Monthly Release Notes - December 2016

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Document Management (RJS)

Deliver Now

Version: 1.2.11


  • Added support for DataImport macro execution


  • Fixed issue with dynamic email subject lines
  • Fixed issue with iForms printing as the only destination
  • Fixed issue with DeliverNow ignoring the SMTP server setting value

iForms Library

Version: 2.1.1
  • The “RESOURCE” parameter is no longer required for command IFMASM

Webdocs Tray Capture

Version: 2.0.21
  • Fixed issue with routing selection option visibility when "Allow Route Selection" is disabled
  • Fixed issue with not being able to check in a document without selecting a route

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GoAnywhere MFT

Version: 5.4.1
  • Added a new setting in Secure Forms to control the session timeout for public forms.
  • Enhanced the logging of the REST tasks to properly indicate the operation being performed when a response body and response header file already exist.
  • Added support for a more complex version numbering scheme.
  • Enhanced the new FileSet filter label to be bold.
  • Enhanced the SOAP Task to support loading a WSDL from a local file.
  • Enhanced the Set Variable task to register a file READ event in the Job File audit log when the value of a variable is read from a file.
  • Updated the namespace prefix for SOAP responses to be consistent between successful operations and faults.
  • Updated the styling of the Completed Jobs by Project report to prevent headings and labels from being truncated.
  • Updated the multi-checkbox component of Secure Forms to pass a list of selected values to a Project.
  • Updated the debug logging for IP filtering to no longer log a message when a connection is accepted.
  • Enhanced the validation of the Admin SAML SSO settings to provide a warning when the Admin Site URL is not properly defined.
  • Removed the unused Enable Cookies setting from the REST and SOAP tasks.
  • Updated the REST tasks to log request headers to the job log when running in debug log level.
  • Cleaned up the validation messages returned when running a Secure Form using SOAP web services.
  • Updated the View Gateway page to include the SSL Context configuration setting.
  • Updated the default search operator for the User Name to be 'contains' on the Advanced tab of all Audit Log search pages.
  • Updated the validation message on the SOAP and REST tasks to clearly indicate that a User Name is required if an authentication type is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where file upload statuses are not always refreshed properly on the upload dialog when uploading files through the Web Client interface.
  • Fixed an issue with the WSDL generator to properly load internally linked XSDs within the WSDL.
  • Fixed an issue where the Submitted From value was empty for Jobs submitted from a Secure Form.
  • Updated various file/folder path locations to properly validate the type of file input allowed for those fields.
  • Fixed an ajax refreshing error on the Log Settings page that could clear uncommitted settings in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where copying a Web User Template did not prompt for a Domain when running in a multi-domain environment.
  • Removed an invalid warning that was logged from the SOAP and REST tasks when parsing the response XML into a variable.
  • Fixed an issue with the Expression Wizard where text selected to wrap in ${} was not properly wrapped in all cases.
  • Fixed an issue where change history for Monitors included fields that weren't modified.
  • Fixed an issue with the SOAP GACMD virtual file and virtual folder operations to properly set permissions based on the SOAP request.
  • Fixed an issue where GoDrive audit logs search results did not contain events not belonging to a specific domain.
  • Fixed an issue where global search results were showing 'null' file names for certain transfer operations.
  • Updated the data type defined in the Oracle DDL from VARCHAR to VARCHAR2.
  • Fixed an issue with reading the license file that was introduced in 5.4.0.
  • Fixed an issue where HTTP headers set during Resource testing were different than those set during Project execution causing a difference in behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where output variables were not properly being removed from the Variables panel when the Task that creates the variable is deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Put and Post REST Tasks were inaccurately requiring a request body.
  • Fixed an issue where Web Users were not properly removed from an LDAP group when the Login Method was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where Project Designer panels were not properly expanded to display configured fields when the field was a pick list component.
  • Fixed an issue where unexpected failures during a multi-file download as zip operation could leave streams open resulting in locked files.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dropdown component on a Secure Form could automatically change defaults or allow multiple defaults during configuration.
  • Corrected a spelling error in a validation message that would display when promoting a Monitor from one system to another.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank message on an anonymous Secure Mail reply could show up as 'null'. This issue only existed when running on an Oracle database.
  • Fixed an issue with attaching files from a Secure Folder to a Secure Mail package where files with the same name were not properly renamed.
  • Fixed an issue with the default application data that was causing the switch to an Oracle database to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where the View Web User page wasn't showing deactivated Secure Forms that the Web User had access to.
  • Fixed an issue where switching the Domain on a Web User Template doesn't trigger the Save button to become enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Password Expiration email notification was attempting to send notification emails to admin users with no email address defined.
  • Fixed an issue with the Validate RowSet task where exceptions were not properly being handled.
  • Fixed an issue where the SAML Single Sign-On redirect process could get stuck in an infinite loop when a user has no valid permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where adding an Admin User could fail if the User is not configured to use the Internal Login Method.
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a new task onto a Project that does not contain a Module could cause the Project Designer to lock up.
  • Fixed an issue where the SOAP Task would log 'null' for the request by if the soap message was being loaded from a file.
  • Fixed an issue where Web Users were not able to log in if Two-Factor authentication was configured. This issue was introduced in 5.4.0.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to resolve host names at the proxy server for the HTTP/S, REST, and SOAP tasks was not working in all cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Web User password history was improperly validated in the Security Audit Report.
  • Fixed an issue with the FTP Base File implementation where folders on an FTP server that does not support the STAT command for directories would appear as if they do not exist.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would not show up as a pointer to indicate a clickable link in the Component Library of the Project Designer when using Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid authentication to a SOAP service would return the html error page as the response body.
  • Fixed an issue where database statements were not properly closed after each execution. This issue existed when running operations that execute a large number of statements within a single connection.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected Resource and the Web Service URL were not properly validated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Derby database backup was not running every hour when configured to do so.
  • Fixed an issue where a Secure Form would pass an empty string to a Project when no files are attached to a form that accepts file uploads. Updated the empty string to an empty list, which allows the Project to work with the variable regardless of whether or not files were uploaded.
  • Fixed an issue where the Accept Type setting wasn't properly applied on the SOAP Task from the Resource.
  • Fixed an issue with the SOAP interface for GACMD to properly handle the validation of optional numeric and boolean values.

