Sequel Data Warehouse Client

November 2018

Version 08.2.2804
  • New search function for Data Sources, Data Elements, Data Sets and Extracts.
  • Data Set SQL name incorrectly used for validation when in SQL Name display mode.
  • Error occurs when viewing an eGateway trace file and switching environments.
  • Sample Data not displayed if environment is in an IASP.

October 2018

Version 08.2.2803
  • Fix validation issue in expression when multiplying by -1.
  • The View SQL panel for a View or MQT hides at the back.
  • Icon was not immediately updated when unlocking an environment.
  • Data profiling panel may not show distribution information immediately after a profile run.
  • Allow re-size for Message Queue and Serve joblog panels.

August 2018

Version 08.2.2801
  • Data set (short) name validation was incorrectly using the long name when in long name view mode.
  • Sample data panel could hide at back in some circumstances.
  • Push database name for MSSQL database could be initialized to wrong version ID on create.

July 2018

Version 08.2.2800
  • Base Release

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