Monthly Release Notes - May 2019

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Version 11.1.30

This release includes all patches from the 11.1.21 - 11.1.29 releases.

  • [23817] The Expression Builder is now available in the Value field of the PDF (Set Fields) AcroForm section.
  • [22268] FTPS connections now work with TLS 1.2.
  • [24635] For ease of use, Expression Builder now automatically encloses Dataset column names that contain spaces in [square brackets].
Other Fixes
  • [24362] EXCHANGE(Get Objects) activity now downloads an inline image without the need for an additional attachment.
  • [24500] Task names are now displayed completely even when there is a dot (.) in the name.
  • [24657] The FILE SYSTEM(Get Information) activity now populates a dataset of folders correctly when the request contains a trailing slash.
  • [24866] When you import an old IF(Process Running) activity, it now runs correctly.
  • [24904] The EMAIL Action now sends email properly when "System" is specified for the Connection property.
  • [21631] The OCR(Get Text) activity now goes to the correct URL when downloading the GPL GhostScript for PDF files.
  • [24616] The JSON(Decode) activity no longer fails with an internal error when attempting to parse nested structures.
  • [24841] Using a variables in the To and From fields to send an email in the ON ERROR tab now works as expected.
  • [21871] When using the Schedule Event with Interval set to "custom" and the condition has triggered at least once, subsequent edits no longer stop the execution of future events.
  • [23923] The Exclude mask now functions properly in the FTP(Upload) activity.
  • [24083] When using the FILE SYSTEM(Move) activity, existing file permissions are maintained if you have moved the file manually, and then use the FILE SYSTEM action.
  • [24180] The FILE SYSTEM(Move Folder) activity now uses the Exclude mask properly.
  • [24280] When you choose Show Running Tasks from the Automate system tray menu, file triggering is no longer interrupted.
  • [24361] Powershell scripts running outside the internal PowerShell editor no longer fail with an object reference error.
  • [24571] Key triggers are disabled properly when global triggering is disabled.
  • [24778] The WINDOW(Close) activity now closes a window properly when the CLOSETYPE="force" option is specified.
  • [24805] Using the PDF(Create) activity to convert a text file that doesn't have a .TXT extension no longer results in an empty PDF file.
  • [24867] File System Condition monitoring a folder when the path in the Folder property contains braces "{ }" now monitors the folder correctly.

  • [24198] When using the IF action or expression to evaluate numbers in a dataset that have been imported from a database table the evaluation is now performed correctly.
  • [24907] The Data Migration utility now installs correctly based on component selection.
  • [24922] An issue with running high numbers of simultaneous workflows has been resolved.
  • [24939] Debug messages that created an unwanted log file have been removed.
  • [23921] Using the FILESYSYSTEM(Rename) activity with wildcards now works correctly.
  • [24216] When using the COMPRESSION(Decompress) activity the password field is no longer disabled for 7zip files.
  • [24734] The OPENDOCUMENT action now opens a file with an XLS extension correctly.
  • [24191] The IF action now evaluates properly when the evaluated function returns data.
  • [24739] Automate backup files (.ama) that contain Email Triggers are now correctly imported into Automate Enterprise.
  • [24762] Encrypted tasks containing SELECT(End Case) activities are now upgraded properly.
  • [24831] SELECT(End Case) activities that contain descriptions are now upgraded properly.
  • [24842] Run-time Loop IDs now include unique function identification tags to remove ambiguity.
  • [23698] The EMAIL(Get Messages) activity now works reliably when fetching messages from Exchange.

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QMessage Monitor

Version 8.12
  • Fixed an issue where MMTEMP library was getting full and causing an error because some objects were not being deleted. These objects are now being deleted.

  • Procedure GetFileList works as expected now with a very large number of QHST* files.
  • An audit journal monitoring error message was occurring within Change of User Profiles when using QMM on IBM i 7.3, but this has now been fixed.
  • Program MM8430C has been changed to monitor for the error and recreate the message queue if it doesn't exist.
  • Support for "<", ">", "<=", and ">=" operators as supported message field values has been added to the F1 help.
  • A new version of MM2000A has been created which will cope better with CPIB8F1 messages that contain a large amount of message text..
  • There was an issue with filtering by message data, but this has now been fixed.
  • An F4 prompt has been added to the Automatic Responses/Message Data screen. This allows the user to select a message field and fill in the start/end positions on that screen.

  • Fixed an issue where having more than one rule within UCP0001 was causing the rules to trigger incorrectly.
  • The QRemote Control installer has been modified to more closely resemble the Robot Monitor installer.

  • The old QMessage Monitor installer has been modified to more closely resemble the Robot Monitor installer.

  • Users now have the option to escalate without having to forward to console.