GoDrive for iOS

Version: 1.1.2
  • Fixed an issue where a file preview was occasionally failing on iOS 10
  • As per requirement for iOS 10, data usage description was added to the app properties when accessing privacy-sensitive data

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Policy Minder

Version: 3.02


  • Support for Windows files policies.
    • File ownership - Verify files have ownership values consistent with your security policy for either individual or group owners.
    • File Attributes - Include attributes in your policy template to keep track of file attributes such as Archive, Compressed, Hidden, or Read Only.
    • Monitor Files - Monitor the owner, group, check sum, and attributes of files on your Windows servers.
  • Context Sensitive Help. Policy Minder now includes Context Sensitive Help for all screens and forms throughout the application. The help is now available in both PDF and HTML formats.


  • During export, output files are no longer created when 'Create output file' is unchecked.
  • Servers can now be organized by groups in the Servers tab of the FixIt dialog box.
  • The Count field within Compliance tab of policy templates no longer produces erroneous results under certain conditions
  • During Initialization, all Dameon policies are now initialized to the server's values.
  • The incorrect formatting of some error messages has been corrected. 
  • Identical Script policy names across servers are no longer restricted.
  • The Extended Permissions attributes section for Linux servers (on policies, compliance, and on reports) has been removed (as Policy Minder supports this feature on AIX only).
  • For AIX/Linux servers, unchecked User policy attribute field values no longer behave as if they were checked.
  • Within the Compliance Details popup for a Windows user account, if the list of groups gets too long, the compliance column is no longer pushed off the screen.
  • From the main Configuration Policy screen, if CheckIt has been disabled for an attribute, the compliance for that attribute is no longer marked "Not Checked".
  • When first creating a User Account Policy on AIX, the No Entry fields are no longer blank when first creating the policy.
  • Non-local users and groups are no longer erroneously retrieved on some Windows systems.
  • Clicking on the "Organize By" Category/List option on the Policy tab of the User Accounts dialog box no longer causes multiple requests to be sent to the server.
  • Within the Manage Users popup, the display is now updated when a user is deleted by clicking the garbage can icon (without requiring a close and reopen of the popup).
  • Null pointer errors with the DeleteData task in Schedule Jobs have been resolved.
  • The inability to use Console Tasks > Import to access the Import dialog box has been resolved.
  • Null pointer exceptions when running Files policies with RHEL have been resolved.
  • Errors displaying details of non-compliant directories on the Compliance tab of the Files Policy Template dialog box on AIX servers have been resolved.
  • Selecting multiple Daemons and accessing the Actions list no longer produces a "No enum constant" error in some cases.
  • The "No Entry" value in the User Compliance - Policy Value report is no longer inconsistent with the UI value ("Any Value").
  • A null pointer exception on CheckIt is no longer caused if the owner or group attribute of a File or Directory selector is left blank.
  • Errors exploring a File policy monitoring checksum on AIX/Linux directories have been resolved.
  • A problem causing a compliance report failure after creating a new User Account Policy Template has been resolved.
  • When a User Account export XML file is created, the Notes field is no longer populated with template name regardless of whether there was any other text in the field.
  • User Account and File templates are no longer unavailable for individual selection for export if CheckIt has been disabled on them.
  • The Ubuntu 14 Daemon attribute samba is now initialized to server's value after Initialization.
  • An inability to start Policy Minder when installed on SLES 12 has been resolved.
  • The inability to access menu items after creating a report has been resolved.
  • Errors when changing attributes of a copied User Account Policy have been resolved.
  • FixIt run on File Policy Monitoring attributes no longer erroneously indicate compliant.
  • AIX User Names are no longer limited to 8 characters.
  • Awkward changes in vertical page position caused by expanding a collapsed UI section have been resolved.
  • Linux command /sbin/chkconfig is no longer included in sudo for AIX.
  • When a Policy report is run, all of the information for the Attribute selector is now included in the report (including the owner, group, and name, as well as include/omit).
  • UI error messages clipped with an elipses have been corrected.
  • Incorrect Script descriptions on imported script policies have been corrected.
  • The 'etc-security' AIX policy template now selects the base directory correctly.
  • The 'etc-audit' AIX policy template now selects the contents correctly.
  • After installation, running commands on a managed Ubuntu 16 server no longer causes failure/sudo errors.
  • Inconsistencies initializing Daemons on CentOS servers with different locales have been resolved.

Power Admin

Version: 2.08
  • Problems deleting user profiles have been resolved.

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