Rational Developer for i (RDi)

May 2019

  • IBM i 7.4 support including support for ILE RPG enhancements, including Varying-dimension arrays, SAMEPOS keyword, and PSDS subfields.

  • LPEX Editor zoom in/out like Eclipse Neon using Ctrl+ = and Ctrl+ - to adjust font sizes.

  • ILE RPG Refactoring enhancement: Extract constants from string literal.

  • Always show ILE RPG subroutine/sub-procedure name where cursor is located in editor message line.

  • Toggle option on ILE RPG outline view to sync current subroutine/procedure with current selection in LPEX Editor. Use ‘Select current procedure or subroutine’ from Outline view menu.

  • Object table view enhancements include:

    • Option cell entries group same commands together in batches.
    • Added F13 (Alt+F1) function to repeat fill options for multiple rows in the object table.
    • Multi-select members, objects, or libraries and apply options to them.
    • Simplified Copy To dialog works with multiple selections and reduces prompting.

  • Batch Compile as member name if the member name is a simple name (*SNAME), like PDM does.

  • JTOpen updated to version 9.6

Other Fixes
  • Code Coverage source members should display as browse only and not allow edit toggle.

  • Improve editor scrolling performance when there are many unused var annotations.

  • SEP launch for debug or code coverage honors saved settings.

  • SE69111 RDI 9.6.0 "Show Block Nesting" does not honor conditional compile directives in ILE RPG source.

  • SE69208 Rational Developer for i V9.6 - Inserting a new line in RPGLE causes source above the cursor to move down.

  • SE69989 RDi V9.6 - Invalid RPGLE source may leave the outline empty and parser looping at 50%.

  • SE70040 RDi LPEX RPGLE format action should not indent in fixed form source lines.

  • SE70172 RDi A '+' or'-' with a length modifier is not always respected in the outline for LIKE in ILE RPG source members.

  • SE70372 Object Table problems with Position-To, CTRL+HOME, CTRL+END.


  • SE70472 NullPointerException for enterRPG action / ISeriesEditorRPGILEParser.getParserver(view) can send back null and not guard against it.

  • SE70475 Encrypted web credentials fail if longer than 10 characters.

  • SE70533 IBM i Member Compare - Ignore seqnum/date 12 bytes for input from RTC repository.


  • SE70543 RDI 9.6 Data structures with a nested data structure defined on one line break formatting and are not displayed on the outline view.

  • SE70549 RDI 9.6.0 editing ILE RPG with LPEX auto-complete does not properly handle nesting for DCL-DS and END-DS.


  • SE70645 Subroutines *PSSR and *INZR are flagged as unused while editing a member.

  • SE70695 RDI 9.6.0 NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION seen when starting debug for program source in a split screen editor.

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December 2018

  • The Object Table view was enhanced to support a user navigating among table cells using the keyboard alone, with less reliance on a mouse device. The keyboard arrow keys can now be used to select which table cell has the current focus in the table. The space key will change the table cell with current focus to editing mode if that column is eligible for changing. Table cells in the Option column will automatically change to editing mode when given focus.

  • Code Coverage results now can be exported to PDF.

  • RFE to set the editor coloring of ON-EXIT opcode in RPGLE source to match that of other flow-control opcodes.

  • In ILE RPG, SQL auto-format text beyond 80 characters.
Other Updates
  • SE69773 RDI hangs unexpectedly when debugging an IBM i program, fixed.
  • SE69665 Rational Developer for i V9.6 fixes issue of user being prompted to sign on for each include file after a disconnect.
  • SE69750 RDi fixed issue when using table quick filter, the object table view does not display correct list of members.
  • SE69860 RDI ILE RPG parser may run out of heap when processing a large number of includes, fixed.
  • SE69666 Rational Developer for i V9.6 fixes issue - Not able to delete the source type in work with compile commands panel when only one exists.
  • SE62501 RDI 9.1.1 ILE RPG content assist fixed. It did not correctly show the value of the constant fields that contain characters '<', '>', or '|'.
  • SE70041Issue fixed where RDI becomes unresponsive when insterting a snippet in COBOL editor.
  • SE69609 RDI fixes issue prompting a PARM statement in CMD source may give error, 'PROMPT TEXT NOT ALLOWED'.
  • SE69162 RDI 9.6.0 Column heading titles are now shown when doing edit on an IBM i table from the data development perspective.
  • In ILE RPG, Enter on SQL statements did not split a line like when on RPG statements. It split the text to the next row at the same cursor position and does not indent. This is fixed.
  • SE68814 (host fix) RDI Debug MSGCPF7E12 "IDENTIFIER DOES NOT EXIST" when trying to update variable from monitors' view. Host PTFs:
    • 5770SS1 V7R2M0 PTF SI68006
    • 5770SS1 V7R3M0 PTF SI68005

