Monthly Release Notes - March 2018

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Document Management (RJS)

Webdocs Forms Management

Version 7.3.5
  • Initial release.
  • Streamlined installation process.
  • Integrated with Webdocs.
    • Final archive location for any form or other customer document created in Forms Management.
    • Saved as PDF.
    • Form fields mapped to Webdocs for document check-in.

Webdocs for IBM i

Version 4.01.0
  • Fix for excessive number objects potentially getting created in QRPLOBJ.
  • Security update for Apache. A new setting was added for security reasons. Any newly created instances will have this automatically. Any existing instances will need to have this line added manually to their configuration file.
    • Header always set x-frame-options "SAMEORIGIN"
  • Security fixes for browser interface. For this to work the following is needed:
    • Data area DOCSCRUB needs to be set to *YES
    • For IBM i 7.1, TR9 must be installed
    • For IBM i 7.2, TR1 must be installed.
    • For IBM I 7.3 has no requirement
    • Licensed product #39 5770-SS1 International Components for Unicode to be installed on both IBM i 7.1 and 7.2. (This product is free with IBM i.)
  • New commands for clearing work files
    • DOCSYSPRG - Runs all 3 of the system purge commands:
      • DOCPRGSES - Purge any sessions older than XXX minutes.
      • DOCTMPPRG - Clear out any orphaned files in library RJSTEMP older than XXX days old.
      • DOCIFSPRG - Clear out any file from folder /rjstemp older than XXX days old.
    • Parameters:
      • Minutes not used - for clearing sessions
      • Number of days back to check - for clearing both library and IFS files
      • IFS folder to check

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GoAnywhere MFT

Version 5.6.5
  • Updated the SFTP client to properly handle signature verification failures that occasionally occur against some servers.
  • Added additional validation checks to the file uploader component in the Web Client.
  • Fixed an issue where file transfers from an agent would be marked as a success when the transfer was interrupted by restarting the agent.
  • Fixed an issue where uploading multiple files with the same name through the Web Client to a GoDrive folder was not properly handling file revisioning. This issue was introduced in 5.6.4.
  • Fixed an issue where importing an SSH Key from a file on the server resulted in a 500 Internal Server Error.
  • Fixed a potential issue in the Copy Task where failing to close the source file could cause the destination file from being properly closed.
  • Fixed an issue where the File Info function was not properly resolving files accessed using the 'agent://agent_name/file' syntax.

GoDrive for Android

Version 1.3.0
  • Added the ability to create folders.
  • Removed a limitation on username to 20 characters.
  • Improved the folder icon to indicate if that folder is shared with other GoDrive users.
  • Enhanced the account removal process to notify the server that the device has been deactivated.
  • Improved application stability when in offline mode.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues.
  • Functionality was added to close the opened menu popup on outside click.

GoDrive for iOS

Version 1.3.0
  • Added the ability to create folders.
  • Removed a limitation on username to 20 characters.
  • Improved the folder icon to indicate if that folder is shared with other GoDrive users.
  • Enhanced the account removal process to notify the server that the device has been deactivated.
  • When sharing multiple files with GoDrive, the confirmation screen will now include all files uploaded to GoDrive.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues and error messages in the registration process.
  • Functionality was added to close the opened menu popup on outside click.
  • Improved application stability when in offline mode.

Outlook Plugin

Version 2.3.0
  • Added a new feature to prompt the user for Secure Mail settings before sending a message.
  • Fixed the signature on the plugin so the Publisher can be verified correctly.
  • Improved error handling when the number of attachments exceeds the limit defined by the server.
  • Enhanced the installer to better handle a custom install directory and updating of the user.config file.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues.

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IBM i Level 1 to 4 Product Suites


(PTF 2018.044.2)

  • In certain situations when running CCSID 65535, the SNDTXT Action and corresponding Alert Log entries could result in corrupt characters. This has been fixed.

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Version 2.0
New Features
  • Includes Dashboard support for Authority Broker. See Insite Dashboards in the Authority Broker Administrator's Guide.
  • Includes Dashboard support for Alignia Monitoring Room. See Dashboards in the Alignia Monitoring Room User Guide.
  • Advanced Dashboards have been implemented:
    • Widgets are now created via Data Sources and Assets which allow greater flexibility for you to view your data as you desire.
    • Widget Advanced Settings allow you to style and display your widget the way that best suits your business needs.
    • You still have the ability to view your Legacy Dashboards.
    • It is now easier to navigate between folders.


