June 2020

Version: R3M61

June 29, 2020

Other Fixes
  • Using Secure FTP, process at times will refer to an FTP profile that does not exist and an FTP2099 message is sent. It will no longer be sent as a message wait as it previously did prior to 03.59.

  • Commands ESNDMAIL/ESNDFILE ended with MCH 1210 ‘receiver value too small to hold result’ if a spool file was not found that matched the request because the queue was not being cleared correctly.

July 2019

Version R3M60
Other Fixes
  • SAVSPLF causes MCH1001 when a user does not have *ALLOBJ.
  • Creating a new Esend address book entry results in the error: ‘address longer than 99 characters’.

November 2018

Version R03M59
  • Added link to Goanywhere for SFTP with SSH.
  • Provided new control to remove command line and/or individual options from WRKSPLFE screen.
  • EDISTRIB now supports spooled file numbers greater than 9999.
Other Fixes
  • Install now sends message when EFWD subsystem is active.
  • Signature has unacceptable spacing between lines.
  • SAVSPLF generates CPF3C33 during creation of new spooled file.
  • ESNDFILE using TYPE(*SPLPC) results in a file with only a control character - no data in the file.

June 2018

Version R03M58
  • When the users default (ESNDUSR) for the SIGN keyword is *YES and the users own signature setting (ESNDSGN) is blank, emails sent by that user will include the *SYSTEM default signature.
Other Fixes
  • CPYSPLFDB does not support *LAST for the SPLNBR parameter even though *last is the default.
  • Emailing with EXECUTE without adding TOSTMF corrupts subject in mime note and email does not get sent.

February 2018

Version R03M57
Other Fixes
  • On Windows 10, prompting the ESNDMAIL, filling in the parameters and pressing F12 to Cancel, will no longer send email.

December 2017

Version R03M56
  • ESNDMAIL and ESNDFILE now allow 80 characters for the subject.
  • The system user file ESNDPF is now shipped as txt for the default text file extension instead of wri.

October 2017

Version V3R55
Other Fixes
  • On some systems with DBCS English as Primary language, Sequel generation (EXECUTE command) of PDF documents failed to convert DBCS characters such as Chinese and Japanese correctly. The resulting PDF contained random symbols completely unrelated to the correct pictograph.
  • Robot Alert objects were retired from Esend.
  • FTP fails when the EFTPSECP record specifies *DFT for the port.

April 2017

Version R03M54

No updates for this version.

October 2016

Version R03M52
Other Fixes
  • Adjust email header to add appropriate white space like:
  • To: "Recipient Name" <recipient email address>
  • Execute or ESNDFILE with recipient list longer than 1000 characters fails with EML0069 ‘Recipient is not valid’. Limit increased to 2000 positions.
  • The distribution rules (ERPTRULES) will ensure that when the email is the same address, just a different case, the email is sent only once.

April 2016

Version R03M50
Other Fixes
  • WRKSPLFE should work like WRKSPLF with respect to running option 2 CHGSPLFA and prompting.
  • FTP Server entry now allows you to change the sub functions of EPASV and EPORT in FTP.
  • Using WRKSPLFE option K for CPYtoOUTQ has improved performance.
  • The process for handling reply list entries to messages has been changed to remove the use of RMVRPYLE and ADDRPYLE.

September 2015

Version R03M49

No updates for this version.

May 2015

Version R03M48

The following updates are included in this version:

  • Spooled files sent to multiple recipients using a unique distribution rule are not legible.


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