Monthly Release Notes - November 2017

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Version 5.6.0


  • Added a new “Map View” in the Agent Manager mode to show Agent locations on an interactive geographic map.
  • Added PGP Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, and Verify tasks to Agent Projects.
  • Added a SSH Resource to Agents to predefine SSH connection properties.
  • Added SSH related tasks (SFTP, SCP, and Execute SSH Command) on Agents.
  • Added Read and Write Excel tasks to Agent Projects.
  • Added SMTP and Mail Box resources along with Send and Retrieve Email tasks to Agents.
  • Added a warning to notify Agent Project Designers when they add a task to an Agent that is not supported by that Agent's version.
  • Enhanced the performance in how job log messages are returned from Agents to MFT by batching them.
  • Added Bouncy Castle as a security provider on Agents.
  • Updated Jobs submitted via Agent Schedules to reflect 'Agent Scheduler' as the Submitted From value.
  • Updated the Agent disconnect process that occurs on timeout to log the connection closing event.
  • Updated the Agent Permissions page to move the messages section below the toolbar for UI consistency with other pages.
  • Removed the Show Stacktrace button for active Agent jobs.
  • Fixed an issue where the province of Alberta was not displaying when Canada was selected in the location.
  • Fixed an issue where an unnecessary database connection was being created when unregistering an agent. This resulted in a memory leak.
  • Fixed an issue where Monitors defined on Agent Groups would not propagate to newly registered Agents.
  • Fixed an issue where emails sent from Agent Schedules contained invalid start and end times.
  • Fixed an issue where the Copy task will report 0 bytes transferred when copying between Agents due to a race condition.

Key Management System

  • Added a new database driven Key Management System to manage X.509 certificates, PGP keys, and SSH keys. Keys can be stored and organized into Key Vaults. Each Domain can have one or more Key Vaults assigned to it.
  • Previous SSH, PGP, and SSL key management tools were moved to a File Based Keys menu location.
  • Added a new setting to Domains to indicate if file based keys are allowed on the Domain. By turning off file based keys, the Resource, Project, and Web User screens will only prompt for keys in KMS.
  • PGP tasks were enhanced to support keys in Key Vaults in addition to file based keys. When file based keys are disabled on a Domain, the PGP Key Ring resource is not shown as the PGP tasks will access keys directly from the vaults.
  • The SSH resource and tasks (SFTP, SCP, and Execute SSH Command) were updated to support keys located in KMS Key Vaults in addition to their support of file based key locations.
  • The AS2 resource and task were updated to support keys located in KMS Key Vaults in addition to file based certificate key stores.
  • The FTPS, HTTPS, GoFast, WebDAV, GoAnywhere MFT, and GoAnywhere HTTPS resources were modified to support KMS Key Vaults in addition to file based certificate key stores.
  • Send Email and Retrieve Email tasks were modified to support certificates in KMS Key Vaults in order to encrypt, sign, verify, and decrypt S/MIME messages.
  • Enhanced the Send and Retrieve Email Tasks to use a specific trust manager when connecting to an email server using SSL. Previously, these tasks used the default JVM trust store.
  • Enhanced all SSL related protocols in Resources to use certificates in the System Key Vault and vaults assigned to the Domain for trust when using KMS.
  • SOAP and RESTful Web Service resources were updated to support keys located in KMS Key Vaults.
  • Updated all Services (HTTPS/AS2, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, GoFast, and Agents) to work with keys and certificates located in KMS Key Vaults in addition to file based locations.
  • System Alerts, Reports, and Dashboard gadgets reporting keys and certificates about to expire were modified to include keys in KMS Key Vaults.
  • Added a Key Vault setting to the add and remove SSH key GACMD commands.
  • Added the ability to import Java KeyStore (JKS) files into certificate Key Vaults.
  • Added validation to prevent the user from disabling file based keys on a Domain if they are still in use on Resources, Projects, and Web Users.
  • Added support to import public SSH keys with ECDSA algorithms for use by Web Users with key authentication.
  • Updated the default CA certificates shipped in new installations to the latest available in Java 9.
  • Updated the Passphrase field to be Password in SSH and PGP pages in order to be consistent across all key types.
  • Updated Web User and Web User Templates with additional settings to work with certificates located in KMS Key Vaults in addition to file based key stores.

