Sequel Data Warehouse Client

June 2020

Version: 08.2.2809

Jun 30, 2020

Other Fixes
  • The Column Rules flowchart element in an extract was incorrectly greyed out when expressions (but not structured rules) exist.

  • Adding a data set as a data source in an extract, by using the New button added the first data set in the list, regardless of which data set was

  • chosen.

  • A subject area could be inadvertently created without a group.

  • When adding a data element to a new data set in the wizard, positioning of the list by typing the first character was sometimes incorrect.

  • When adding a data element to a new data set in the wizard, and using a filter to subset the list, the panel would close if the last data element.

  • shown by the filter was selected. It now stays open, allowing the user to remove the filter to show more data elements.

  • The list of references for a data source incorrectly included data set references when the data set had been (unnecessarily) introduced as a

  • data set.

  • Where the same data source was included in an extract multiple times, copy/paste of data source rules between different instances was not

October 2019

Version 08.2.2808
Other Fixes
  • It is now possible to set a numeric data element in a data set to Accumulate if allowed as a dimension (but not if used as a dimension).

  • The ROWID column defined for EXCEL data source is now larger to prevent load errors when more than 64K rows exist in the spreadsheet.

  • In some cases, a file lock was left on a data set when the Sample function was used from the client.

  • An expression validation error was incorrectly reported when the %diff function was used in some complex scenarios.

  • Support Java 1.8 for custom source groups. Disallow Java 1.6 No Integer Data Elements were incorrectly shown as Big Integer in extract visualization No Fix client lock up if the Print button was used in the printer output panel.

May 2019

Version 08.2.2807
Other Fixes
  • Sequencing a Virtual Element at very end of program is now allowed. A Virtual element may be used to (for example) execute a UDF at the end of processing.

  • List of Registered Data Sets for an extract did not use SQL names when SQL Naming was set.

  • The Implicitly Hidden attribute was not correctly defaulted when adding a data element to a data set, if the data element default was Yes.

  • Correction to display of secondary environments when linking environments.

  • Data Element Filter erratic behavior. The cursor could jump out of the text box when typing if the Text tab was selected in the bottom section. Also, the filter selection is now retained when checking out, or deleting etc.

  • Improve performance when using sample data function for a View or MQT.

  • Introduce LCT Data Source panel not wide enough for long column names. The panel may now be resized to show the full column name.

November 2018

Version 08.2.2804
Other Fixes
  • New search function for Data Sources, Data Elements, Data Sets and Extracts.
  • Data Set SQL name incorrectly used for validation when in SQL Name display mode.
  • Error occurs when viewing an eGateway trace file and switching environments.
  • Sample Data not displayed if environment is in an IASP.

October 2018

Version 08.2.2803
Other Fixes
  • Fix validation issue in expression when multiplying by -1.
  • The View SQL panel for a View or MQT hides at the back.
  • Icon was not immediately updated when unlocking an environment.
  • Data profiling panel may not show distribution information immediately after a profile run.
  • Allow re-size for Message Queue and Serve joblog panels.

August 2018

Version 08.2.2801
Other Fixes
  • Data set (short) name validation was incorrectly using the long name when in long name view mode.
  • Sample data panel could hide at back in some circumstances.
  • Push database name for MSSQL database could be initialized to wrong version ID on create.

July 2018

Version 08.2.2800
  • Base Release

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