Sequel Data Warehouse Server

June 2020

Version: 08.2.07

Jun 30, 2020

Other Fixes
  • Correction to display of spool files in client for certain CCSIDs.

  • Correction to generation/processing of 2-Stage load extracts where items are sequenced before the transaction data source. See Note 2.


    This is a deprecated function and not available/applicable to most customers.

  • Correction to install of User-defined functions metadata for certain CCSIDs.

Version: 08.2.06

Jun 11, 2020

Other Fixes
  • The path to a text file used as a data source in an extract was corrupt in certain CCSIDs due to character translation. See Note 2.

  • Ensure a data set table is correctly recreated if the definition is changed to prefer SSD or Keep in memory See Note 1.

  • Support Timestamp precision when reverse engineering tables.

  • Corrections to handling of UTF-16 columns in reverse engineering.

  • Corrections to import of data set views/MQTs.

  • Correction to User-defined functions service program import audit report.

  • Correction to the Verify Data Set Metadata report for Row Update Timestamps.

  • Apply column headings on Local Cache tables.

  • Set date/time format to *ISO in metadata for DB2-REMOTE data source definitions.

  • Correction to creation of error recovery table where transaction data source is a data set that uses a primary index, and it is also introduced as a source table. See Note 2.

October 2019

Version 08.2.05
Other Fixes
  • Ensure all library names are updated on import of a CDC server.

  • Performance improvements for copying large data sets when a change has required the table to be recreated (i.e. where Alter Table cannot be used).

  • Corrections to import of Views/MQTs No Detail apply table name may be truncated if it is > 9 characters when using CHGCDCTBL command.

  • Add Build Type parameter to the BLDTRDTBL command (Build Trend Table) to avoid recreation of table where possible.

  • Ensure current SW level and project code is written to change log records in all cases.

  • Correction to import of extract program where Transaction Table is a remote type and the first associated table is a data set.

  • Correction to import of a DB2-REMOTE data source of the same name as an existing DB2-LOCAL table.

  • In extract programs, sequencing virtual elements prior to the transaction data source rules could result in a build failure. See Note 2.

  • Fix error with Reverse Engineering when a character column has a default value, and subsequent character columns allow null.

  • Fix error in Work with Data Elements (menu 71) where more than 9,999 data elements exist.

June 2019

Version 08.2.04
Other Fixes
  • Remove IBM I 7.1 as a target release for compiles.

  • Incorrect generation of SQL WHERE clause in an extract, when using a Date parameter in selection. See Note 2.

  • Import of User Defined Function service program could leave a lock on the object.

  • Correction to handling of IP address for a remote system for DDM files used in an extract.

  • Import of a CDC Server failed if the Source Groups used by the server did not exist. They are now created automatically.

  • Retrieve text and column headings for a remote DB2/400 table data source.

  • New built-in functions %scanrpl and %weekno.

  • Added support for IBM i Release 7.4. Since the only Java version supported by this OS releases is Java SE 8, all JDBC connections are now forced to use Java 8 if the OS level is 7.4, regardless of the data source definition/version.

  • Ensure Data Library value is always set for a new Trend Table.

  • Ensure ‘Expressions Exist’ flag is not set off for source columns on refresh of a data source. This could result in expression rules not being applied.See Note 2.

  • Correctly determine if a Daily or Weekly Trend definition is supposed to run on a certain date, if an unusual calendar setup exists.

November 2018

Version 08.2.02
Other Fixes
  • Parallel load jobs did not retain the library list of the parent job.
  • An extract processing a data queue did not handle rejects correctly because of missing or potential duplicate sequence numbers. A job unique sequence number is now generated and used as the key of rejected data. See Note 2.
  • Install of training environment encountered errors if an IASP install.
  • Clear Environment fails if an IASP install.
  • Subsystem startup program fails if an IASP install.
  • Leap Year function in structured rules in extracts generated incorrect code, causing extract build to fail. See Note 2.
  • An extract processing a transaction table using SQL select, with columns defined as Implicitly Hidden did not process any data or report an error. See Note 2.
  • Change Developer command (CHGRDNOBD) did not honor the Developer Access Authority setting.
  • Data Set build could fail if a new data element was added to the middle of the record layout. See Note 1.
  • Build LCT could incorrectly report failure to create table if a table already existed with a duplicate SQL name.
  • New special value *JOBDATE is now supported for running trending.

August 2018

Version 08.2.01
Other Fixes
  • Issues with import of MQT.
  • CHGVWOWN and CHGMQTOWN command validation corrections.
  • Correction to FIXRDNSEQ processing for older extracts where the Virtual element constant flag is not initialized to N.
  • Ensure the Implied Decimal places property on a data source is correctly set.
  • Correction to determining if Alter table can be used for a data set change.
  • Ensure null capable columns set correctly when defining a Trend Table over a View. See Note 5.

July 2018

Version 08.2.00
  • Base Release

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