Monthly Release Notes - September 2018

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Automate and Automate Enterprise

Version 11.1.1
  • Updated installer due to a download issue.

Version 11.1
New Features
  • Revision Management
    • Automate Enterprise only.

    • Once licensed, the feature can be turned on and off.
    • Track and manage different version of workflows, tasks, conditions, and processes.
    • When a repository object (Workflow, Task, Condition, Process) is changed (renamed, edited, property modified, etc), a revision is created from the previous version of the object and is stored in the database.
    • The object contains a list of all its stored revisions.
    • Revisions are tagged with an ID, the date the revision was made, and the user that made the revision.

    • The properties of a revision can be inspected, to help determine which revision is the one the user needs.
    • Two revisions can be compared, and a human-readable difference report is presented.

    • A revision can be restored, making the current state the most recent revision.

    • A revision can be deleted, helping to declutter the list of available revisions.
    • Notes can be added to a revision, aiding in discerning between revisions.

    • Revision trimming options based on days or number of revisions to organize how existing repository objects are handled when new changes are saved.
    • Permissions can be set on an object, restricting the ability to delete and restore revisions.
  • Recycle Bin
    • Automate Enterprise only.

    • Once licensed, the feature can be turned on and off.

    • When a repository object (Workflow, Task, Condition, Process) is deleted, it is moved into the Recycle bin for that object type.

    • An object in the recycle bin can be restored to the repository, and placed back in the location it was deleted from.

    • Objects in the recycle bin can be deleted, which permanently removes them from the system.

    • Permissions can be set on an object, restricting the ability to delete and restore the object from the recycle bin.

    • Permissions can be set on a system level, restricting the ability to view the contents of the recycle bin.

  • Added support for MySQL 8 as a data store in Automate Enterprise.

Other Fixes
  • [18358] Repository item renaming works as expected in Server Management Console.
  • [21312] Calendar shows daily scheduled tasks at correct times across the daylight savings period.
  • [21797] The Text activity now converts to proper uppercase correctly.
  • [23120] SSL connections now work as expected.
  • [23262] Task Builder now warns when save cannot be used on the system. This allows the user to save the task locally so modifications are not lost.
  • [23401] An issue resulting in "FTP failed (Error : Connection lost (error code is 10058))" has been fixed so SFTP auto cipher selection now works correctly.
  • [23456] Database Stored Procedure now has a selection of fetched SP in a dropdown.
  • [23629] Importing packages that contain folders will now place the folders in the correct location.
  • [23697] PowerShell Action properly interacts with variables.
  • [23753] In the Email action, Email body and Password, only as a variable, correctly imports from v10 to v11.
  • [23922] Usage of 'line' is now correctly identified as a reserved keyword when running tasks.
  • [23971] A file trigger watching for a file modification will now fire as expected.
  • [23977] Importing Email (Send Message) in v10 will now correctly import the Body component.
  • [23979] Command line parameters passed to AMTask work correctly.
  • [23984] File System (Concentrate Files) performs action on files in the order entered by user.
  • [23986] When SSL is enabled, connections between all components are secured.
  • [23990] Disabling a trigger now prevents the trigger from firing.
  • [23999] Passwords entered during install are now applied.
  • [24002] Step selection is disabled during run time in Task Builder.
  • [24003] Task name was added to output pane to allow for distinction of subtask functions in Task Builder.
  • [24027] Expression Builder will not add an extra '%' around an expression if it was passed to it wrapped in '%'.
  • [24077] Agent List in API call correctly shows Process Agents as online.
  • [24078] Text (HTML Encode/Decode) v10 now properly imports the Body component.
  • [24179] An issue resulting in "Workflow failed because: (10551) Expecting a constant, var name or function name." has been fixed so constants can now be used in Workflow Evaluations.
  • [24185] Automate restore correctly upgrades passwords to latest encryption protocol.
  • [24186] Automate backup correctly upgrades the password to latest encryption protocol.
  • [24190] Schedule triggers based on holidays will now fire as expected.
  • [24218] Text (Format Date/Time) now shows the variable name in the description.
  • [24225] Wait (Process) v9 correctly imports to v11.
  • [24235] MSMQ actions correctly import from v8 to v11.
  • [24236] Amazon SQS (Get Queue Attribute) v8 correctly imports to v11.
  • [24237] Amazon SQS (Set Queue Attribute) v8 correctly imports to v11.
  • [24238] Text (URL Encode) v9 correctly imports to v11.
  • [24239] Text (URL Decode) v9 correctly imports to v11.
  • [24240] Text (HTML Encode) v9 correctly imports to v11.
  • [24241] Text (HTML Decode) v9 correctly imports to v11.
  • [24246] The dates for "Israel" and "Jewish Religious Holidays" have been added to the holiday file.
  • [24247] An issue resulting in "Error Loading Task TreeView, Please refresh the TreeView" has been fixed so Task Administrator Reports and Calendar repository dropdown properly handle repeating names.
  • [24249] An issue resulting in "workflow failed because: missing or ambiguous starting point" has been fixed so workflow triggers can now act as the starting point of a manually run workflow.
  • [24269] JSON action now allows user to adjust the size of the JSON string.
  • [24270] In Task Builder, no step number is reported for Task State entries in the output panel.
  • [24271] Tasks with Encrypted SQL Connections properly import to v11.
  • [24272] In Task Builder, under My Actions, Snippets and Favorites sort order is now remembered.
  • [24273] Select blocks work properly when the return variable is present in tasks.
  • [24274] Holiday exclusions can now be added to Schedule triggers successfully.
  • [24298] Email options now default to port 25 for SMTP.
  • [24312] Triggers (Schedule) now has the ability to add specific day exclusion in Japanese.
  • [24314] The predefined SQL Connections dropdown gets populated correctly in Task Builder.
  • [24316] Expression Builder populates Constants as expected.
  • [24325] In Automate, opening Task Builder independently now populates system Constants and SQL Connections where needed.
  • [24342] Variable panel updates only when needed which speeds up the Task Steps panel manipulations.
  • [24345] Agents can only be assigned to tasks, processes, and non-schedule conditions inside of a workflow.
  • [24347] Triggers (File) now populates the AMCondition.Filename field with the correct data.
  • [24368] An issue resulting in "System.NullReferenceException...." has been fixed so repository Properties of a task can now be viewed as expected.
  • [24370] If (Folder Exists) correctly reports base folders of network shares.
  • [24379] An issue resulting in "workflow failed because: (&H80004002) Conversion from string "" to type 'Double' is not valid." has been fixed so evaluation object in Workflow evaluation does not throw an exception when evaluating a number and an empty variable that is set to Auto.
  • [24404] Dynamically created datasets show properly in the variables panel in Task Builder.
  • [24425] BasicScript (Editor) now has access to Extended Functions for run time.
  • [24452] The Action Editor window does not hide when a step goes into edit mode when Task Builder is not in focus.