Project Designer

  • Added Task actions including FTP Get and SFTP Put as selectable items in the Component Library to quickly add new actions to Projects.
  • Added a new Comment attribute to every Project element including tasks, sub-elements, loops, modules, and more. The comment can provide additional information about the setup or usage. To see the comments, either select the component in the Project Outline or hover to show it in the tooltip. The Comment attribute from previous versions is now purely for commenting out XML in the Project.
  • Added a search filter at the top of the Component Library to quickly find tasks.
  • Added the ability to search for a Project Template by typing in part of the template name or description on the Create Project page.
  • Added a new option on the SOAP Web Service task to Gzip compress the requested payload.
  • Enhanced the responsiveness of the Project Designer page by only processing and updating applicable sections of the page using Ajax.
  • Enhanced how Variables are added to fields by detecting whether they are being added inside of another ${ } variable. If not, they will automatically add ${ } sytnax around the variable.
  • Enhanced the Project Outline by remembering which elements are expanded or collapsed during an editing session.
  • Enhanced the Project list page to show the processing dialog when the Project execute button is used to indicate that the Project is running.
  • Enhanced the Variables panel by sorting the variable list in alphabetical order.
  • Updated the quick help tooltip on labels to have a space between the Default label and the value.
  • Updated the RESTful Web Services tasks to log the full URL in the job log.
  • Updated the Label attribute on Project components to allow for longer values.
  • Updated the Value field on the Set Variable task to be a text area allowing for longer values to be visible.
  • Updated the alignment of fields in a File Set to be stacked vertically.
  • Removed icons next to tasks and elements in the Component Library.
  • Fixed the HTTP content type header created on the SOAP task when using MTOM to specify the xop+xml.
  • Fixed an issue on the Retrieve Email task where the sent date only printed the time rather than the full timestamp. This issue was introduced in version 5.5.0.
  • Fixed an issue with the FileInfo function in expressions to properly check the Use permission for the Admin User against the Resource.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Microsoft Edge browser where the bottom border around the Variables panel was missing.
  • Fixed an issue with the drag-n-drop reordering process in a Project Outline where the overlay would not hide in some cases due to a small overlap in drop zones.
  • Fixed a NullPointerException on the Upload action of the GoAnywhere HTTPS task when the target destination file points to a folder location.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue on the Variables panel where the heading would change background colors after drag-n-drop actions in Chrome.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue where disabled components didn't show up as disabled after being copied and pasted.
  • Fixed a minor issue with drag-n-drop that would occur when certain subelements of a task would be dropped into similar tasks.
  • Fixed the File Checksum Task to record a Job File Audit log for the read event.


  • Added Azure Blob Storage integration via a new Resource to use in Projects and Web User virtual folders.
  • Added the ability to specify NFS/UNC and other native file paths on a Network Shares resource. This allows users to easily switch between shared locations by changing the Resource paths rather than modifying each Project reference.
  • Added a Certificate Alias setting to the REST and SOAP Web Service resources to perform SSL client authentication.
  • Enhanced the error message to provide more useful information when failing to use a private key on SSH Resources and Tasks for authentication.

Secure Forms

  • Added a new Date input component that allows users to select a formatted date from a calendar on the Secure Form.
  • Added a new input component to Secure Forms to add hidden fields to a form. These hidden fields can contain default values and can also be set via Javascript or URL query parameters. These fields are hidden from the user interface but are located in the HTML source of the form.
  • Added the ability to prepopulate Secure Form fields when the form is loaded. The values can be passed in as URL parameters or using Javascript to set initial field values for the user.
  • Added the ability to define and pass Variables to Projects on Secure Forms. This is in addition to the values passed in from the components during submission.
  • Added the ability to export, import, and promote Secure Forms. These actions can also be performed via the command line interface (GACMD) and via REST and SOAP Web Services.
  • Added the ability to add multiple File Upload components to a single Secure Form. This allows users to define groups of files and adds additional options. For example, a form could require 1 PDF file on one File Upload component and optional image files in another component.
  • Updated the list of the available components to be in alphabetical order.
  • Removed the requirement to authenticate as a Web User when retrieving a WSDL for SOAP access.
  • Fixed a case sensitivity issue on Secure Forms when submitted via REST where the Web User name was improperly being validated in a case sensitive manner.

