Monthly Release Notes - July 2019

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Version: 4.4
New Features
  • Universal Connector Command Parameters now support environment variables.
  • The Windows masterToStandby and standbyToMaster processes now provide the option to ignore the warning message that appears when the database service must be stopped manually. Choosing this option will allow the process to continue.
  • Automate Schedule Agents and Servers now support explicitly specifying which TLS protocols are enabled.
  • The SAP Interface now supports an SAP status of 'S' for steps in Process Chains.
  • The Linux installation scripts for Universal Connector now support installing into a user's home directory, in addition to the default /opt/universalconnector directory.
  • The Linux installation scripts for Automate Schedule now support installing into a user's home directory when there is no entry for the user in the /etc/passwd file.
  • The Infor M3BE Universal Connector Interface now includes a new Template which supports passing a Schedule Date when submitting a job.

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Version: 6.1.7
  • Enhanced the browser-based File Uploader component to offer better CSRF protection.

Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Online licenses from validating when in FIPS mode.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent GoAnywhere from properly starting up when the SLA Engine was disabled.

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Code Uploader

Version: 10.3
New Features
  • A new "IBMi Response Timeout" option has been provided to keep processing should the IBMi fail to respond in the defined time period.
  • More statuses are now available.
  • A new summary of outcomes has been made available.
  • A warning is now displayed if an attempt to exit is made while still uploading codes.

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Version: 3.01
  • The ability to group widgets together has been added to the dashboards.

  • Dashboard color themes are now available at the dashboard level and for individual widgets.

  • IBM i product connections can now be created by importing the details from a CSV file.

  • Multiple IBM i product connections can be edited at the same time.

  • When sorting by product on the Products page, both products and product connections are sorted together alphabetically.

  • Insite now runs in TomCat 9.

  • Insite now connects to the database with a secure connection.

Other Fixes
  • Automate Schedule completed jobs information now accurately shows in chart widgets.

  • Improved error reporting.

  • Improved licensing for products in an iASP, including the addition of the Asp group name on the Manage Product License panel.

  • Title widget now shows the advanced options in Internet Explorer.

  • The Windows installer for Insite no longer requires internet access.

  • A role will now show the correct security group for that role.

  • Insite can now be installed in directories with a special character in the name.

  • The 'Select All' function on the Products page has been fixed so that it does not select objects that should not be selected.

  • The program folder permissions have been improved so that the install directories are now secured.

  • Fixed an issue with Linux installs failing on Ubuntu 18.04.

  • Insite now runs in a JVM even if the locale of the computer is not English.

Components in Insite
New to Insite

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BoKS Manager

Version: 7.2 (update of current version)
NOTE: For system requirements including supported platforms, see the BoKS Manager 7.2 Installation Guide. For Known Issues in this release, see the section "Known Issues" in the Administration Guide.
  • Support is added for BoKS Manager and BoKS Server Agent 7.2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on x64
  • Support is added for BoKS Server Agent for Windows 7.2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on PowerPC LE (Power 8)

Exit Point Manager

Version: 7.23
New Features
  • A new IP Address Groups report is now available, which lists the IP Address Groups that have been configured. The report can be accessed using either the Reports menu or the SBMIPGREP command. The output can also be directed to a CSV-formatted stream file.
  • The new "Security by Server Report" report now lists the Server and Function Properties that have been configured. It is accessible using the Reports menu or SBMSVFREP command. The output can also be directed to a CSV-formatted stream file.
  • Socket exit point processing programs were changed to support thread-safety. They can now run concurrently on multiple threads in a job.
  • The number of transaction-level licensing messages have been reduced to minimize the impact to job logs.
  • Access to Central Administration Alerts is now available from all Exit Point Manager menus via function key F21.
  • A new command Extract Audited Transactions (PNSLOGEXT) has been added, which:
    • Performs most of the same functions as the Powertech Audit Report command (LPWRRPT) command.
    • Offers several selection criteria including user, location, server, function, job, and date/time, which can all be used simultaneously.
    • Can output to an output database file, a CSV-formatted stream file, or print to a spooled file.
    • Accesses data and performs work only if it is necessary to extract the transactions according to the data selections specified. No unnecessary temporary tables or workspaces are created.
    • Supports omitting zero-count summary totals at the end of the printed report.
Other Fixes
  • Exit Point Manager no longer creates History entries within Central Administration when updating the internal independent ASP information tables. Existing entries, which should not have been created, are removed from the History.
  • A defect that prevented Memorized Transactions from being acknowledged correctly in release 7.20 and greater has been corrected.
  • A defect causing a failure to display the Work with Memorized Transactions panel, and also the error Message ID RNQ0202 "The call to PSF_SFLLOA ended in error," has been fixed.
  • An internal date associated with Memorized Transactions is now populated appropriately when a Transaction is created or changed.
Central Administration Fixes
Version 2.25
  • Error Message ID RNQ0202 “The call to aeelSort ended in error” when attempting to F4=Prompt on panel PPL3372 has been corrected.
  • Changes have been made within the PPLIMPCSV command's processing to ensure it works as documented for parameter TYPE(*ALLOWANCE) as well as its outputted report's accuracy.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Version: 1.4
New Features
  • The System Selection screen of the Insite UI has been updated to provide better feedback on each IBM i system, including information on systems that cannot be supported.
Other Fixes
  • The product has been renamed Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication. The new name is now used in the UI for all product modules and accompanying documentation. (Previously the product was called "Access Authenticator.")
  • The product name has been added to the title of the Deactivate Authentication panel (PMA3985).

