Monthly Release Notes - January 2018

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Version 5.6.3
  • Fixed an issue with the Web User expiration date calculation where leap years were not properly handled when adding/importing new Web Users.
  • Fixed an issue with the Custom Task framework where exception handling wasn't properly implemented for the custom WebDAV Task.
  • Fixed an issue where the SOAP and REST tasks were not properly following redirects using the same request method used by the original request.
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin Log category filter was showing Web User Self Registration Setting changes when the Secure Forms Settings category was selected.
  • Added support for HTTP and GoAnywhere Gateway proxy types when using TLS Resumption in the FTPS Tasks and Resources.
  • Fixed a potential concurrency issue with the Web Client file uploader that could cause the file upload status to become out of sync when uploading many small files.
  • Fixed an issue where resuming an FTP GET operation was not working properly. This issue was introduced in 5.4.3.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFTP file listing was very slow when using the SFTP Resource as a Web User file system folder.
Version 5.6.2
  • Added the ability to support SMB version 2, 3, and 3.1.1 which adds additional security to SMB Network Shares.
  • Enhanced the GACMD action to Add SSH Keys to no longer require a password for SSH private keys.
  • Updated the ICAP connection to send case-sensitive HTTP headers which allows GoAnywhere MFT to properly communicate with Sophos SAVDI ICAP interface.
  • Updated the validation for SSH Tasks to provide a proper message when validating keys while using KMS and file based keys.
  • Updated the Web User's When File Exists preference to render correctly when an Admin User made changes to the Web User Configuration.
  • Updated the Web Client Applet to be signed with the new HelpSystems code signing certificate. The applet signature is now valid until 2020.
  • Upgraded the JSch library from 0.1.53 to 0.1.54. This version fixes an issue where file data could become corrupt during an SFTP Put action to certain servers when using stronger HMAC algorithms.
  • Removed an unnecessary scroll bar on the project designer file choosers for various protocols.
  • Fixed an issue where Resources connecting to Azure do not work properly when GoAnywhere MFT is running on Linux, Unix, and IBM i systems.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a directory on an Azure file system would fail with a timeout error.
  • Fixed an issue where FTPS Tasks and Resources would fail to trust the target server when using client certificate authentication and the server certificate fields are left blank. This issue was introduced in 5.6.0.
  • Fixed an issue where importing a PGP key into a key vault would fail if the key does not contain preferences for encryption and signature algorithms.
  • Fixed the ICAP task to properly read source files from an encrypted folder.
  • Fixed an issue where switching databases could reset certain configuration for two-factor authentication to the default values.
  • Fixed an incorrect validation message when using GACMD to remove and SSH private key that does not exist.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFTP server would not close sessions promptly when a client disconnects, which, depending on the number of active sessions allowed, resulted in a rejecting subsequent connections. This issue was introduced in 5.6.0

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Version 6.2
What's New in Intermapper® 6.2?

Intermapper 6.2 includes a number new features and enhancements. Here's a summary...

Data storage and calculation now support full 64-bit values
  • Intermapper can now display and store chart data values up to 64-bit, signed or unsigned.
  • Maximum expressible time is 1/1/3001 at 07:59:59.
  • The Vertical Axis Tab of the Chart Options window now supports display and entry of larger numbers in the Upper and Lower Bounds fields using E-notation.
  • Specify probe variables that can contain up to 64-bit values and use E-notation for values and calculation.
Chart data storage has been restructured
  • Chart data storage has been restructured. Data is now accessible as segments of time rather than file indexes.
  • The new structure permits dynamic purging of chart data.
  • A new limited retention policy has been added. You can now specify how long chart data will be kept.
  • No conversion of existing data is required. Old chart data remains untouched, and new data uses the new structures.
  • As a result of the new data structure, the space required to store chart data has been reduced significantly. Typical storage space reduction is around 40%.

NOTE: HelpSystems recommends that you back up your chart data before running 6.2. Chart data is located in the Chart Data folder, found in the Intermapper Settings folder.
Enhanced Recovery Strategies

A number of enhancements have been added with the following goals:

  • Provide graceful recovery in unexpected situations
  • Minimize loss of data
  • Provide additional data integrity checking
Other Changes
  • Editing groups with more than 128 users works properly.