SQL Wizard

  • Added the ability to filter the list of Schemas, Tables, and Columns.
  • Added the ability to sort the list of Columns by database order or alphabetically.
  • Added double click support to add or remove items in pick lists.
  • Updated the messages and scroll size to accommodate errors and other dynamic components better.
  • Updated the Schemas, Tables, and Columns picklist by putting the checkbox to select all rows and the column heading on the same line.
  • Fixed a minor UI issue where Chrome was adding an extra border around pick list elements.
  • Fixed an issue where some columns were not added or removed properly if there was another column with the same name from a different schema also in the pick list.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the preview value from being updated in some cases on the Where and Order By tabs.


  • Added a new command to GACMD to import Projects from a Zip file.
  • Added sorting to the list Admin Users and Admin User Groups pages.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to Active Sessions.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to Database Configuration pages.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to System Alerts settings.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to Encrypted Folders.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to Domains.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to GoAnywhere Gateway connection settings.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to all Login Method settings.
  • Added admin logging and revision tracking to Login Settings.
  • Enhanced the upgrader for the DB2 database to check for insufficient authority and provide better error messages.

  • Enhanced all pages that display tables to remember the currently viewed page (for example, on page 5 of 10) when returning to the list page from an interior page.
  • Enhanced the Permission pages for Projects and Resources to sort the Admin Users and Admin User Groups alphabetically in the pick list components.
  • Sorted the Resource and Favorite links in the File Chooser dialog to be in alphabetical order.
  • Removed the 'Settings' label from the SMTP, SMS, and GoFast tab names in Global Settings.
  • Removed an extra system log message which indicated when database transactions were rolled back to prevent potential confusion on internal processing.
  • Updated the JDBC URL Wizard on the Database Configuration and Switch Database pages to show the PostgreSQL database as an option.
  • Updated the Oracle default database schema to use varchar instead of nvarchar on the job file audit log table.
  • Updated the Encrypted Folder backup option to remove Network Shares in the file chooser as it is not a supported location.
  • Fixed an issue with the Quick Links gadget where multiple links with the same type could be added.
  • Fixed an issue in the File Chooser dialog window where extra scroll bars would appear.
  • Fixed an issue where slash, backslash, and some other special characters in passwords were being improperly escaped. This issue was introduced in version 5.5.3.
  • Fixed an issue when using IE11 in how dropdown fields in the UI did not have any padding.
  • Fixed an issue with the Admin Server Configuration page where it was improperly showing the option to select a Web Client Brand.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing tooltips from appearing for complex fields on several pages.

Services (HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, AS2, GoFast)

  • Added the ability to define 'Recipients' on the AS2 server configuration. On upgrade, the applicable AS2 settings are migrated to a new Recipient. Additional recipients can be defined, each with their own AS2 ID, certificates, and other settings.
  • Added two settings to the HTTPS service configuration allowing administrators to control the default and the configurability of the When File Exists action in the Web Client during file uploads.
  • Added two settings on the SFTP service configuration to control the minimum and maximum DH group exchange key sizes.
  • Upgraded the Maverick SFTP server API from 1.6.3 to 1.6.40.
  • Updated the Web Client File Uploader CSS and Javascript to have a unique code in the path to prevent browser caching.
  • Fixed an issue on the AS2 service where message signatures were not always required.
  • Fixed an issue with the SFTP service where the re-exchange of keys would intermittently fail causing the client to disconnect.
  • Fixed an issue in the SCP server that prevented "-s" from being used inside of file and folder paths.
  • Fixed an issue with GoFast sessions on the Active Sessions page when viewing the session log.