Powertech Antivirus

Version: 5.1
New Features
  • The following improvements have been made to Powertech Antivirus-specific features of the HelpSystems Insite web browser interface.
    • The running configuration of the On-access virus scanning service, including notification settings, can now be updated. Configuration updates can be applied to one or several endpoints simultaneously.
    • Notification settings can now be configured for On-demand scanning.
    • A new Insite Powertech Antivirus service has been added.
    • The ability to reference status information about requests sent to Insite's Powertech Antivirus service has been added.
  • A new On-access scanning option allows for scanning of files when opened and closed.
  • Additional information has been added to the Endpoint Properties pane, including OS, Powertech Antivirus version, DAT file version, and scan engine version.
  • Default settings in the configuration file have been updated to improve performance.
Other Fixes
  • Powertech Antivirus no longer checks for an empty parameter when -- is specified.
  • The bash dependency for Powertech Antivirus RPM and DEB packages has been removed.
  • An incorrectly configured notify section in config.ini (for example, a missing dot in name.cmd or name.options) no longer causes avconfig/avscan/avsvc to crash.
  • A potential avscan/avupdate/avsvc crash caused by a malformed license file has been resolved.

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Automated Analytics

Version: 11.3.20


  • Added support for the Azure module.
  • Added workload metrics to the VCM module.


  • Updated Automated Analytics to retrieve 15-minute data from Amazon CloudWatch.

Other Fixes

  • (CAS-0010125859) Updated LDAP to redirect users to the default directory for the group assigned to the user.
  • (CAS-0010146624) Updated Analytic Service views to show 1-second data.
  • (CAS-0010150345) Updated Automated Analytics to clean up .js files from the v11.3/temp directory when the application is restarted.
  • (CAS-0010141351) Updated the sample syntax in the Updating SSL Certificate section of the Automated Analytics Installation Guide.
  • (CAS-0010141969) Improved dynamic group selection performance.

TeamQuest Administration Console

Version: 11.4.1


  • Updated Apache to obtain the following security updates:

    • httpd-2.4.39

    • apr-1.7.0

    • libxml2-2.9.9

    • openssl-1.0.2r

    • expat-2.2.6

Other Fixes

  • (CAS-0010141788) Added an option to the deleteNodes utility to allow users to delete all nodes for a system, regardless of the node health.

TeamQuest Manager

Version: 11.4.1


  • Updated Apache to obtain the following security updates:

    • httpd-2.4.39

    • apr-1.7.0

    • libxml2-2.9.9

    • openssl-1.0.2r

    • expat-2.2.6

Other Fixes

  • (CAS-0010136238) Updated TeamQuest Manager to show CPU Summary %busy and the correct listing in the Processor table for systems with more than 1 Processor Group.
  • (CAS-0010148014) Added Oracle database architecture to TeamQuest Manager.

Vityl Capacity Management

Version 2.4.0


  • Added KPI Efficiency results to Key Performance Indicators.

  • Added support for charting data from the Azure module in the Performance Monitor Overview and Performance Monitor Details user interfaces.

  • Added a Demand Calendar to Capacity Plans user interface to track information needed for planning purposes.

  • Added the ability to select as workload set in Capacity Plans when multiple workload sets are available.

  • Added support for configuring process data reductions in the Collector user interface.

  • Added support for IBM AIX systems to Performance Monitor Overview.

  • Added support for Oracle Solaris systems to Performance Monitor Overview.

  • Added support for the Linux ppc64 collector.

  • Added a menu to Performance Monitor Overview, Performance Monitor Details, and Capacity Plans charts to allow you to do the following:

    • Print chart

    • Download PNG image

    • Download JPEG image

    • Download SVG vector image

    • Download CSV

    • Download XLS


  • Upgraded node.js version.

  • Added workload metrics to the TeamQuest module.

  • Added the ability to automatically create workloads by process data.

  • Added the data availability metric by TeamQuest system for each point size.

  • Added the data availability metric by vSphere instance for each point size.

  • Added the data availability metric by EC2 instance for each point size.

  • Added heatmap charts to the Containers charts in Performance Monitor.

  • Added TopN selection to Container reports.

  • Added the ability to report virtual systems as a host and a guest.

  • Updated point size selection across modules to make them consistent between the modules.

  • Updated the collector configuration settings to include the process data full command string.

  • Updated the collectors to obtain workload data configuration settings from Apache ZooKeeper.

  • Added a collector configuration setting to Apache ZooKeeper to enable or disable process data full command collection.

  • Added the ability to configure the storage of process workload data in the Collector user interface.

  • Added support for applying a configuration to more than 10 collectors in the Collector user interface.

  • Changed the User field name to Login for the Workload Group By in the Collector user interface.

  • Updated the Overview and Details Processes tables to show if the process data full command name is available.

  • Moved User and Command columns in the process tables in the Performance Monitor Overview and Details user interfaces.

  • Added service names to the Linux Process Data and Windows Process Data tables.

  • Updated Capacity Plans to show modified-by and modified-date fields in the Plans list.

  • Added search and filter capabilities to the Plans list in Capacity Plans.

  • Added search, filter, and paging capabilities to the Health KPI page in Key Performance Indicators.

Other Fixes

  • (CAS- 0010147120) Added "Invalid username or password" log message to the /var/log/messages directory for tracking invalid login attempts.

  • (CAS-0010144710) Updated Performance Monitor to no longer display a spinning icon when you select a plugin system when requesting metric details.

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