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June 2018

New Features
  • A PDM perspective has been added that has more editor real-estate, a minimal set of relevant views, and prominently features an updated Object Table view for PDM-like navigation.
  • To help first time users get started, they are automatically prompted for a hostname so they can get to work immediately. Together with the PDM perspective and the enhanced Object Table view, this provides a streamlined onboarding experience for users familiar with PDM.
  • Support for the RPG DATA-INTO opcode. DATA-INTO reads the data from a structured document, such as a JSON document, into a data structure. DATA-INTO is similar to XML-INTO, but a parser must be provided seperately.
  • Error annotations in the editor can now be navigated using the Next and Previous Annotation toolbar buttons. The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+. and Ctrl+, can be used for Next and Previous navigation, respectively. Error navigation includes compile and program verifier Error List errors, ILE RPG live parser errors, and ILE RPG Unreferenced Definition warnings. The combination box toolbar button can select and deselect the types of annotations available in the navigation. This can also be configured through the General > Editors > Text Editors > Annotations preference page. Note that syntax checking errors are always available in the navigation.
  • Trailing spaces are trimmed when a source member is opened so that users can press the End key and move the cursor after the last non-blank position on the line. This is true even for cached local files.
  • Comments preceding an RPGLE subroutine are displayed in a hover in similar manner to a subprocedure. Hovers that do not show any additional information beyond the source line being hovered over are no longer displayed.
  • The Object Table view has been enhanced to make it easy for PDM users to migrate to RDi while still using similar keystrokes and ways of working. It now boasts an embedded quick filter panel to quickly identify a set of items to work with using similar criteria as PDM. A new Option column enables quick entry of PDM options and even user defined commands to act on the library, object, or member in a row. Filters can optionally be named and reused in the Remote Systems Explorer view. Many RSE power users may prefer to work in the enhanced table view because of its ease and power. Similar to F17 in PDM, there is Subset tab to subset a list on a keystroke basis without any communications delay. Additionally, a rich history mechanism provides easy reuse of filter values.
  • Improved ILE RPG outline and hover support for opcodes such as TAG, ENDSR, PLIST, PARM, KLIST and KFLD.
  • ILE RPG Indicators in column 71-76 are now properly shown as modified in outline.
  • Users now can retain the sort state of the Object Table View after refresh.
  • It is now easy to toggle between edit and browse modes using either the Ctrl-Shift-G keyboard shortcut or by selecting "Toggle Edit/Browse Mode" from the Source menu. The icon in the editor tab shows whether a member is in edit or browse mode.
  • Improved Show Block Nesting (Ctrl-Shift-O) to include support for being invoked from ELSE, WHEN and OTHER op-codes. Up to 15 levels of nesting can now be displayed.
  • Variable length database fields are now recognized correctly in the ILE RPG outline view and editor.
  • The hover help for RPGLE KLIST, and PLIST references now show field and parameter lists.
  • In the Error List, the "Remove current list" and "Remove all lists" toolbar buttons will now also remove the corresponding error annotations in the editor.
  • In ILE RPG, comments with lower case spec type like 'd*' are now included in the hover.
  • Hover of error list annotations on the right margin now includes the message ID.
Other Updates
  • SE66032 RDi 9.5.1: CL command prompter does not handle parameter values which use *CAT/*BCAT/*TCAT.
  • SE67408 RDi Automatic uppercase when editing DDS source members with the Remote Systems LPEX Editor is not working.
  • SE67581 RDi IBM i DDM server setting *ENCUSRPWD results in RDi message RSEF1002
  • SE67951 RDi CL command prompter may add quotes when there is more than one string in a parm.
  • SE68317 Outline fails with NPE when ILE RPG proc returns a DS containing a subfield that overlays the DS itself.
  • SE68380 When programmatically creating an IBM i Connection the specified properties are not respected on the JDBC connection.
  • SE68384 RDI Breakpoints not set correctly when the source name ends with the source type
  • SE68490 RDi Unable to remove iProject ignore setting in Remote Reconciler
  • SE68562 RPGLE variables referenced by embedded SQL or the MAIN keyword should not be marked as unused.
  • SE68668 IBM Rational Developer for i snippet imported into RDi 9.6 after insert hangs workbench.
  • SE68675 In RDi 9.6, 'Compare With' from Reconciler comparing iProject and IBM i members shows sequence numbers/dates included in IBM i member.
  • SE68693 RDi 9.6 - Zero percent coverage for all files in report if some files have zero percentage coverage
  • SE68743 RDi The hyperlink feature to move the cursor to a referenced declaration does not work in SQLRPGLE members.
  • SE68745 RDi CLLE prompt dialog throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for CL command terminated with ';'.
  • SE68833 RDi LPEX ILE RPG formatter produces incorrect results.
  • SE68874 RDi 9.6.0: 'Full Line' and 'Free Form' settings are not respected with the 'Tab key inserts spaces' unchecked.
  • SE68882 RDi 9.6.0: The class IBMiConnection does not return a JDBC connection when used with Kerberos authentication.
  • SE68883 RDi The ILE RPG SQL formatter may start lines in the wrong column unexpectedly.
  • SE68884 RDi Incorrect display in outline view and hover when a fixed format data structure is followed by a free form data structure
  • SE68885 RDi RPGLE source with qualified or nested subfield defined LIKE database field crashed with StackOverflowError.
  • SE68887 Remote Systems LPEX editor may become unresponsive when editing
  • SE68904 RDi SQL host variables not always recognized by the SQLRPGLE parser.
  • SE68985 RDi Time format special word followed by ':' (colon) delimiter results in "unexpected token" warning in the editor.
  • SE69005 RDi Using LPEX to join (ALT+J) two lines can result in the second line being truncated.
  • SE69158 RDI LPEX cursor position incorrect when Windows scaling is greater than 100%
  • SE69226 RDI Remote Systems LPEX editor may become unresponsive when performing live parsing of RPGLE source
  • SE69256 Editing ILE RPG results in an exception for a RENAME keyword on a file spec with a non-symbol reference. This prevents the outline view and other language intelligence from updating.


NOTE: Consult the Fix lists for Rational Developer for i documentation at IBM Support for information about Rational Developer for i Fix Lists prior to June 2018.

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