Other Items

  • Added TLS Session Resumption support on FTPS resource and tasks.
  • Added event.startTime and event.endTime as variables available in Trigger actions. The start and end time are ISO formatted timestamps.
  • Added the ability to configure read and connection timeouts for GoAnywhere Gateway connections.
  • Enhanced the RunProject command line action to validate that the Project exists in batch mode before returning a successful status indicating that the project was submitted. If the Project does not exist, an error will be returned instead.
  • Enhanced the File Uploader on Secure Mail pages to display progress bars and transfer information on the Compose page rather than in the popup dialog.
  • Upgraded the embedded Apache Tomcat web server from 7.0.73 to 7.0.76.
  • Updated the Admin Client CSS and Javascript to have an arbitrary value in the path to obfuscate the version number.
  • Updated the WebDocs file expiration monitor to run on a fixed 24 hour cycle after initial execution. This will prevent a minor issue where the monitor could run multiple times if the server time is slightly off.
  • To support multiple AS2 Recipients, the Security Settings Audit Report was updated to indicate the appropriate AS2 Recipient if certain checks fail.
  • Fixed the REST GACMD action for Import Project from XML to support the createTargetFolder parameter.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the Security Settings Audit Report where errors that occurred while reading the service configuration would not be reported correctly.
  • Fixed a potential NullPointerException on the Secure Mail Package Download process if there isn't a valid session.
  • Fixed an issue when SAML is setup to use encrypted assertions and GoAnywhere would fail to decrypt the assertion in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with the Quick Download feature in the Web Client by validating that the Web User has Secure Folders permission in order to log in.
  • Fixed an issue where disk quotas were not handled properly for WebDAV, S3, FTP/S, SFTP, and Agent file systems when configured for Web User virtual folders.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a Trigger executes a Project in batch mode and passes along variables that contain special XML escape characters that were included in the file name of the event. In this case, the job queue will stop processing additional jobs.
  • Fixed a small typo in the GoAnywhere Shutdown System Alert email.
  • Fixed an issue where the log4j2.xml file location was not being set correctly.

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Authority Broker

Version: 4.17
  • Messages being sent when a Timed or Firecall Switch has reached its time limit, and the end actions is either *NONE or *NOTIFY, have been improved. When the end action is *NONE, no messages are sent to the From Swap/To Swap message queues.
  • "Value is not valid" errors while entering Date and Time Overrides for a profile swap have been addressed.
  • The Event Report - Report Type content has been updated in the Administrator's Guide.

Stand Guard Anti-Virus for Linux

Version: 4.1.2
  • Scan results from many Stand Guard Anti-Virus installations can now be directed to SYSLOG in order to provide centralized monitoring.
  • Stand Guard Anti-Virus now supports RHEL 7.1 (and later) Power Linux Little Endian and SLES 12 Power Linux Little Endian. (Linux only)
  • Support for Wget has been added. (Linux only)
Other Updates
  • AVSCAN no longer scans the /Quarantined folder, which is unnecessary and results in extraneous nested folders.

Stand Guard Anti Virus for AIX

Version: 4.1.2
  • Scan results from many Stand Guard Anti-Virus installations can now be directed to SYSLOG in order to provide centralized monitoring.
Other fixes
  • AVSCAN no longer scans the /Quarantined folder, which is unnecessary and results in extraneous nested folders.

Network Security

Version: 7.16
  • Inability to call the supplemental exit point after changing a rule to *REJECT, then back to *OS400, has been resolved.
  • A problem causing certain memorized transactions to be rejected when they should be allowed has been resolved.
  • RNX0100 errors in LNSR108xxx after loading Network Security have been resolved.
  • A timing error on cache causing "CPF9802, Not authorized to object PS17144 in PTNSLIB07 type *USRIDX" during the product update procedure has been addressed.
  • The User Group Subset function has been repaired so that the last user is no longer missing in some cases.
  • A problem causing activation of socket exit points to interfere with Robot Schedule Enterprise has been resolved.
  • A problem causing Object Rules to be unable to process the *DELETE operation has been resolved.
  • Prompt program PNS4002 no longer displays "More" when it should display "Bottom".
  • Secure Screen Monitors have been fixed.

Crypto Complete

Version: 3.56
  • Rebranded Crypto Complete as a HelpSystems product.

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Robot HA

Version: 12.03
  • Functionality allowing the creation and running of Audits has been added to Robot HA. For the 12.03 release, you now have the ability to create and run a type of Audit called a Swap audit, which helps ensure that both the production system and the backup system are in a swap-ready state. Some of the added audit functionality:

    • Starting and ending audit monitoring
    • Ability to create an audit with steps designed to help ensure swap-readiness
    • Maintaining an audit to ensure that the audit job run schedule and people notified are aligned with a swap-ready environment
    • Audit status notification options, which include email, Robot Alert, and Robot Network
    • Viewing Audit History, which details audit run results and potential areas of concern
  • The Robot HA menu structure has been updated to provide enhanced usability and to better align with the addition of the Audit functionality.

  • You can now change the Sync object authorities and Sync spooled files parameters without error within Set Lib Sync Attributes (SETRSFSA).

  • Replication of groups now completes normally if the library is not created first.

  • You can now choose *ALL in the 'Type of libraries to include' parm within Work with Sync Attributes (WRKRSFSA).

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