Monthly Release Notes - March 2019

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Version: 11.1.20

This release includes all patches from the 11.1.11 - 11.1.19 releases.

New Features
  • Functional Action Grouping

    • Automate and Automate Enterprise.

    • Adds the ability to group actions in the Task Builder by 7 functional areas (API, Cloud, Control, File, GUI Automation, Integration, System).

    • Grouping can be turned off if the previous alpha-sorted full list is preferred.

  • Workflow retry on failure

    • Automate Enterprise only.

    • Adds the ability to configure a workflow on failure to retry a defined number of times or until successful and to wait a defined period of time between retries.

  • Workflow item retry on failure prior to execution

    • Automate Enterprise only.

    • Adds the ability to configure a workflow item so that on a failure, prior to execution (due to a disabled agent, a disconnected agent, a disabled construct, etc), the item will retry a defined number of times or until successful and will wait a defined period of time between retries.

  • Workflow failure only on unhandled workflow item error

    • Automate Enterprise only.

    • Adds the ability to configure a workflow item to fail a workflow only if the workflow item has an error that isn’t handled by a failure link.

Other Fixes
  • [18372] Records of "Log off" event now included in audit log.
  • [18512] A Polling mode has been added to the File Trigger to enhance reliability.
  • [18822] Kenya holidays have been added to the holiday listing.
  • [20938] The audit log now notes how an item was started (either Manually or Triggered).
  • [20981] Selection lists of Users/User Groups can now be sorted.
  • [21124] Workflow name now included in workflow error emails.
  • [21131] A Windows server running in application mode can now be logged on.
  • [21186] Extended Functions using runtime properties now work properly.
  • [23752] XML action Read NODE activity properly supports accented character.
  • [23806] Azure Storage action Create Session activity properly times out.
  • [23842] File Trigger is more resilient to many changes at once and a warning entry will inserted into Event Logs.
  • [23914] Excel action Get Cells activity properly creates the dataset if the step has only one cell.
  • [23918] Process Agent properly displays Automate Enterprise version number.
  • [23987] Added a new configuration to the PDF action to create a PDF file without blank page.
  • [24061] Automate importing errors do not default to "the operation could not be performed because of bad password".
  • [24155] HealthCheck is available for all Automate versions up to 11.1.20.
  • [24167] Database Action - Opening SQL Connection via ODBC associated with local file DSN now correctly passes in the credentials.
  • [24194] Double quotes properly escape commas with Excel actions.
  • [24196] ODS Action Get Cells activity properly works with commas inside the double quotes.
  • [24244] Enhancements to logon functionality.
  • [24309] Email Trigger correctly populates AMTrigger.MessageID variable.
  • [24319] Applying new license does not disconnect agent in Automate Enterprise.
  • [24326] Print document now handles HTTPS urls.
  • [24341] Agents will no longer connect unless they are the exact same version as the server.
  • [24364] Automate Enterprise Management Console persists the filter on the Dropdown TreeView selection when data is refreshed.
  • [24373] Basic Script Execute activity errors properly manifest themselves.
  • [24376] Tasks Return Variable returns correctly when inside a code block.
  • [24421] SNMP action Send Trap activity properly releases the resource.
  • [24453] Excel action Get Cell activity returns correct number of rows with "Auto detect" and " User first rows as column names" selected.
  • [24466] Text Format Date/Time activity now properly prompts the user for input when set for user input.
  • [24480] FTP action Advanced activity long list action works properly with MLSD commands.
  • [24481] Task Builder 'Find and Replace' does not change the content by changing the content to XML compliant escaped characters.
  • [24482] Task Builder Auto Indent works properly when Block steps (Loop/IF) are part of selected steps.
  • [24483] The Data Migration Utility now works with Oracle on x64 machines.
  • [24484] Task not running due to a full Queue message is now properly recorded in the Logs.
  • [24493, 24494] File System action Get Information activity properly throws error for reserved keyword.
  • [24495] Permission settings for the "Stop" action are now working correctly.
  • [24500] Task names are fully displayed if there is a . in the name.
  • [24502] Task/Shared Array resize works properly now.
  • [24519] Database Action SQL Query activity properly populates dataset.rows variable.
  • [24520] Task Builder now properly shows the expander triangle for variables that have child entries.
  • [24541] File System Delete Folder activity now works properly when the path ends with 'ï¼¼'.
  • [24544] Task Functions with optional parameters do not error due to internally created parameter as placeholder.
  • [24548] Automate Enterprise Evaluation object now works with one character values.
  • [24550] Task Builder Variable pane displays multi-dimensional arrays properly.
  • [24556] Imported Tasks with '<' and '>' in their name now run correctly.
  • [24561] Runtime engine internal attributes for step AML, starting with 'AM_', are not evaluated until needed.
  • [24570] Task Variables can be sorted by name in Task Builder.
  • [24592] Development tools no longer needed to run workflows on the server.
  • [24609] Excel action Get Cell activity properly populate the dataset if there is only data for cells by reference.
  • [24617] Send Email OnError for activities now properly allows for usage of variables as placeholders.
  • [24618] Shared Variable dependencies have been corrected.
  • [24623] Server Management Console properly handles non-valid settings for log trim options.
  • [24630] User can explicitly choose the Task Variables Type now.
  • [24631] Help file enhancements.
  • [24653] Retry functionality added to workflows and workflow items.
  • [24658] Saving agent properties now works as expected.
  • [24661] Goto Label will now reference the correct step.
  • [24668] Workflows now follow the proper result out of an evaluation.
  • [24672] Subtask priority setting messages correctly report the exact cause.
  • [24677] Basic Script Execute activity allows for scripts without 'SubMain'.
  • [24684] Basic Script Execute activity properly identifies the Automate variable type and allows assignment.
  • [24708] Terminal Disconnect activity properly closes when writing to a log file.
  • [24713] WinWrap issue with missing icon file corrected.
  • [24726] Task regions are properly restored in the state they were when task was saved.
  • [24801] Logon debug file is no longer on by default.