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Policy Minder for IBM i

Version 2.0
New Features
  • *USRPRF (User Profile category):
    • Multiple *DELETE templates can now be created and the *DELETE template that is shipped with the product can be deleted. Creating a new template whose name starts with ‘*DELETE’ will automatically use the *DELETE template format.  This allows you to have a scheduled job to automatically delete inactive profiles and use another *DELETExx template to delete profiles on an ad hoc basis.
    • You can now include or omit profiles based on the password last changed date. This is especially helpful for organizations that perform frequent role swaps. The users’ last sign on date is not replicated so it’s difficult to know when a profile is inactive. However, the user’s password is replicated; therefore, you can know that a profile is inactive by examining the password last changed date.
    • A new value - *SPCGRP – is available that includes (or omits) profiles whether the special authority is assigned to the user or one of the group profiles. The current value *SPCAUT only includes profiles where the special authority is assigned directly to the profile.
    • You can now check and fix the Printer, Output queue, and Object owner user profile attributes.
      • The Owner attribute has been changed to be Profile owner to clarify that this attribute is the user profile owner, and not the object owner.
  • *LIBAUT (Library authority category):
    • The maximum number of object templates has been increased from 999 object templates to 9999.
    • Attributes have been created that will allow you to Include or Omit files (tables) that have been created using SQL. 
      • PF-TBL – SQL table
      • LF-INDEX – SQL index
      • LF-VIEW – SQL view
  • *DIRAUT (Directory authority category):
    • The maximum number of object templates has been increased from 999 object templates to 9999
  • *SHARES: The Access attribute has been added to each share to indicate whether the share is a Read/Write or Read-only share.  If you are already using this category, the attribute will be added to the existing policy when you upgrade the product.
  • Exporting individual policies: You can now export an individual template.  This allows you to more easily manage your policies from a central partition and not have to export an entire category.
  • Output Compliance (OUTCPL) command: This command now allows you to:
    • Send the results of a compliance check to an outfile or streamfile for all categories.  In previous releases only the *USRPRF, *LIBAUT and *DIRAUT categories were supported by this command.
    • Email the streamfile (.csv) off the system.
  • New FIXIT parameter: A parameter has been added to suppress the compliance check that, by default, occurs after FixIt runs.  This is helpful when you have a limited time to run FixIt – this often occurs when you must run FixIt when objects aren’t in use (that is, locked) and have to run FixIt during an outage.  Now you can schedule or run FixIt during the outage and run the compliance check after the system has been brought back up.
  • Email support: Policy Minder now allows you to specify the sender of the email. Previous releases hard-coded the sender to the profile running the compliance check When the partition name wasn’t a valid domain name, the email often failed to send.
  • You can now create a *USRPRF, *LIBAUT and *DIRAUT template that specifies objects that don’t exist when either Including or Omitting objects or when defining the policy values (for example, the authorization list securing objects in a library.) Previously, the objects had to exist. This change will allow you to more easily manage policies from a central partition without having to create objects so the template could be created.
  • Option 11 – FixIt (on the Policy Minder Main Menu) now prompts the FIXIT command, defaulting to run in Test mode rather than prompting to run FIXIT by category.
  • Changing a System value category or a template in the *USRPRF, *LIBAUT or *DIRAUT categories to disable the compliance check will no longer automatically cause the category to be out of compliance. In previous releases, disabling the compliance check on one of these set the compliance status of the category to Not compliant, even when the items checked were all compliant.
  • Alerts sent to Vision Solutions’ VSP and iOptimize will no longer occur.

Authority Broker

Version 4.18
  • A change has been made to ensure profile switches on a Time Swap are released appropriately.
NOTE: Authority Broker widgets are now supported by Insite Dashboards. See Authority Broker for Insite.

Access Authenticator

Version 1.2.1
  • It is now possible to sync a mobile device to Access Authenticator when a connection to the Authentication Manager is not available.

Compliance Monitor

Version 3.28
  • TLS support has been added. Secured TLS connections can now be used for IBM i communications.
Other Updates
  • The correct version of Java is now used when ending the consolidator.
  • Inability to view a portion of the Consolidator Properties using Internet Explorer 11 has been fixed.
  • The Report Owner in the report information is now displayed correctly.
  • The error "Unable to fetch the report view information" when attempting to create a new report has been resolved.
  • The inability to create an Endpoint due to the usage of an incorrect library has been resolved.
  • Automatic changing of the start time on batch assessments has been corrected.

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Capacity Plans

Version 1.0.0

Capacity Plans has been released. Capacity Plans allows you to create plans to manage your system capacity.

Key Features

  • Create what-if scenarios to view results of increased demand of your applications.
  • Create plans to predict future behavior of your systems to ensure you have enough resources to provide satisfactory service to your users.
  • Identify the severity and urgency of risks.
  • Provide advice to describe where bottlenecks exist that negatively impact performance.

Performance Surveyor

Version 11.3.13

New Features

  • Added support for API versioning in WebAPI modules.
  • Added support for using SSL with WebAPI modules.

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010061038) Updated interactive area charts to add gaps so that all data can be seen.

  • (CAS-0010061178) Updated email exceptions so undelivered emails are recorded as failed.
  • (CAS-0010066416) Added support of Linux statistics for IBM AIX LPARs.

  • (CAS-0010068644) Updated chart-interactive where a setting of True changes the border to black, a setting of False removes the border, and the gauge-background matches the background color.

TeamQuest Administration Console

Version 11.3.13

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010069008 ) Added slabmem and sreclaimable statistics to the Memory table for Red Hat Enterprise Linux level 7 systems.

TeamQuest Manager

Version 11.3.16

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010072744) Updated product documentation to note that the LibNcurses library is an optional requirement for TeamQuest Manager unless you are using tView.

  • (CAS-0010069008 ) Added slabmem and sreclaimable statistics to the Memory table for Red Hat Enterprise Linux level 7 systems.

Vityl Monitor

Version 11.3.9


  • Added support for Java 8.

Other Updates

  • (CAS-0010065303) Invalid User Name/Password message is displayed when entering a blank password when logging into Vityl Monitor.

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