Monthly Release Notes - January 2019

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Document Management (RJS)


Version 2.1.4
  • Orphaned documents list is now sort-able.
  • Date and time now displays in document lists.
  • Added the ability to filter the list on the Users page.
  • Checked-Out documents list is now sort-able.
  • Route and step names now display in user inboxes.
  • Added the ability to force secure connections to the database server in the web.config.
Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue to correctly return a user to their search results after clicking cancel from other pages.
  • Added the ability to have a blank (non-selected) value with list only fields.
  • Fixed an issue where non-admin users were unable to see the expiration date for a document.
  • Miscellaneous Security fixes.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where annotations were disabled when opening a document in a new browser tab.
  • Fixed and issue that caused exporting to Excel or CSV to not work properly.
  • Document expiration date is now properly set when 0 is specified for the Document Type.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a connection to the internet to be required during installation.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused users to appear twice when editing group membership.

Webdocs Office Add-Ins

Version 3.0.1
  • Users can now optionally choose to have the document title automatically filled with the subject line of the email they are checking in to Webdocs from Outlook.

Other Fixes
  • Improved the behavior of the addins when tabbing between fields.


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GoAnywhere MFT

Version 6.0.2
  • Added the ability to remove the CMS Algorithm Identifier Protection attribute when signing AS2 Messages or AS2 MDN Receipts.
  • Upgraded the jackson databind, core, and annotations libraries from version 2.9.5 to 2.9.7.
  • Fixed an issue where Secure Mail could sometimes not send an SMS text message password when GoAnywhere is in a clustered environment.
  • Fixed an issue where the query parameters of a non-public Secure Form where not initializing when the Web User logged into the Web Client.
  • Fixed a navigation issue that occurred when a Web User saved a Secure Form as a draft.
  • Fixed an issue with the Secure Mail Outlook plugin where packages with a blank message body would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Client can become non-responsive when logged in using the Anonymous Web User account.
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Reports where not using UTF-8 characters in report titles and headings.
  • Fixed an issue where a Request Files package for Secure Mail was not properly enforcing Certified Delivery access in all cases.
  • Fixed a domain validation issue with Network Share Resources when running on GoAnywhere Agents.
  • Fixed an issue where the free 7-day trial license was only allowing 9 Web User accounts when it should have allowed 10.
  • Fixed an issue with the Write Excel task where the Project could fail if the user was trying to span the header row across a single column.

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Version 2.7
New Features
  • Users can now preview a dashboard widget as they create or edit it via the Widget Preview window that displays whenever adding or editing widgets on a dashboard.

  • Includes Dashboard Support for Intermapper.

  • Includes Insite Analytics 1.3
  • Users now have the option to opt in to a data collection effort in Insite that is presented upon initial login and can be modified from the Diagnostics page within Insite. There is no personal information collected. This function is specifically used to gather and analyze information from Insite usage to better understand customer needs and to improve future Insite experience.
  • Users now have the ability to add whitespace between widgets on a dashboard.

  • Dashboard loading performance has been improved.
  • Row Actions have been added to the Statuses dashboard widget for Robot Network.
Other Fixes
  • Fixes for Network Security for Insite.
  • Fixes for Password Self Help for Insite.
  • Fixes for Vityl IT & Business Monitoring for Insite.
  • Some GUI improvements have been made to the Diagnostics page.

  • Some GUI improvements have been made to the Logging page.

  • There was an issue with the Preferences page not rendering correctly when using the Microsoft Edge browser, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed in issue where users where not being removed from the Default security group during certain re-assigning scenarios.

  • Fixed an issue where assigning a default profile to a product connection was not functioning correctly when using existing profiles.

  • The error message displayed when attempting to upload an image over 10MB into a Title widget has been improved.
  • There was an issue when translation failed and field names were displayed as the variable name, but now field names are displayed in English in this scenario when locale is something other than English.

  • There was an issue when users could not be deleted if they were listed as a shared user on a dashboard, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the All Users group was not functioning correctly with shared dashboards and dashboard edit rights.

  • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity when entering credentials in Insite when LDAP is not case sensitive.

  • Fixed an issue with iSeries profiles being disabled when the password changed.

  • String length validation has been added around parameter values in the Widget Properties panel.

  • There was an issue with the Logging Settings button becoming hidden when there were too many logs displayed on the Logging screen, but this has now been fixed.

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where Insite displayed a blank page after login.


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Version 6.3
New Features
Intermapper integration into Insite

Intermapper is now available as module of Insite. For this release, the following new features are available:

  • Add Connection - add a network connection from Insite to one or more Product Name servers.
  • Home - view a list of connected Intermapper servers, with summary info about each connection.
  • Dashboard - Add widgets to view various information about the devices on an Intermapper server, as well as the server itself.
  • Widgets - create widgets to view the Device list, a summary of device status, or widgets that plot device status or server resource statistics over time. Select from a variety of chart styles.
  • If you are denied access to a map for some reason, the error window now shows the map name, not just the map ID.
Other Fix
  • Intermapper now supports Windows Server 2016, Debian 9, and Ubuntu 18.04.
    Note: Debian 9/Ubuntu 18.04 users must manage Intermapper's 32-bit library dependencies a little differently from previous versions. For more information, see the Debuntu ReadMeFirst file available from the download page, and included with the download package.
  • In certain circumstances, UP and DOWN notifications did not match, and Okay notifications did not match corresponding non-Okay notifications. These have been fixed.