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Document Management (RJS)

Webdocs Windows

Version: 2.1.5
  • Document history list is now sortable.
  • Added the ability to view any document version in the document viewer (where document format is supported).
  • Added the ability to print supported documents via the document viewer.
  • Added the ability to resize the folder panel on the Document tab.
  • Added the ability to optionally specify a sort field and direction when posting a search request via the REST API.
  • Added the ability to search for text in a supported document inside the document viewer.
  • Added the ability to resize the routing approval panel on the Workflow Document Review page.
Other Fixes
  • License checks will no longer fail if there are multiple hardware devices with invalid IDs present on the server.
  • Fixed an issue where posting a new document via the REST API with an undefined key for the Document Type produced an error.
  • Fixed a character length limitation on the SMTP Server Address settings field.
  • User will now be required to have Add Notes permission to add or delete notes.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Miscellaneous security fixes.

Webdocs for IBM i

Version: 4.01.3
  • Added iasp group name to command DOCIFS1 (menu opt 20).
  • Added iasp group name to command CRTAPACHEI (menu opt 22).

Report Splitter

Version: 4.71.4
  • Fixed Edit Report Distribution Settings (menu opt 21). Corrected problem when trying to copy an entry.

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IBM Partnership

Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)

Version: PTF 7.3 SI68856, 7.2 SI68855

In version 7.2 and later:

  • Improved virtual tape image catalog management for BRMS backups to virtual tape.
  • BRMS enhanced the select user space code to support cumulative/incremental *ALLUSR backups.
  • BRMS added the Change Control Group Attributes (Q1ACHGCGA) API.
Other Fixes

In version 7.3 and later:

  • In 7.3 and later, BRMS GUI web reclaim media fails.

In version 7.2 and later:

  • In 7.2 and later, BRMS backup job loops sending MSGBRM1017.
  • In 7.2 and later, BRMS GUI web incorrectly allows the parallel type to be set for the all IBM data
    control group entry.
  • In 7.2 and later, PRTRPTBRM TYPE(*CTLGRPSTAT) outfile information does not show device names that are less than 10 characters.
  • In 7.2 and later, DSPLOGBRM not reporting some MSGCPC37xx completion messages and some completion messages appear in the wrong order in the job log.
  • In 7.2 and later, volumes with an expiration date in the year 2039 may be changed to *VER xx during maintenance.
  • In 7.2 and later, WRKPCYBRM parameter changes are not saved when paging up or down without hitting enter.
  • In 7.2 and later, DUPMEDBRM batch jobs are not using the BRMS system policy values for Job description and Job queue for the submit job.
  • In 7.2 and later, Object lists QCLDIPL *OBJ, QCLDIPL *LNK, and QCLDOMTUSR *LNK lists are created incorrectly when 5733ICC is not installed.