  • Programs MM8600B and MM8700B were changed to remove trailing blanks from the email subject.

QRemote Control

Version 4.12
  • Incremental release to match the QMessage Monitor release.

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Document Management (RJS)

Webdocs Windows

Version 2.1.6
  • Exporting searching results to Excel and CSV will now export all of the results, not just the current page.
  • The search results will now sort on insert date when searching only on document type, and/or folder.
Other Fixes
  • Fixed the users page so it doesn’t constantly refresh when using Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue when searching for multiple words, or phrase via the REST API.

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Version 6.1.4
Updated Items
  • Updated the Read EDI X12 Task to properly handle files with multiple transaction sets.
Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where public access to Secure Forms was no longer working. This issue was introduced in 6.1.2.
  • Fixed an issue with the Secure Mail API where creating a package was inaccurately overriding default settings.

Version 6.1.3
  • Fixed an issue where the Secure Mail Packages directory was not being resolved properly.
Version 6.1.2
New Features
  • Added the ability to create shared Address Books.
    • Create Address Books and assign them to Web Users and Web User Groups.
    • Create and share contacts and contact groups.
    • Control Web User access to personal and shared address books.
    • Limit users to sending to contacts in shared Address Books only.
  • Added a new Auditor role that has access to view all features and functionality. The existing Auditor role, which previously had access to view audit logs, was renamed to Log Viewer.
  • Added a Navigate button on the Secure Folders toolbar in the Web Client to allow users to navigate directly into a folder by specifying the complete virtual path.
  • Added the ability to prevent the FTP/S GET and PUT sub-tasks from automatically sending a TYPE command to the server before transferring files.
  • Added the ability to update installed EDI X12 add-ons when a newer version of the definition when released.
  • Added support for files with an Undefined Length record format when performing an FTP directory listing directory against an MVS FTP server.
  • Added the ability to customize the SPNameQualifier attribute when configuring SAML.
  • Added a Manage action for Resources to allow users with appropriate roles to perform non-view related actions on Resources.
  • Added functionality to properly refresh an Online type license manually from the License page.
  • Enhanced the styling of the GoAnywhere One-Time Password login pages for multi-factor authentication.
  • Enhanced the contrast ratio of Info and Error messages in the Web Client for 508 compliance.
  • Enhanced the Permissions dialog in the Web Client to be keyboard accessible for 508 compliance.
  • Enhanced the color of some hyperlinks in the Web Client to have a higher contrast ratio for 508 compliance.
  • Improved the contrast ratio of the menu links and hover effects of the folder navigation in the Web Client for 508 Compliance.
  • Enhanced the view of the License page when using an Online license and running in Limited mode.
  • Improved validation of the GoAnywhere One-Time Password settings.
Updated Items
  • Updated various role actions to be better consolidated and have clearer labels.
  • Update SLAs to properly handle events when working in a clustered environment.
  • Updated the Security Audit Report to include checks for the new GoAnywhere One-Time Password feature when validating users for multi-factor authentication.
  • Updated the layout of the EDI X12 Transaction Set field in the Project Designer.
  • Updated the Write EDI X12 task to support the \x00 syntax for hexadecimal characters in the appropriate fields.
  • Updated the Secure Form submit button to be disabled while files are actively being uploaded to the form.
  • Updated the login process for new GoAnywhere Client devices to properly reset the invalid login attempts on successful login.
  • Updated Secure Mail licensing to allow user-based limits. Web Users with the ability to send Secure Mail messages will consume a license in this mode.
  • Updated the order of the columns in the Service Level Agreement audit logs.
  • Updated the deletion of Admin Users and Admin User Groups to delete the hidden object based Admin User Roles they may have to specific objects.
  • Updated the new Secure Folders REST APIs added in version 6.1.0 to provide a better error message when an invalid JSON payload is submitted.
  • Updated access and error pages on the Web Client to have better page titles.
  • Upgraded the embedded Apache Tomcat web server from 7.0.90 to 7.0.94
  • Made several improvements to the new PeSIT Resource and Task.
Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where enabling cipher suites on the FTP Server configuration overrides the client authentication setting.
  • Fixed an issue where a NullPointerException could appear in the logs if a user logs out before the Dashboard is fully rendered.
  • Fixed an issue where the Manage Filters page would show saved filters for all admin users.
  • Fixed an issue where a user with view only access on the Gateway Manager page would not see the Controller Address when a Gateway connection is not active. This issue was introduced in 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue where a user with the Project Executor role was able to view job logs for all jobs instead of being limited to the jobs executed by that user.
  • Fixed an issue where Key Name on AS2 Recipient gets wiped out when switching tabs on the AS2 configuration page.
  • Fixed an issue where the switch database process would not insert the default keys, certificates, and roles when using default data.
  • Fixed an issue where the ping process of Online licenses could cause features to behave as if they were not licensed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Completed Jobs filter wasn't working properly with the Run User component in all cases.
  • Fixed an issue the SAML configuration page was not saving changes in all cases.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when clicking the Activate license button for Online type licenses when running in Limited mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the JDBC URL Wizard was not working properly on the Agent project/resource designer. This issue was introduced in 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Client was not functional if the GoDrive feature was enabled on the web user but not available on the licensed.
  • Fixed an issue where a RowSet created by the Read EDI X12 task was not properly configured as scrollable and could only be used once by another task.
  • Fixed some odd rendering behavior that would occur if both Allow and Deny policies are applied on the same action for a single page.
  • Fixed an issue where audit logs that shorten long values could cause tamper evident logging to indicate a failure.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created SLAs would not fire at the expected end time.
  • Fixed Project and Trigger SLAs to only monitor on the days configured for the SLA.
  • Fixed Project and Trigger SLAs to ensure they fire met or not met at the configured end time.
  • Fixed issue where SLAs would indicate they are met or not met up to minute late.
  • Fixed an issue where SLAs could be configured to have the Start Time after the defined End Time.
  • Fixed navigation when editing an SLA from the audit log to return to the appropriate log page instead of going back to the SLA list page.
  • Fixed an issue where users authorized to the Export action of the SLA Log subject were able to view audit logs.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur when using GoAnywhere One-Time Passwords with the Twilio SMS provider configured with an invalid authentication token.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak with GoFast transfers. This was introduced in 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue with drag and drop linking for port adornments in the graphical data mapper in the Project Designer.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException that would occur when trying to write Excel and CSV files using data inaccurately mapped from an X12 document.
  • Fixed an issue where the Output File Variable in the Write EDI X12 Task was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden components in the Secure Form designer leave an empty space in the layout, which can cause undesired behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where Project and Resource permission settings were showing up in the Consolidated Roles section of the View Admin User page.
  • Fixed an issue where an extra space was included at the end of the password in the default email sent to a user when using GoAnywhere One-Time Passwords.
  • Fixed an issue where a Web User login could produce a NullPointerException if the Web User's home directory is configured with no permissions.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur in the Web Client when a web user shares the home directory.
  • Fixed an issue where updating an IP Filter in GoAnywhere MFT was not properly notifying GoAnywhere Gateway.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an IP Filter in GoAnywhere MFT was not properly notifying GoAnywhere Gateway.
  • Fixed an issue in which GoFast transfers through GoAnywhere Gateway would occasionally fail. This issue was introduced in 6.1.0.
  • Fixed an issue with the Web User file system API that could produce a NullPointerException in certain cases.
  • Disabled unnecessary key shortcuts in the graphical data mapper available in the Project Designer.
  • Removed duplicate log messages that occurred when the online license ping process refreshes a license.

