secure Folders to a user that already has access.
  • Renamed the Partial Login event name in the HTTPS Audit Logs to be MFA Initiated.
  • Improved the directory listing performance of Agent file systems by limiting the listing results to only directories when appropriate.
  • Fixed an issue where authorized users with view only permissions to certain pages would be logged out when accessing those pages.
  • Fixed an issue when pasting a Network Share resource path into the file chooser would result in the path being updated with a 'null' value.
  • Fixed the Service Level Agreements page to store the preferred columns, sort column, and sort order by user.
  • Fixed some formatting issues with the Address Book Contact entries in the Administration Log.
  • Fixed invalid data that was logged when updating Address Book Contacts in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue on the Edit Web User page where clicking on the Send Secure Mail field label was not properly selecting the related checkbox.
  • Fixed a minor issue where an unauthenticated session was being removed unnecessarily after a logout event on the Admin Client.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow an Admin User to save changes when their permissions were removed while configuring a Resource.
  • Fixed a javascript popup error that occurred in certain browsers when navigating away from the SQL Wizard page.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue when accessing the Manage Filters page from within the Agent console in how it would show the typical MFT page header section at the top.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed contacts to be modified on Address Books via GoAnywhere Command where the Admin User does not have proper Domain access to.
  • Fixed an issue with Monitor misfires and next run time calculations when MFT is shutdown for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling a disabled Monitor could cause it to execute immediately, outside of its scheduled run time.
  • Fixed an issue where switching the backend database to International DB2/400 would result in failure to create some tables.
  • Fixed an issue with the OAuth authentication process for mobile apps that could result in a NullPointerException if an authenticated session already exists.
  • Fixed an issue where a duplicate event ID could be generated for the Administration Log when switching the backend database and not migrating existing data or using default data.
  • Fixed an issue in SAML where Admin Site URLs starting with https://goanywhere.* would cause SAML SSO responses to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented non-ASCII characters from being used in passwords on the WebDAV, SOAP, and RESTful web services tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where some dialogue popups would not redirect to the login page on session timeout.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow an Admin User to delete the root Project folder. This issue was introduced in 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue where the output variables of the Create JWT task were not added to the Variables section of the Project Designer.
  • Fixed an issue where the literal '?' character was not properly escaped in certain cases for EDI tasks.
  • Fixed the Admin User Activity Details Report task to limit the number of output records based upon the specified Number of Rows field.
  • Fixed an issue in the Security Settings Audit Report where a PCI/DSS item referenced the wrong number.
  • Fixed an issue in the REST API that occurred when sending Secure Mail packages to an address not available in a restricted address book. This issue only applies to the new GoAnywhere for iOS version 2.0 mobile app.
  • Fixed a message localization issue with the Include Password option when composing a Secure Mail message.
  • Fixed an issue where GoFast uploads using a part size greater than 2000 would truncate the data being sent. This issue was introduced in 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue where a rejected SFTP upload would be marked as a success when disk quota was exceeded.
  • Fixed an issue where Web Users could be disabled due to inactivity when using the new GoAnywhere Desktop Client for Windows version 3.0.0 application.
  • Fixed an error message when regenerating a PIN in Web User Devices that was missing an apostrophe.
  • Fixed an issue where a validation message when updating Web User Settings still referenced GoDrive Managers.
  • Fixed some behavior issues with sharing a Web User's home directory that were inconsistent with sharing other files or folders within the home directory.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of shared users on GoDrive documents could display incorrectly in certain cases.
  • Fixed the footer menu from overlapping the context menu on list pages.
  • Fixed a message localization issue on the Manage Permissions dialog of the Shared Files page in the Web Client.

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Version 6.4.1

The following issues have been fixed:

  • When using the APC UPS probe, polling the device no longer causes the server to crash.

  • Clicking Next quickly and repeatedly in Edit > Find > Find Devices... no longer causes the Intermapper client to freeze.

Version 6.4
New Features

A number of new features have been added for this release.

