Titus Office Add-in for Word/Excel Online

  • This product is part of Titus Data Classification cloud solution. The currently shipping version of the solution is 2021.07.

  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

July 2021

Version 2021.07

July 23, 2021

New Features
  • The new Targeting feature enables assigning targeted Configurations to user groups in a domain. When launching Office Add-in for the first time after the new release (or after being onboarded), the consent and permissions dialog may appear to request permission to read user and group information for the user targeting feature.

  • Office Add-in now supports Fail Open behavior as the default failure behavior, allowing users to send emails without applying classification if Titus Classification Service encounters an error.

February 2021

Version 2021.02

Feb 20, 2021

New Features
  • Office Add-in now supports Set classification Action for Word and Excel documents. This provides capability to set classification of a document based on a policy triggered on classification change Event.

  • Office Add-in now supports basic alerts for Word and Excel documents. The Alert dialog can be configured to display policy violations in documents and the user can acknowledge the alerts. Document alerts are warnings only and does not prevent user actions.

  • Office Add-in for Word and Excel Online now supports Field behavior for Schema Fields. This feature enables you to allow, warn or prevent upgrade, downgrade or changes to the original classification of a document.

Other Fixes
  • The issue where Apply header/footer Action does not apply header and footer to all sections when multiple sections are available in a document, is fixed now.

December 2020

Version 2020.12

Dec 12, 2020

New Features
  • Titus Office Add-in is extended to support Office 365 Word and Excel. You can classify documents in Word and Excel Online with Titus Office Add-in registration, and this does not require any additional client side service installations.

  • Titus Office Add-in for Word and Excel Online supports,

    • Manually selecting classification.

    • Applying header/footer in a document on classification change.

    • Persistent classification when a document is downloaded.

NOTE: If a document that is created in Word desktop application contains content control objects such as page numbers in the document header/footer, Titus Office Add-in will suspend with no response when you try to apply classification for this document in Word Online. With this current limitation of Office Add-in, the header/footer will not be applied if the document contains content control objects from Word desktop application. However, the classification will be applied to the document.

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