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IBM Partnership

Rational Developer for i (RDi)

  • IBM i 7.4 support including support for ILE RPG enhancements, including Varying-dimension arrays, SAMEPOS keyword, and PSDS subfields.

  • LPEX Editor zoom in/out like Eclipse Neon using Ctrl+ = and Ctrl+ - to adjust font sizes.

  • ILE RPG Refactoring enhancement: Extract constants from string literal.

  • Always show ILE RPG subroutine/sub-procedure name where cursor is located in editor message line.

  • Toggle option on ILE RPG outline view to sync current subroutine/procedure with current selection in LPEX Editor. Use ‘Select current procedure or subroutine’ from Outline view menu.

  • Object table view enhancements include:

    • Option cell entries group same commands together in batches.
    • Added F13 (Alt+F1) function to repeat fill options for multiple rows in the object table.
    • Multi-select members, objects, or libraries and apply options to them.
    • Simplified Copy To dialog works with multiple selections and reduces prompting.

  • Batch Compile as member name if the member name is a simple name (*SNAME), like PDM does.

  • JTOpen updated to version 9.6

Other Fixes
  • Code Coverage source members should display as browse only and not allow edit toggle.

  • Improve editor scrolling performance when there are many unused var annotations.

  • SEP launch for debug or code coverage honors saved settings.

  • SE69111 RDI 9.6.0 "Show Block Nesting" does not honor conditional compile directives in ILE RPG source.

  • SE69208 Rational Developer for i V9.6 - Inserting a new line in RPGLE causes source above the cursor to move down.

  • SE69989 RDi V9.6 - Invalid RPGLE source may leave the outline empty and parser looping at 50%.

  • SE70040 RDi LPEX RPGLE format action should not indent in fixed form source lines.

  • SE70172 RDi A '+' or'-' with a length modifier is not always respected in the outline for LIKE in ILE RPG source members.