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Command Security for IBM i

Version: 1.14
New Features
  • Two new operators are now provided that further restrict the Condition comparison to the beginning or end of a value. The STARTSWITH operator checks if one value begins with another value. The ENDSWITH operator checks if one value ends with another value (while ignoring trailing blanks).
  • A new action now allows you to send messages to the joblog during the execution of a Monitored Command. The *LOGMSG action allows you to send messages that usually will appear to the user of the Monitored Command since they are sent to the caller of the command. This is particularly useful when you reject a command's execution due to Conditions you have implemented.
  • A new group of Rules is now available that will run before the defined Rules for every Monitored Command. These are called Global Rules. Instead of adding the same Rule to many Monitored Commands, Global Rules can be used to apply rules to (or remove those Rules from) all Monitored Commands quickly.
  • You can now refer to Replaceable Variables in the "Compare to" value for Conditions. This allows you to test, for example, the value of one keyword to another keyword's value.
  • The software has been enhanced to provide two new Data Sources that deliver the name (*CMDNAM) and library (*CMDLIB) of the command actually run by the user or compiled into a program. This command can differ from the Monitored Command whose rules are in effect when a proxy command is used.
  • The PCS Journal Report has been enhanced to provide more robust selection criteria. The following new or enhanced selection criteria are now available:
    • Whether the Monitored Command was allowed or rejected.
    • Up to 50 user profiles can be specified for inclusion in the report. Each can be a generic name.
    • An authorization list can be specified, instead of a list of user profiles, to be included in the report.
    • Up to 50 user profiles can be specified for exclusion from the report. Each can be a generic name.
    • An authorization list can be specified, instead of a list of user profiles, to be excluded from the report.
    • The job name, job user, command name, and command library selection criteria have all been enhanced to support generic search terms.
  • When selecting commands to monitor, the command finder list now supports a generic filter for the command name, as well as expanded library selections like *LIBL, *USRLIBL, and *ALLUSR. Additionally, F13 has been added to allow you to repeat a list option all the way to the end of the list. This allows you to select a wider range of commands to monitor more quickly than you could before.
  • Conditions have been enhanced to allow comparisons to be performed using only the library or object name portion of a qualified keyword value. The *OBJLIB(<keyword>) and *OBJNAM(<keyword>) Data Sources treat any keyword's value as a qualified object name, and each extracts the desired part of the keyword's value for comparison.
  • Sometimes a command can never be changed at run-time by Command Security due to limits imposed by the Operating System. When creating or changing Actions for one of these Monitored Commands, a yellow phrase now appears on the panel indicating that the command string cannot be overridden at run-time. Additionally, those actions that modify the string will not be allowed to be selected from the finder nor specified manually.
Other Fixes
  • A defect affecting the MEMBEROF Operator from working as documented has been corrected.
  • References within Command Security to "Powertech Network Security" have been updated to reflect this product's new name "Powertech Exit Point Manager".
  • A defect affecting the ONEOF operator has been corrected. Specifically, it was not recognizing the last value contained within the "Compare to" entry.
  • The *MSG and *QUEUEMSG actions have been changed to execute synchronously in the job that executes a Monitored Command rather than being submitted to the Deferred Action Queue for asynchronous processing. This means that the *MSG and *QUEUEMSG actions will no longer cause the PCSDAQMON Deferred Action Queue Monitor job to be started automatically during a monitored command's execution.

Compliance Monitor for IBM i

Version: 3.31


  • A process has been added that allows data that was previously marked 'Prevent Delete' to be deleted.
  • The collection aging process has been enhanced to allow for longer retention periods and the ability to not purge Manual Assessments by Age or Count.
Other Updates
  • An issue causing excessive getProfileText() error messages in cm3.log files has been resolved.
  • Change have been introduced to the way some databases are being journaled so they no longer include file open and closes.
  • A syntax error in Automatic Purge of Automatic Data by size has been fixed.
  • Changes have been made to address failed Batch Assessments and incorrect report dates.
  • OutOfMemory Errors when attempting to view Automatic Collection data have been resolved.
  • Changes to Powertech product names have been introduced, including Exit Point Manager for IBM i (formerly "Network Security") and Authority Broker for IBM i (formerly "Authority Broker").
  • The PowerTech directory owner is now set to PLCM2ADM if it is not being shared by Exit Point Manager (Network Security) version 6.
  • Retrieval of Log File data has been changed to reduce the file size.


  • Changes to Powertech product names have been introduced.

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Performance Navigator

Version: 19.0 C
  • Defaults to top data collected in nmon.
  • If multiple defaults are detected for nmon then they are all used for nmon settings in the pn.config file.

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