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Document Management (RJS)

iForms Library

Version 2.1.2
  • Added *XML as a valid Source type and the related “Input XML File Name” parameter.

Report Splitter

Version 4.71.3
  • Fixed an issue when splitting reports over 99999 pages.

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GoAnywhere MFT

Version 5.7.6
  • Updated the "Powered By" link in the web client footer to navigate users to a new web page with information about GoAnywhere and additional web client help.
  • Enhanced the performance and responsiveness of the Cloud Connector Project Designer when working with a large Cloud Connector definition.
  • Fixed an issue with Cloud Connectors where having two or more list input variables could cause a NullPointerException in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where authenticated web users could access the public link of a Secure Form after public access is removed.
  • Fixed an issue in the FTP/S Services were Active Sessions could become stuck when certain failures occur during client disconnection.
  • Fixed an issue where the batch size setting in the SQL Query task was not properly applied in all cases.
  • Fixed an issue with the handling of the Cloud Connector List Input Variable component when the value contains commas.
  • Fixed an issue where the XML Read Task could not process a file accessed from a network share resource using the SMB All Versions option.
  • Updated the debug logging of SMTP and POP3 tasks and resources to only log extra verbose information to the system log when the 'mail.debug=true' system property is added.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a master encryption key with an id greater than 20 characters would fail when using the DB2/400 database and supporting international character sets.
  • Added a missing message for the Configure Domain page to display when failing to validate Web User home directories.
  • Fixed an issue where the Get Action of the HTTPS Task was not using the read timeout configured on the parent task.
  • Fixed an issue where the Global Search log and the Global Activities report would show a 'null' email recipient for Invite User events.
  • Fixed an issue where the Authentication Types Allowed configuration on an SFTP service listener was not properly handling Web Users requiring both password and public key authentication.
  • Fixed an issue where the Complete Jobs - Resolution filter was incorrectly displaying unresolved jobs.
  • Fixed an issue where Network Share Resources configured to use SMB All Versions were not properly handling directory listings from an IBMi system using SMBv2.
  • Fixed an issue where the PGP Encrypt Task would fail to work with a Network Share resource when using SMB All Versions.
  • Fixed an issue with Scheduled Jobs on Agents not utilizing Repeat Options when the Agent is disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where failures to add a new Web User could result in the password not being properly hashed.
  • Fixed an issue where completed jobs for an Agent group were not properly showing in all cases.

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Level 1 - Message Management Suite

Version 7.0

(PTF 2018.248)

  • The PowerHA Templates include two additional Device Rules to check for Cluster Node and Cluster Resource Group activity.
  • Job Log Monitor now has the ability to monitor Autostart, Subsystem monitor, Spooled reader, System, Spooled writer and SCPF system jobs as part of *BATCH job monitoring.
  • Display Web Log (DSPWEBLOG) and Print Web Log (PRTWEBLOG) now allow the subsetting of messages for just the Message Sender GUI via new value *QMM.
  • The ability to lock an interactive display with a screen saver that requires the user to enter their password to unlock has been added.
Other Fixes
  • Work with Rules now allows the definition of auto-export settings at Monitor level.
  • A fix has been applied to prevent Halcyon Network Receive Monitor failing on receipt of message CPE3406 from the operating system.
  • A fix has been applied to prevent EMAILSPLF Action failing when system value QTIMSEP is set to 1.
  • Message Communicator no longer fails when converting non-displayable characters as part of a response from a device, if it results in the data becoming very long.
  • The CPTOSTMF action no longer fails when actioned if system value QTIMSEP is set to 1.