  • The forms within Insite have been redesigned to be more visual pleasing and to enable you to accomplish your tasks faster.
Other Fixes
  • The Authentication port number no longer reverts back to its default after a change in Settings.
  • Help button functionality has been added to the add/edit widget screen.
  • Fix for Robot Schedule for Insite.

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Version 6.2.1
New Feature
  • A new UPS probe has been added to support the Liebert EXM Power System line. You can find it under Network Devices > UPS.
  • A number of obsolete or redundant libraries have been removed from the Flows server, reducing the chance of encountering compatibility issues during installation.
  • You can now give a device a name when none is provided by DNS or WINS from the Info Window. Choose "Don't change address or name" and enter a name in the Host Name field.
  • A number of changes have been made to chart data handling that enhance data integrity and system reliability when data anomalies are encountered.
Other Fix
  • A link in the Intermapper Remote Access help topic has been fixed, and references to unsupported Windows versions have been removed.
  • A new "Default refresh" dropdown has been added to the Server Settings > Web Server pane. Use it to set the default refresh for Web Server map pages. When using Intermapper Remote Access, version 6.2.1 is required.
  • A number of sections in the 6.2 User Guide PDF were duplicated. The duplicates have been removed.
  • Clarifications have been added to the Flows Window help topic about how to view different sets of data by opening the Flows window in different ways.
  • Fixed a link in the Probe Groups documentation that was pointing to the wrong web page.
  • Performance when processing large maps on busy networks has been improved substantially.
  • The "Also send messages to Syslog server" box in the Server Settings > Log Files now accepts a destination IP address properly on all platforms.
  • The "Log SNMP traps to" dropdown in the Server Settings > SNMP pane, introduced in 6.2, has been removed. SNMP traps are always logged to the event log.
  • The RedHat Readme file has been updated to clarify the need for 32-bit libraries in 64-bit installations, and the preferred techniques for installing 64-bit versions.
  • Two tabs in the Flows Settings window were removed. (About and Registration). Screenshots and documentation have been updated to reflect the change.
  • When importing data into Intermapper Database, a null value in the in the Event ID column no longer causes an exception..
  • After setting a Vantage point, the star badge is now displayed reliably on the selected device or network.

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Access Authenticator Desktop App

Version 1.2
  • When the Insite server is changed, the list of available IBM i servers in the combo box is now updated.

Command Security

Version 1.12
  • Corrections have been made to the PCSJRNRPT (PCS Journal Report) command:

    • The PCS Journal Report has been enhanced to output the program name that invoked a Monitored Command.
    • An instance was corrected whereby the PCS Journal Report output contained incorrect data associated with a Monitored Command when run.
  • The report generated from command PCSPRTCMDS (Print Monitored Commands) has been changed to include the status of each rule associated with a Monitored Command.
  • Three new command objects (PCSCPYCMD, PCSDLTCMD, and PCSNEWCMD) have been added to Command Security to aid with the management of Monitored Commands in batch environments.

Data Thread

Version 3.14
  • A performance issue that could result in slow processing has been resolved.

Password Self Help

Version 3.003
New Features
  • Password Self Help is now delivered with new deployment functionality, including the ability to stage the product installation.
  • Password Self Help administrators can now be warned that the number of remaining licenses is approaching its limit. The percentage of licenses remaining at which the warning appears can be set by the administrator.
  • There is now a separate JOBD for profile SELFHELP (instead of QGPL/QDFTJOBD).
  • Password Self Help can now be configured to restrict the same answer for multiple security questions.
  • Password Self Help users can now select from a list of predefined security questions.
  • A Question ID can now be automatically generated when adding a question to a Language.
  • Improvements have been made to DSPPSHPRF (Display Registered Self Help Profiles).
    • The performance of DSPPSHPRF has been improved.
    • An information processing message is now shown, allowing "User" /*ALL /generic* as a parameter.
    • The Password Self Help registration status is now included in the display and OUTFILE.
    • Refresh now functions properly.
  • General performance improvements.
  • A new message is now included in Message Monitor (SHW0103): "Profile [profile] has been disabled within PSH via SelfHelp reset".
  • Commands ENBPSHPRF and DSBPSHPRF now include the *ALLUSR option, which allows all profiles to be enabled or disabled.