New Cisco Probes

Four new Cisco probes have been added, and one has been updated:

  • Catalyst 3850 - monitors from one to an entire stack of Catalyst 3850 switches.
  • Catalyst 4500X - monitors a Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series switch.
  • Catalyst 6500 - monitors a Cisco Catalyst 6500 or 6509-E switch.
  • Catalyst 9300 - monitors from one to an entire stack of Catalyst 9300 switches.
  • Catalyst Switch - updated to monitor from one to an entire stack of Catalyst 2960, 3560, 3750, 3750X, 3850, or Catalyst 9300 switches.
  • The 4500X and 6500 probes do not monitor pairs of Catalyst 4500X or 6500 switches stacked together into a Virtual Switching System (VSS).
  • The Catalyst Switch probe supports the 3850 and 9300 switches, but the Catalyst 3850 and 9300 probes provide additional information about those switches.
  • The 4500X and 6500 probes do not monitor pairs of Catalyst 4500X or 6500 switches stacked together into a Virtual Switching System (VSS).
  • The Catalyst Switch probe supports the 3850 and 9300 switches, but the Catalyst 3850 and 9300 probes provide additional information about those switches.
OpenJDK 11 Java Runtime Environment
  • Intermapper is now built using use OpenJDK 11.
  • All JREs (Java Runtime Environments) shipped with Intermapper now use the OpenJDK 11 JRE.
Advanced Management of Alerts for Interfaces

A number of enhancements have been added to provide advanced management of alerts for interfaces.

  • You can now define separate sets of default notifiers for devices and interfaces in a map. The sets are attached automatically to any new device or link that is added to the map. For existing devices or links, the settings you make here affect all but those devices and links that have been set manually to use another set of notifiers.
  • For existing installations, Set devices to alarm on link down is set by default in the Device Thresholds panel of the Server Settings window.
  • You can now identify down interfaces by adding ifAlias to notifier message fields.
  • New check boxes have been added to Ignore Error/Discards for better clarity. You can now toggle Ignore status for an interface.
  • You can now disable interface notifications.
  • You can now set the delay for all device notifiers in your system at once, or in a single map. You can set the delay for all link notifiers in a map.
  • You can now change device notifiers on all devices in your system at once, rather than having to set them one map at a time. You can change both device and link notifiers in a map.
Intermapper now uses TLSv1.2 (required)

Intermapper and Intermapper Remote Access now require TLSv1.2. For a list of supported ciphers, see:

Chart Data Preserved When Map is Deleted

Chart data is now moved to a Chart Data/Deleted folder when its associated map is deleted. Through this mechanism, you can recover a deleted map and its associated chart data, which, while possible, was considerably less straightforward in previous versions.

  • Admin-level users can now set or change notifier delay options for all devices or links on a server, rather than per-map.
  • Ignore Errors/Discards options have been expanded in the Interfaces window to include Ignore Transmit Errors, Ignore Receive Errors, Ignore Transmit Discards, and Ignore Receive Discards.
  • Interface tables now have three new fields that you can export/import called IgnoreErrors, IgnoreDiscards, and IgnoreUtilization.
  • ifAlias is now available in the Notifier Message window field list.
  • When you delete a map from Server Settings > Enabled Maps, the charts associated with the map get moved to a new Chart Data/Deleted directory.
  • The term severity has been changed to status in the Alert Acknowledgement dialog.
Other Fixes
  • 32-bit Windows versions are no longer supported.
  • Alarmpoint notifiers now send alerts even when no device notifier is enabled for the device, but one or more notifier is enabled for interfaces.
  • When running Intermapper Flows for the first time with different versions of Intermaper server and client, Flows now runs properly.
  • You can now edit a device or link acknowledgment comment by reopening the Acknowledge dialog and editing the current comment.

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Robot Monitor

Version 14.1.9
  • More than two adapters now correctly show when prompting on the adapter field.
  • Changed parameter on The System Default Maintenance screen from "No of Highest DCP Jobs" to "No of Highest SQL Jobs".
  • The default setting of Maximum SQL Jobs has been set to zero.
  • The model 22A EP19 has been added to the MONCPW file.
  • When using Export to CSV function from the Detailed History view, it is now downloaded at the original time interval (30 seconds).
  • The Node Type field on the MON810R System Data screen can now be prompted to show the allowed entries of: *NATIVE, *AIX, and *VIOS.
  • Minor help text improvements, included the added mention of "Use Robot Schedule if Available" on the Default Summarization Options panel.

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