Sequel Data Warehouse Server

November 2018

Version 08.2.02
  • An extract processing a data queue did not handle rejects correctly because of missing or potential duplicate sequence numbers. A job unique sequence number is now generated and used as the key of rejected data. See Note 2.
  • Install of training environment encountered errors if an IASP install.
  • Clear Environment fails if an IASP install.
  • Subsystem startup program fails if an IASP install.
  • Leap Year function in structured rules in extracts generated incorrect code, causing extract build to fail. See Note 2.
  • An extract processing a transaction table using SQL select, with columns defined as Implicitly Hidden did not process any data or report an error. See Note 2.
  • Change Developer command (CHGRDNOBD) did not honor the Developer Access Authority setting.
  • Data Set build could fail if a new data element was added to the middle of the record layout. See Note 1.
  • Build LCT could incorrectly report failure to create table if a table already existed with a duplicate SQL name.
  • New special value *JOBDATE is now supported for running trending.

August 2018

Version 08.2.01
  • Issues with import of MQT.
  • CHGVWOWN and CHGMQTOWN command validation corrections.
  • Correction to FIXRDNSEQ processing for older extracts where the Virtual element constant flag is not initialized to N.
  • Ensure the Implied Decimal places property on a data source is correctly set.
  • Correction to determining if Alter table can be used for a data set change.
  • Ensure null capable columns set correctly when defining a Trend Table over a View. See Note 5.

July 2018

Version 08.2.00
  • Base Release

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