Performance Navigator

May 2020

Version: 19.1 C

May 14, 2020

  • Updated Graphs and Reporting:

    • Created Reporting Framework in PerfNav client.

    • Create scripts/HTML to support Reporting Framework.

    • Other updated scripts/HTML.

    • Added “Total I/Os” to Before vs. After script.

    • Added more detail to some fields in our historical shift data.

    • Added graph for Current Day Temporary Storage by type.

    • Added graph for Current Day SQL CPU stats.

    • Added wait time buckets 17-32 to data for the graph Current Day > Specific Job > Wait vs CPU (Pie chart).

    • More series shown on Unix I/O adapter graphs.

    • Added fields to disk arm drill down report.

    • Added Current Day graph for Systemwide Job Wait Bucket Total MS.

    • Added new disk response time graph that splits out read response time and write response time

  • Improved support of SSL logins to the IBM i.

  • Default to proper Collection Services library if we’re not looking in the proper place.

  • Using HS logo/branding/copyright notice/contact info instead of MPG logo/branding/copyright notice/contact info.

  • Removed old/obsolete files from shipped product.

  • Added scripts for refreshing system information and clearing all stored passwords.

  • Client can now handle mis-named AIX/Linux current day data file.

Other Fixes
  • Report Sets over multiple systems now puts the proper system name in the output file path.
  • Improved “Paste from Clipboard” button for applying keys.
  • Clicking on “previous interval” or “next interval” in rapid succession in the report window no longer gives an Access Violation error.
  • Fixed SQL errors when running Dashboard.
  • Fixed reporting failure during AIX/Linux install.
  • Removed unnecessary copy of files when changing output directories.
  • Took out hard-coding of the year in the What-If script, it’s now dynamic and doesn’t have to be changed every year.
  • Fixed typo in What-If script.
  • Fixed typos in Memory analysis scripts.
  • Fixed typo in Solid State Drive Data Analysis Summary.
  • Fixed typo in Current Day Total Workload Wait Analysis graph.
  • Changed legend of Max cores graph to say “24 hr maximum”.

May 2019

Version 19.1
New Features
  • New key codes for convenient individual LPAR requirement.
  • New Enterprise Reporting framework.
    • New MSP check box.
    • Many new @ built-in color functions.
    • New @ImageHeight and @ImageWidth functions.
    • New @StrValue() function.
    • New @ListLPAR() function.
    • New @IPAddress() function.
  • New Enterprise Reporting Dashboard

    • Unique reports can be set up for individual LPARs

    • Includes ALL FRAMES view

    • Includes new MSP CUSTOMER view

    • Includes new DATA CENTER view

    • ERD Dashboard is also branded based on customer branding specifications (Using your company logo & colors)

  • Enhanced View / Performance Data Files.
  • Added click-to-graph capability. Good for ad-hoc graph of any performance metric.
Other Fixes
  • Fix for very long passwords. Should accommodate phrases with 20 to 30 characters.
  • Job Start/End report will have an accurate start time.
  • The old Dashboard had issues running more than one occurrence simultaneously.
  • Fixes to accommodate corrupt nmon data and old data.
  • Added HealthCheck_Unix.GpS - a fix for running against old data.
  • Routine updates to FCandCPW.txt for IBM hardware anouncements.

March 2019

Version 19.0 C
  • Defaults to top data collected in nmon.
  • If multiple defaults are detected for nmon then they are all used for nmon settings in the pn.config file.

May 2018

Version 19.0
  • Performance Management Dashboard

    • Core metrics graded with guidelines you define

    • Automatically updates based on your collection services interval

    • Comprehensive drill down reporting for all key metrics (Includes peak time analysis)

    • Easily identifies disk space utilization issues preventing a potential system crash

  • New & Improved Power Analytics “Works Like You Think”

    • Introducing Before vs. After Month vs Month performance comparisons

    • Allows you to understand the impact of any change inside your virtualized IT world

    • Includes new top user and top job accounting reporting

    • New What’s Different format for faster / more efficient problem determination

    • Improved MEMORY / DASD analysis (Includes new enterprise disk space reporting)

    • Improved JOB analysis scripts (Includes new multi-system comparisons!)

  • Create Output Package (COP)

    • Gives the flexibility to create a quick professional ad hoc report using any graph / window

    • Personalized comments can be added to each saved page

    • All output packages are saved and can be can modified at a later date / time

    • A recommendations / summary page can be included for each personalized report

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