Policy Manager

  • This product is part of Titus Data Classification cloud solution. The currently shipping version of the solution is 2021.07.

  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

July 2021

Version 2021.07

July 23, 2021

New Features
  • The new Targeting feature provides capability to assign Configurations to specified user groups in a domain. When launching Policy Manager for the first time after the new release (or after being onboarded), the consent and permissions dialog may appear to request permission to read group data for the user targeting feature. The user may be asked if they want to use the targeting feature.

  • The Data Detection Engine Custom Condition leverages the new flexible type "Results" property that can contain a sub property of any data type from any data category in a catalog.

February 2021

Version 2021.02

Feb 20, 2021

  • An issue existed in 'Supported Products' link under Events and Policies section of a Configuration where expanding the 'Supported Products' does not display the list of products. The link needed to be expanded twice to view the supported product list. This issue is fixed now.

  • There was an intermittent issue in Edge browser which gives a login error for Policy Manager. This issue is fixed now.

December 2020

Version 2020.12

Dec 12, 2020

New Features
  • Policy Manager supports role based access control for Schema, Policies and Configuration. User's actions on Policy Manager are granted or restricted according to the assigned user role and permissions.

  • Policy Manager generates an audit log for administrator actions including create, update, delete and publish actions on objects.

Other Fixes
  • Policy Manager does not support concurrent update on Policy Manager objects from multiple users logged in to the same account. If multiple users are using the same account, they must not update Policy Manager objects at the same time since this can cause data corruption.

October 2020

Version 2020.10

October 2020

  • Configuration card UI displays 'Supported Products' label under each listed Event in the Configuration which you can expand to view respective supported products.

  • You can define Custom Properties and use them in Rule conditions or assign values to them.

NOTE: If you created a Set Classification action in a previous release, it will not be updated in the current release. You must delete your previous action and create a new one.

August 2020

Version 2020.08

August 2020

  • No changes for this release.

July 2020

Version 2020.07

July 2020

  • "Apply HTML header/footer" Action definition is updated to "Apply header/footer".

  • You can use the HTML editor to enter HTML input in Content parameter of the Apply body tag Action.

  • Functionality which is not available or supported by Titus Classification products are now hidden from Policy Manager UI.

  • In the condition builder, when a Schema Value is used in the right hand side value of a condition for comparison, Policy Manager prevents you from deleting the used Value through Schema. An error message is displayed referencing the Rules where the Schema Values are used.

  • You are allowed to delete any other Value in the same Schema Field if it is not referenced in any Rule.

June 2020

Version 2020.06

June 2020

  • Updated property name for Data Detection Engine custom condition: The previously named “IdentificationProfile” property has been updated to “DataDetection”. This property contains details, in JSON format, about the sensitive information found in the source content.

  • Preselected Schema View for Configurations: When multiple Schema Views exist, the first available Schema View in the list is preselected for the Defaults set of Configuration.

  • Multiple line text for supported Action parameters: Policy Manager now includes multiple line capability for Action parameters that support it. For example, for the New classification parameter of Set classification Action type, you can apply Values for multiple Fields within the same Action using multiple line support.

  • A comprehensive error message is displayed now when database is not available.

May 2020

Version 2020.05

May 2020

  • Initial release for Titus Data Classification cloud solution.

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