Robot Replay

March 2020

Version 3.29

March 23, 2020

  • Updated installer.

March 2019

Version 3.28
  • Fixed an issue with some install and upgrades failing with CPF1059 - Length of value not correct for QALWOBJRST.

June 2016

Version 3.27
  • Our license agreement has been updated.

  • Updated the Replay Object Execution History to include the year when sorting by date in ascending or descending order.

January 2016

Version 3.25
  • The licensing API has been enhanced so that it can correctly identify partition numbers greater than 255.

April 2015

Version 3.24
  • Updated the product name

November 2014

Version 3.23
  • The RCV is now resolved to @@@@@@@ when exiting RPY213

September 2014

Version 3.22
  • Updated the license agreement
  • Added a new screen that allows text to be added to a Replay object

August 2013

Version 3.21
  • QTEMP objects created with owner of current user
  • Purge visual log by number of days

June 2013

Version 3.20
  • RPYEXECUTE handle output only code
  • Attempt to sync A00 out of order

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