Monthly Release Notes - April 2018

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Automate and Automate Enterprise

Version 11.0.5
  • [21945] Fixed permission error when creating a workflow with an empty task through the wizard by an Administrators Group member.
  • [21953] OnError 'Start Task' action has been removed from Automate Enterprise.
  • [22965] Importing a task into v11 will run as expected when there are hyphens at the end of message.
  • [23102] Fixed v11 ability to log on/unlock a logged off/locked system when Security Interactive Screen or Splash Screen is present upon log on.
  • [23318] Fixed issue of first tasks failing to run after a successful log in by a triggered workflow in Automate Enterprise.
  • [23355] Web Browser 'Set Value' activity, 'Set Text' value of 'Change to' field will now import from previous versions as expected.
  • [23358] The calendar in Management Console will show task names as expected.
  • [23457] The calendar in Management Console will show workflows as expected.
  • [23586] Importing a task from v9 to v11 with the 'Send Email' action will transfer correctly.
  • [23587] Workflow status will be cleared in Execution Events after a 'Log Out' action.
  • [23590] User can call custom function from variable.
  • [23591] BASIC Scripting action window will now prompt to save changes when closing the window.
  • [23598] 'Close SQL Connection' action will ignore the "Session could not be found" exception when selected in Error Causes exceptions.
  • [23600] Task selection dropdown in "Logs" now allows a "/" in the Task Names.
  • [23633] Managed Task Logon Properties imports to v11 correctly.
  • [23649] SQL Query Host steps will import from v9 to v11 correctly.
  • [23683] The disabled users are no longer allowed to log in to Management Console.
  • [23694] Import Tasks with 'Network: Disconnect' action will be imported correctly from v9 to v11.
  • [23696] Stored Procedure actions retrieve the list of the stored procedures in the database correctly if System radio button is selected in the action.
  • [23699] A subtask failure within Managed Task will stop and error on the step in the sub task, and the parent task will not continue.
  • [23700] Terminal 'Send Text' action will import correctly.
  • [23713] Management Console Ports set to 9700 will migrate correctly from v10 to v11.
  • [23714] 'Focus window' action set focus to windows correctly when brought to foreground.
  • [23717] The SQL query statement boxes import/migrate correctly using the version of the datastore migration utility.
  • [23740] When the 'BASIC Script: Execute' action has an Embeded/External 'For Each' statement, it will not fail while executing.
  • [23741] 'Set Variable' step does not fail when the task has a BASIC Script action.
  • [23743] New, unsaved workflows will run successfully from Work Flow Designer.
  • [23745] User and user group permissions maintained after migrating to v11 with Data Store Migration.
  • [23746] V8 tasks can now be imported into v10 and v11.
  • [23747] Tasks will not randomly fail due task step logging on the agent.
  • [23749 and 24046] When scrolling on the 'Constants', 'SQL Connections' for Server and Agent properties pages, the column headers and 'New, Modify, Remove' buttons will be remain visible.
  • [23750] User folders will be correctly created and unduplicated when migrating database from v10.7.0 to v11.
  • [23751] Constants will migrate successfully from v10.7.0 to v11 using Data Migration Utility.
  • [23802] Import: Database (SQL Query): Dataset.field will show value correctly in Task Builder pane.
  • [23809] Shared Variable values are now updated in run time without the need to save the workflow.
  • [23832] Unassociated 'End Case' in a 'Loop' action will show 'Expecting Select step' message as expected.
  • [23835] 'Loop' actions from v8 and v9 will import correctly into v11.
  • [23837] CreateGuid() function will work correctly in BASIC Script action.
  • [23840] SMC in v11.0.5 will successfully connect to earlier versions of v11 servers with a warning but will not cause a database corruption.
  • [23841] Window title bar in Task Builder will now accept all characters for the name field, including illegal characters such as < and >.
  • [23854] 'FTP:Connect' action will load the Proxy setting correctly from System Default properties if default is selected.
  • [23861] SQL Injection attack prevented with proper use of parameters.
  • [23862] Data will pass to LDAP securely using AntiXSS methods LdapFilterEncode and LdapDistinguishedNameEncode.
  • [23865] All paths are checked and validated before being sent to file API.
  • [23867] All areas in code expected to have low-memory situations are now handled in code correctly.
  • [23868] System Libraries will always be loaded using the correct full path returned by the system.
  • [23908, 23910, and 23911] Trigger objects are working as expected when referenced in the task.
  • [23909] 'Computer:Log Off' action runs as expected.
  • [23933] Amazon S3: Create Bucket drop down list is populated correctly.
  • [23934] Encrypting files with an AES algorithm works as expected.
  • [23935] Browser Registry Connection Profile Log File Option works as expected.
  • [23936] 'Split File' activity preserves the destination and works as expected when importing from v8 and v10 to v11.
  • [23937] Azure Storage Timeout values work as expected in v11.
  • [23958] Fixed SQL Server cpu usage when querying the Instances table.
  • [23959] Fixed CPU/memory/thread count issue when querying workflows/lists from an API.
  • [23966] Importing types from web services will not cause a circular dependency error.
  • [23974] Moving the scroll viewer in Management Console Constants page with a large number of constants will not lead to a slow down.
  • [24006] In Task Builder, stopping a Start Task subtask will stop the entire parent task as well.
  • [24025] SQL Server will not run into deadlocks in the instances and execution event tables.
  • [24087] In the 'Web Browser > Set Value' activity, the user is now able to successfully set Interaction to "text" when the "Locate by attributes" option is selected.
  • [24092] The FTP Logon step description correctly identifies the set proxy type.
  • [24095] The FTP Logon step from v8 will now import certificate sources correctly.