  • SE70372 Object Table problems with Position-To, CTRL+HOME, CTRL+END.


  • SE70472 NullPointerException for enterRPG action / ISeriesEditorRPGILEParser.getParserver(view) can send back null and not guard against it.

  • SE70475 Encrypted web credentials fail if longer than 10 characters.

  • SE70533 IBM i Member Compare - Ignore seqnum/date 12 bytes for input from RTC repository.


  • SE70543 RDI 9.6 Data structures with a nested data structure defined on one line break formatting and are not displayed on the outline view.

  • SE70549 RDI 9.6.0 editing ILE RPG with LPEX auto-complete does not properly handle nesting for DCL-DS and END-DS.


  • SE70645 Subroutines *PSSR and *INZR are flagged as unused while editing a member.

  • SE70695 RDI 9.6.0 NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION seen when starting debug for program source in a split screen editor.

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RSA SecuID Agent for IBM i

  • The General server (DTIGEN) has been updated to allow for the processing of several requests at the same time.
  • Changes have been made to help protect against vulnerability scanning of active/open communication ports used by SecurID Agent's server jobs. These function even when the scanning is performed internally, against the IBM i system environment. Job Management has been introduced to help ensure that each of SecurID Agent's configured servers have an active job whenever the ACEDTI subsystem is active. Activity related to Job Management is recorded within the Activity Journal, the default being @ACE/ACEACTJRN. The associated journal entries have 'Journal Entry Type' of 'JB' and the 'Entry Specific Data' begins with a Message Id in the range MLT0018 - MLT0022. The message text is located within Message File @ACE/SDIMSGF01.
    • The General Server job, ACEDTIDS04 is now started as a pre-start job within the ACEDTI subsystem.
    • The Authentication server job, ACEDTIDS01 is now started as a pre-start job within the ACEDTI subsystem.
  • When configuring the General Server (DTIGEN) within 'Work with TCP/IP Connections,' the entered port number can now contain five digits. Previously, the port number had been restricted to four digits due to a limitation within the associated Windows software.
  • When the software is installed or upgraded, the General Server (DTIGEN) is added to the list of Products as seen within 'Work with TCP/IP Connections,' if it does not exist already. Previously, the administrator had to add the correct Product after installation or upgrade. The associated Product RMTSDIAUT is also added if it does not exist, which is required for Remote Authentication.
  • When the software is installed or upgraded, the SecurID Authentication Product SECURID is added to the list of Products, as seen within 'Work with TCP/IP Connections.' Previously, the administrator was required to add the correct Product after the installation or upgrade.

Other Fixes
  • Syntax errors causing a failure to authenticate remotely to IBM i systems across different subnets have been corrected.

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Performance Navigator

Version 19.1
New Features
  • New key codes for convenient individual LPAR requirement.
  • New Enterprise Reporting framework.
    • New MSP check box.
    • Many new @ built-in color functions.
    • New @ImageHeight and @ImageWidth functions.
    • New @StrValue() function.
    • New @ListLPAR() function.
    • New @IPAddress() function.
  • New Enterprise Reporting Dashboard

    • Unique reports can be set up for individual LPARs

    • Includes ALL FRAMES view

    • Includes new MSP CUSTOMER view

    • Includes new DATA CENTER view

    • ERD Dashboard is also branded based on customer branding specifications (Using your company logo & colors)

  • Enhanced View / Performance Data Files.
  • Added click-to-graph capability. Good for ad-hoc graph of any performance metric.
Other Fixes
  • Fix for very long passwords. Should accommodate phrases with 20 to 30 characters.
  • Job Start/End report will have an accurate start time.
  • The old Dashboard had issues running more than one occurrence simultaneously.
  • Fixes to accommodate corrupt nmon data and old data.
  • Added HealthCheck_Unix.GpS - a fix for running against old data.
  • Routine updates to FCandCPW.txt for IBM hardware anouncements.

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Sequel Data Warehouse Client

Version 08.2.2807
Other Fixes
  • Sequencing a Virtual Element at very end of program is now allowed. A Virtual element may be used to (for example) execute a UDF at the end of processing.

  • List of Registered Data Sets for an extract did not use SQL names when SQL Naming was set.

  • The Implicitly Hidden attribute was not correctly defaulted when adding a data element to a data set, if the data element default was Yes.

  • Correction to display of secondary environments when linking environments.

  • Data Element Filter erratic behavior. The cursor could jump out of the text box when typing if the Text tab was selected in the bottom section. Also, the filter selection is now retained when checking out, or deleting etc.

  • Improve performance when using sample data function for a View or MQT.

  • Introduce LCT Data Source panel not wide enough for long column names. The panel may now be resized to show the full column name.

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