Monthly Release Notes - January 2017

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Authority Broker

Version: 4.15
  • An error displaying the Switch Type and Time Limit values for profile switches has been resolved.
  • An incorrect substring value used when changing object ownership has been resolved. This defect could cause errors in installation, profile switches, and timeout facility.

Policy Minder

Version 3.02.01
  • Attempting to add a server using sudo on SLES no longer causes a hang in some instances.
  • The User Guide option under the Help menu now links to the HTML help.
  • Initializing the configuration policy after adding multiple SLES servers no longer causes a null pointer exception.
  • Java code has been updated for SLES compatibility.
  • Using Policy Minder to rename a managed server with the same name but a different case no longer breaks the ssh key connection.
  • Permissions attributes are now included when exporting XNIX file policies.

Power Admin

Version: 2.09

New Feature:

  • Email Generated Passwords. Administrators can now configure Power Admin to automatically send generated passwords to onboarded users over email. See Configuring Email in the Power Admin Administrator's Guide for details.


  • Power Admin’s uninstaller no longer requires the end point to be disconnected from the Central Administration management system in order to complete.
  • Minor help typos were corrected.
  • An error causing duplicate information in the Profile Activity Report panel (PPM3545), resulting in an excessively long report, has been corrected.
  • Option 4, Delete, on the Work with Generated Passwords panel (PPM3730) is now functional.

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