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July 2018

Version 11.4.1
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010091818) Updated table data to show local time.

April 2018

Version 11.4.0
Other Updates
  • Upgraded libraries to allow charts to be exported using the latest versions of Microsoft Excel.

January, 2018

Version 11.3.13
Other Updates
  • (CAS-0010069008 ) Added slabmem and sreclaimable statistics to the Memory table for Red Hat Enterprise Linux level 7 systems.

October, 2017

Version 11.3.11
  • Added support for Apache HTTP Server level 2.4.27.

  • Added support for OpenSSL 1.0.2l.

  • Added support for additional cores per chip (26, 28, and 32) for x86 systems in the CPU Model Override Policy.

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