Automate Schedule

Version 4.2.2
  • Added SQL Server 2014 to SQL Server job command.
Other Updates
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException when editing job suite member jobs.
  • Fixed issue with mastertostandby when the password has a special character.
  • Fixed mastertostandby loading issue.
  • Fixed web services code to work with Informatica PowerCenter versions 10.1.1 and 10.2.
  • Converted SAP job definition ABAP print parameter retention period range to 1-9.
  • IBMi Agent Event Monitor file threshold works as expected.
  • General code updates.

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Document Management (RJS)

PCL to PDF Converter/400

Version 6.01.1
  • Fix to CPYPCLPDF command.


Requires OS V7R1 or higher.

Webdocs Windows

Version 2.0.2
  • Status messages are now returned after a document is advanced from the REST API if the document has completed a route.
  • Added the ability to copy the document link url to the user's clipboard via the link dialog box.
  • Full folder path now displays on document details page.
Other Fixes
  • Routed documents can now be cleared after being returned at a step.
  • Certain special characters such as < and > are now able to be entered and updated as document index key values.
  • The Windows service no longer consumes a lot of CPU resources when in an idle state.
  • Routed documents can now be cleared after being returned at a step from the REST API.
  • The full text indexing no longer contains a potential memory leak when processing certain rasterized PDF documents.
  • Fixed an issue where document downloads could result in a 0 byte file being downloaded to a user's system.

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GoDrive for Windows

Version 2.4.0
  • Updated the uninstall process to notify the server that the device has been deactivated.
  • Improved the stability of the Activity window.
  • Improved the responsiveness of GoDrive when there is a lot of activity.
  • Updated the validation when changing the account password.
  • Modified the registration process so the URL is persisted when using the Back button.
  • Improved the error handling when attempting to mount the drive to a drive letter that is already taken.

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Insite Analytics

Version 1.0
  • Core Insite Analytics functionality has been added to the Insite Framework including:
    • License Management
    • Query Builder
    • Data Connection Management

Network Security for Insite

Version 1.11
  • A header text issue when viewing audit reports in Insite SPOOLfiles node has been fixed.

Robot Network for Insite

Version 1.17
  • The expand and collapse buttons are now working correctly in My Network.
  • Selecting to view the Status Center for a Node Group now functions correctly.
  • Display issue when Ouput Queue is selected within the Host Setup Report has been fixed.
  • Default filter now working correctly in Preferences.

Robot Schedule for Insite

Version 1.15
  • The Hold option is no longer displayed for 'G' group type jobs in Schedule Activity.

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Access Authenticator

Version 1.2.1
  • It is now possible to sync a mobile device to Access Authenticator when a connection to the Authentication Manager is not available.

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Capacity Plans

Version 1.1.1

New Features

  • Added support for VMware systems with the following functionality:

    • Added a new directed workflow to predict the effect of adding more virtual machines to a VMware ESX host.
    • Added new Expert mode events to predict the impact of the following:

      • Adding a new virtual machine
      • Making a copy of an existing virtual machine
      • Moving a virtual machine from one host system to another host system
      • Changing virtual machine settings
  • Added capability to include descriptive information about the plan you are creating.

  • Added the Transaction Per Second chart to the Results page to show predicted transaction rate by workload or virtual machine.

Performance Surveyor

Version 11.3.14

New Features

  • Added the capability to override all report and table styling, including the default style.css style sheet.

  • Added the ability for an administrator to specify a default home directory for Report Navigator for each role.

  • Added the ability to bookmark the Report Navigator URL.


  • Updated the WebAPI modules to allow hierarchical display of discovered object types.

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010082037, 0010082497) Updated the query to allow a row processor to be added without causing the query to be overwritten.

  • (CAS-0010077646) Increased the character limit to 512 for the Username field for LDAP configuration.

  • (CAS-0010071442) Upgraded the ZK libraries to resolve an error when zooming in/out using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

TeamQuest Administration Console

Version 11.3.14

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010078514) Updated the configuration file to turn off HTTP tracing so that security scans no longer flag this file.

TeamQuest Manager

Version 11.3.18

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010090558) Updated TeamQuest Manager to enable SSL on all installations and upgrades.

  • (CAS-0010090628) Updated TeamQuest Manager to include Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT) DLLs.
  • (CAS-0010083266) Updated the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) used on Microsoft Windows systems to no longer generate management information base (MIB) messages when using traps for alarm messages.
  • (CAS-0010090374) Updated TeamQuest Manager to allow the upgrade process to continue even if the tqmgr service is not started.

TeamQuest View

Version 11.4.0

Other Updates

  • Upgraded libraries to allow charts to be exported using the latest versions of Microsoft Excel.

Vityl Monitor

Version 11.3.10

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010077602) Added the capability to configure number of login attempts to multiple LDAP accounts in Vityl Monitor.

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