Other Fixes
  • User profiles are now set to Disabled in Password Self Help (and require action by a Password Self Help administrator to be enabled) when a user registers during a password reset session. Registration during password reset is possible if 'Display to Unregistered Users' is set to 'Y' in the Configuration settings.
  • An audit record is now written once for each reset attempt.
  • The web reset process no longer triggers message ID's.
  • An issue causing the possibility for missing logs in the Insite Dashboard when the time zone differs between the IBM i system and the Insite server has been resolved.
  • Case sensitivity while setting the Preferred Password is now consistent.
  • Insite errors caused by entering a # character in the Question ID field have been resolved.
  • Javacript Console errors during user setup or password reset with Insite have been resolved.
  • Backing out of the registration process without answering questions can no longer result in disabling the profile.
  • The Password Self Help Message Monitor can now push SHW0101 and SHW0103 notifications to external devices (e.g. SYSLOG).

Policy Minder for IBM i

Version 2.1
  • The ANZSQLINF report now lists only programs with embedded SQL and those that include at least one PREPARE, EXECUTE, or DESCRIBE statement.
  • A problem causing missing libraries when using a generic character (e.g. D*) in WRKPOL while changing *LIBAUT templates has been resolved.
  • The object authority on Policy Minder libraries SKYVIEWPMP and SKYVIEWPMD has been corrected. It is now *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE (not *PUBLIC *CHANGE).
  • The INZPOL command no longer fails to release a lock on the relevant record in the SKYCA file when used on the following categories:
    • *SHARES Record 9
    • *LMTCMD Record 10
    • *JOBD Record 11
    • *USROBJ Record 12

Power Admin

Version 2.14
  • An RNX0115 error in monitor job PPMEVTMON has been corrected. The problem occurred when a Power Admin Company that contained at least one Department and Position was removed.
  • A problem that prevented password synchronization from occurring in certain scenarios was corrected.

Central Administration Fixes

Version 2.18
  • Installation now supports user profiles with blank location values.
  • The History Subset and Sort Panel (PPL3372) no longer signals error CPF24B3 “Message type PPL3372 not valid” when F4=Prompt is attempted for a field that does not support prompting.
  • The Set Monitor Status (PPLMONSTS) command now functions properly when attempting to set the status for the Monitor value of *PROFILE.
  • The 'List Template Profile Settings' API (PPL6125) now correctly outputs Template Profile Settings that exist for an Allowed System to the inputted user space.

Security Scan

Version 1.1.1
  • In the "Security Scan Results" and "Permission and Ownership" pages, the "Find Un-owned Files and Directories" category has been removed in favor of the "The /etc/gshadow" category in the RHEL scan report.

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Showcase 9

Version Server Patch
  • Unable to access data on an iASP with a 10-character name, error ‘Relational database PRIMARY00 not in relational database directory’. Showcase was only seeing the first 9 characters of the name.
  • When trying to run in batch mode using, the query fails with an error ‘Array index out of range 16’ or ‘Array index out of range 10’ for some batch queries.
  • There is a new configuration option where the Showcase 9 server can be setup to reject requests from down level Client version. This is a new feature in the server build and client build. An entry can be added to the configuration file, showcase.cfg, on the server, that would only accept connections from Showcase or higher Client versions.
Version Client Patch


  • There is a new configuration option where the Showcase 9 server can be setup to reject requests from down level Client version. This is a new feature in the server build and client build. An entry can be added to the configuration file, showcase.cfg, on the server, that would only accept connections from Showcase or higher Client versions.