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Powertech Encryption

Version 3.60
  • A new parameter has been added to the CRTKEYSTR (Create Key Store) command that creates the Key Store library if it does not exist.
  • A new parameter has been added to the CRTKEYSTR (Create Key Store) command that sets the Key Store as the default Key Store in the Key Policy.
  • Up to 50 fields can now be activated (mass encrypted) at one time using the ACTFLDENC command, as long as all of the fields are in the same file and all use the DB2 Field Procedure technique for encryption.
  • Up to 50 fields can now be deactivated (mass decrypted) at one time using the DCTFLDENC command, as long as all of the fields are in the same file and all the DB2 Field Procedure technique.
  • The new command ACTFILFLDE activates all *INACTIVE fields in a file.
  • The new command DCTFILFLDE activates all *ACTIVE fields in a file.
  • The ability to save Pending keys for fields encrypted using Field Procedures has been added. The keys can be used during the next Data Encryption Keys rotation.
  • The new command TRNFILKEYF (Translate File Encryption Keys - Field Procedures) rotates the keys for any fields in a file that have a Pending Key.
  • The new command WRKLIBFILS (Work with Library Files) lists all physical files in a library.
  • The new command WRKFILFLDS (Work with File Fields) lists all fields in a physical files.
  • F4 lookup has been added for Key Stores in the WRKSYMKEY (Work with Symmetric Keys) command.
  • The WRKFLDKEY (Work with Field Encryption Keys) command now shows new Pending Keys.
  • The STRIFSENCJ (Start IFS Encryption Job ) command has been improved with two new parameters that allow you to start the server job at a previous Journal Receiver or a different Journal Sequence number.
  • Access to Powertech Encryption is now secured with authorization lists.
  • The new EXPCLNTCRT command allows you to export the Public Certificate from the Digital Certificate Manager to the IFS.
  • When adding or changing a Key Officer, if the User is set to maintain any of the following: Key Policy, Key Officers, Load MEK Parts or Load MEK, then the User Profile is added to the CRVL001 object with *CHANGE Authority.
Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where QIBM_QP0L_SCAN_CLOSE and QIBM_QP0L_SCAN_OPEN exit programs recursively call program CRRP002.

Exit Point Manager

Version 7.22
  • A new Pre-filters report lists the configured Pre-filters. The report can be run from the Reports Menu or by using the SBMPREREP command.
  • An extraneous RNX0100 error message no longer appears within the PNSEVTMON monitor job's job log when a Memorized Transaction is removed via Insite.
  • Submit report commands can now be run by users without All Object authority, including:
    • SBMNSGREP - Authorities by user profile report
    • SBMPREREP - Print Prefilters
    • SBMSCKREP - Socket rules report
  • The product has been renamed Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i. The new name is used throughout the software and accompanying documentation. (Prior to version 7.22, the product was called "Network Security.")

Identity Manager

Version 2.17
  • A problem preventing Option 6=Send via Email on the Work with Generated Passwords panel from working for profiles on the first page of profiles has been resolved.
  • A problem preventing Option 6=Send via Email on the Work with Generated Passwords panel from sending the correct number of emails when multiple profiles have been specified has been resolved.
  • The product has been renamed Powertech Identity Manager for IBM i. The new name is used throughout the software and accompanying documentation. (Prior to version 2.17, the product was called "Powertech Power Admin.")

Central Administration Fixes

Version 2.22
  • Extraneous diagnostic messages in job logs have been removed.
Version 2.23
  • The correct names for Powertech products are now used throughout the Central Administration software and accompanying documentation.
Version 2.24
  • A defect that resulted in error Message ID MCH3601 “Pointer not set for location referenced” to appear at the bottom of the Audit Definitions panel (PPL3810) has been corrected.

Risk Assessor

Version 3.0
New features
  • When emailing supplemental reports, they are now sent as a zip file attachments rather than individual .txt attachments reducing the chance they are too large to be emailed off the system.
  • A ‘From’ parameter has been added to the email option in order to specify a valid email address when the sender’s user profile@system name is not a valid email address.

Additions and changes to the SKYASSESS.RTF document:

  • System Value Section:
    • QATNPGM has been added to the first system value table.
    • The QSSL* system values now only retrieves the current values and does not provide guidance on specific settings, due to rapidly changing requirements in this area.
  • User Section:
    • QSECOFR is now listed in the table of IBM profiles with a password, along with its last sign-on date.
  • Telnet Section:
    • Whether the telnet server only allows secure communications is now listed.
  • Miscellaneous Section:
    • Dates are included for the last System save and Save Security Data (SAVSECDTA).
    • The text for sign-on messages CPF1120 and CPF1107 has been updated.
    • Options are now provided when you press System Request.
    • An additional recommendation to modify the sign-on display has been added, leaving only the User profile and Password fields.

New Reports:

  • A report listing all exit programs registered to exit points (SKYREGINF).
  • A report showing the list of certificates in DCM (Digital Certificate Manager), with their expiration date (SKYCERTINF).
  • A report of EIM (Enterprise Identity Mapping) associations (SKYEIMUSER).
  • A report of group PTFs and whether the most recent version has been installed (SKYGRPPTF).
Other Fixes
  • Proxy commands are no longer listed in the SKYQSYSUSR report. (SKYQSYSUSR lists user objects created into QSYS.)
  • Licensing: The traditional HelpSystems license is now used.
  • The calculation for how many additional users have a special authority from their group has been fixed.

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