July 2019

Version R10M44
Other Fixes
  • LOADXREF gives SQL0305 Indicator variable required, RNX0115 Length of varying length variable is out of range doing SQL object analysis.
  • LOADJOBSCD PRDID(*JOBSCDE) DTASET(*FIRST) and the logged excessiveRNQ0202 errors on various Abstract programs.
  • SQL with quoted field name causes QRY2301 during LOADXREF.

November 2018

Version R10M43

No updates for this version.

June 2018

Version R10M42
  • Analysis of free-form RPG has been change to handle free form without free form markers like /free.
  • The LOADXREF encounters the following error MCH4429 automatic storage overflow when we were processing a long procedure name (one that ended with ...) and reached the end of file.

February 2018

Version R10M41
  • WRKPROCU displays error: ‘RNQ1255 on page up or down after abp0006 No objects match’ message.

April 2017

Version R10M40

The following Updates are included in this version:

  • Numerous MCH3402 errors are generated while analyzing a very large number of objects resulting in the creation of hundreds of spooled job logs, each of considerable size. This is causes the cross-reference load process to perform poorly and even hang in some cases.

October 2016

Version R10M39

No updates for this version.

February 2016

Version R10M38

The following updates are included in this version:

  • LOADXREF gives MCH0603 error in PARSESQL analyzing a complex *QMQRY.
  • FNDSTR limit of 9,999 members has been increased.
  • LOADXREF fails with MCH1210 and MCH3601 on SCANCLP

July 2015

Version R10M37

The following updates are included in this version:

  • WRKFLDGU displays message, ‘MCH0601 unmonitored by DBF002’.
  • LOADXREF joblog lists erroneous DOC9010 message with blank file name. We are incorrectly logging EDS (External Data Structure) reference when the source has no Ext name.
  • Running the RCRTDBR over a file with a trigger program caused the program to be removed.

The following enhancements are included in thiis version:

  • SEQUEL Script Views commands will now be analyzed.
  • Commands in the option file have been updated to work with all SEQUEL object types.

January 2015

Version R10M36

The following updates are included in this version:

  • New Version

June 2014

Version R10M35

The following updates are included in this version:

  • Issue resolved where RCRTRPGPGM did not compile when GENLVL parameter is set to 21.
  • Issue resolved where ABSTRACT was recompiling programs that used "blank" file name when it should have been ignoring those programs.
  • When loading the Robot Job Descriptions in Abstract, the following error is received: ‘Robot error message RNQ0202 *INQ "The call to PARSESQL ended in error’.
  • When a program has been analyzed and recorded in our xref database and then the program object is deleted, RCRTPGMR compiles the missing program using the wrong source member.
  • RCRTDBR does not preserve journalling attribute.
  • During source analysis in XREF load, receiving the following error:’Processing source for LEVYSRC/QCLSRC SQLSETRU2C A character representation of a numeric value is in error Function check RNX0105 - unmonitored by SCANRSS at statement 000000233/.

The following enhancement is included in this version:

  • Support for IBM Rational Development for i (RDI) 9.x

July 2013

Version R10M34

The following update is included in this version:

  • During the cross reference load, LOADQRY, received error RNQ0103: 'Target for numeric operation too small to hold the result’ when the library had more than 9,999 Queries.

The following updates are included in this version:

  • A program utilizes a particular file/field in Free Form SQL. Program to Field relationship is not reflected in Abstract.
  • Analyzing general free format RPG (not SQL) with a blank line in the code was not loaded correctly.

December 2012

Version R10M32

The following enhancement is included in this version:

  • Authorization code support added for Live Partition Mobility.

The following fixes are included in this version:

  • ANZFILE is fixed to show DECFLOAT and Vargraphic field lengths correctly.
  • The LOADXREF process to analyze SQL that included “WITH NC” on a DELETE command was ignored.
  • Running option 64 (String Scan) over *All libraries, results in the following error RPG0121 ‘The SCANNER 99999999 array index is not valid’. Limit increased to 9,999.
  • WRKPROCU on some procedures produces an error ABP0305 'Long Field Name Not Found or Invalid'.

May 2012

Version R10M29

The following fixes are included in this version:

  • Doing LOADQRY of some queries gave RNQ0103 ‘The target for a numeric operation is too small to hold the result’.
  • Improved messages during LOADXREF when an SQL statement that exceeds our maximum length is encountered.

The following enhancements is included in this version:

  • Add right-click support to the ‘Find String’ action in ABSTRACT RDP for *MSGF object types – previously it only worked with *SOURCE object types.


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