  • The following patch updates are also included: Client Patch (December 2017)

    • Error when connecting to Query using the patch with JDE World A 9.3 when an invalid Environment is selected.
    • Issue resolved when saving query results to Text-Unicode the BOM marker was missing. Client Patch (March 22, 2016)

    • Issue resolved where query client crashed when results were saved to Excel 4.0 if there were zero rows.
    • Unicode Byte Order Marker (BOM) now included when saving results to CSV-Unicode format, ensuring proper translation of double-byte character sets when opening in Excel. Client Patch (August 5, 2015)

    • The default JDE Environment is always the last one in the list presented to EnterpriseOne users in Query. It has been changed to default to the most recent Environment selected.
    • The Query client timeout value set in Warehouse Manager (Resource Settings) now works for times more than 59 minutes. Client Patch (January 6, 2015)

    • Showcase Addin for Excel:
      • Using VBA scripts to refresh queries failed after upgrading Client to or
      • Using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste data from a query to Excel, generated an error similar to “Showcase Query The item, Data.R1C1:R3C1637348, does not match the Query application.” Client Patch (November 19, 2014)

    • When editing the SQL of a Warehouse Builder Definition, the user selects Source\Query Editor and making valid changes to the SQL, clicking OK gives ‘X Encountered an improper argument’.
    • Queries with SQLServer data source are crashing or locking up Showcase Query client when the DBQ was created in a version of Showcase prior to version 8.0 (missing database owner name, which was not required in older versions), or if the Collection/Database name have changed (i.e. from lower case to mixed case).
    • Users open and run multiple queries against JDE data at a time. If they open and run a query, then immediately open another one, they get an error similar to ‘Column <”GLDCT01”> is not found in table’ specifying a UDC column.
    • Java Heap memory error when saving Query results to Excel 8.0 or 12.0 when the result set is very large (in excess of 300,000 rows and 160 columns). This requires setting the Java heap size on the client. Client Patch (July 16, 2014)

    • Support added for SQL Server 2012. See the document, SQL Server Fix for Showcase 9.3 for details. Client Patch (June 17, 2014)

    • Support for Roles added to JD Edwards World A9.3 (requires Server Patch).
    • Query title is truncated to 31 characters when printing. Introduced in 9.1. Client Patch (April 16, 2014)

    • One Showcase registry key value refers to IBM – corrected to remove that name.
    • On Windows7 64-bit PC’s, after printing to XPS or PDF output, Excel may hang when adding Showcase Query references.
    • Date format was incorrect when saving Query results to XLSX. Client Patch (February 11, 2014)

    • JDE OneWorld or EnterpriseOne environments using Showcase with non-iSeries JDE profiles had batch jobs fail with SQL error, ‘Column “ XXXXXX” not in specified tables’.
    • The Warehouse Builder SET fails with a non DB2 datasource (SQL Server) with error, “An error was returned from the SQL CLI procedure SQLConnect. The SQL state is: HY000. The native error code is: 0. The message text is Unknown error attempting to access server SCVD02:43419: null..”
    • Enterprise Server log shows passwords in plain text
    • On Windows7 64-bit the File \ Send Mail option is missing from Query. The code was rewritten so that both Query and Report Writer will check for the presence of MAPI configuration in the Windows registry. If it can’t find that, it looks in the win.ini for MAPI settings. Finding either of these will cause the Send Mail option to be displayed.
    • Support for Windows 8.1 added. Client Patch (December 17, 2013)

    • In version 9.1, every time a BATCHQUERY job is run, a QPRINT output file, with “Error opening debug file” in the text, gets created.
    • Pass the IP address for submitted jobs to the Showcase exit point program.
    • Batch query fails with an error similar to ‘The batch job failed due to a SQL error’. This same query will run fine interactively. The QSQSRVR job log attached shows an error, “Library not found.” Client Patch (November 18, 2013)

    • Windows 8 Support.
    • Passwords in the scserver.log file will be encrypted. Client Patch (August 19, 2013)

    • Improved query performance when running the same query simultaneously over large files (million plus records).
    • Saving query results to Excel with more than one million rows gives error: Excel found unreadable content in ‘file1.xlsx’.
    • DBQs created in for SQLServer datasource which were created without OWNER name, now do not open in
    • Report Writer doesn’t display the number of Most Recently Used (MRU) files that is configured in the Tools \ Options settings. It will not display any more than 4 previously open files regardless of what is configured for the number of files to display.
    • Removed nuisance message when creating Data Views (Server patch required).

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Other Fix
  • A fix has been applied to prevent an "Invalid column name 'CTL_NAME_ID'" error occurring when retrieving events on the Forensic Analysis page. This would occur when the machine was restarted and the Event Control Service was started before the database was fully available.

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