Level 2 - Systems Operations Suite (includes all Level 1 updates, plus the following)

Version 7.0

(PFT 2018.248)

Other Fixes
  • A fix has been applied so that Audit Journal Manager Rules now correctly match against a defined user list.
  • Performance *JOB rules have had a fix applied in order that 'Open alert' actions are processed as expected when the job ends.
  • Performance *JOB rules using Job Lists now process Omissions as expected.
  • Performance improvements have been made to the Halcyon Performance Monitor.

Level 3 - Advanced Automation Suite (includes all Level 1 and 2 updates, plus the following)

Version 7.0

(PTF 2018.248)

Other Fixes
  • Display Disk Analysis Data (DSPDSKDTA) now handles long IFS object names correctly.
  • A fix has been applied in order that detailed data is now removed from builds where the IFS folder has a long name.
  • A fix has been applied in order that the Delete Spooled Files Generic (DLTSPLFG) command no longer fails with an extensive list of user names and output queues.

Level 4 - Operations Center Suite (includes all Level 1, 2 and 3 updates, plus the following) 

Version 7.0

(PTF 2018.248)

Other Fixes
  • Advanced Job Scheduler now correctly handles audit entries for *SBMJOB jobs.
  • Advanced Job Scheduler now correctly handles an *INVOKE to a Group which uses an IASP.

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IBM Partnership

Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)

Version PTF 7.3 SI68073, 7.2 SI68072
  • In 7.3 and later, IFS pattern support using include or omit option *PATINCLUDE and *PATOMIT were added to WRKLBRM *LNK lists.

  • In 7.2 and later, INZBRM OPTION(*VFYSYS) was enhanced to check if the flash copy state allows communication.
Other Fixes
  • In 7.2 and later, the BRMS function to log messages to an additional message queue is not sending the expected messages.
  • In 7.2 and later, STRBKUBRM using the STRSEQ() parameter does not start at the correct library when the starting sequence is a generic library name.
  • In 7.2 and later, backups which select volumes from a WORM media class incorrectly fail with MSGBRM148A when volumes are available.
  • In 7.2 and later, WRKSPLFBRM restores fail with MSGC2M1601.
  • In 7.2 and later, BRMS backups may fail with MSGCPD0084 (for libraries) or MSGCPF3C81, value for key 27 not valid (for IFS) when the Private Authorities parameter is incorrectly changed in a control group.
  • In 7.2 and later, running a native SAVLIB command in the same job previously used for an encrypted BRMS backup incorrectly encrypts the native SAVLIB backup.
    NOTE: Note: This fix will result in a behavior change, BRMS should not be used to encrypt native SAVLIB operations.


IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i

Version PTF 7.1 SI68260, 7.2/7.3 SI68212
Other Updates

  • SE69857 PowerHA has been updated to only log HAI2002 in QSYSOPR a single time once cross site mirroring becomes synchronized.

NOTE: PTF update SI68212 applies to both the 7.2 and the 7.3 releases of the Operating System. Information about PowerHA for i, additional PTF groups, and recommended fixes, visit the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i pages in the IBM developerWorks wiki.

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Authority Broker

Version 4.20
  • An issue preventing timed switches with changed default commands from being executed has been resolved.
  • An issue causing an "RLxxxxxx is not found" message when a swap is released if after-swap exit programs are being used has been resolved.

Data Thread

Version 3.15
  • An issue regarding the selection of fields to be tracked has been resolved.
  • An issue reporting the correct program to have made a change to a monitored file in the Inquiry screen has been resolved (affected systems running IBM i V7R2 and V7R3 only).

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Performance Surveyor

Version 11.3.16

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010087383) Updated the delimiter for multiple Oracle RAC hosts to a space.
  • (CAS-0010099514) Added encryption to SQL Server JTDS datasources.

TeamQuest Manager

Version 11.3.21

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010070689) Updated the VMware Infrastructure Agent to add a daily record to the VMware.Storage Configuration table so that Vityl Monitor can chart the Storage Datastore by Host System table.
  • (CAS-0010071604) Fixed tqalm from failing with a Signal 11 error.
  • (CAS-0010108491) Updated the Disk Space Agent on Oracle Solaris systems to no longer exit when /etc/mnttab is unreachable. The agent will collect data on existing disks instead.

Vityl Capacity Management

Version 2.1.0

New Features

  • Added Key Performance Indicators to provide system health and risk statuses.

  • Added the capability to clone an existing plan.

  • Added notes to Capacity Plans to provide information on where to look for incomplete data.

  • Integrated collector data with Capacity Plans and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Added the ability to perform multiple day comparisons of a single selected metric in Performance Monitor Details to look for patterns and changes in behavior.

  • Added support for the Performance Monitor collector to Microsoft Windows systems.

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