Powertech Antivirus for IBM i

NOTE: In versions prior to 8.0, Powertech Antivirus for IBM i was called Stand Guard Anti-Virus for IBM i.

June 2019

Version 8.01
  • Updates that were originally provided as PTFs to Powertech Antivirus for R08M0 are now included in the installation package. The updates that are now included enable DAT file updates using HTTP (*WGET download method).

February 2019

Version 8.0
  • The new product name, Powertech Antivirus for IBM i, is now used throughout the software and accompanying documentation. (Prior to version 8.0, the product was called "Stand Guard Anti-Virus for IBM i.")
  • Powertech Antivirus now uses the new McAfee 6000 Anti-Malware Engine, which includes the following:
    • Enhanced support for JavaScript, including stabilization and performance improvements.
    • Improved VBA file handling capability to detect more threats.
    • Improved Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) file handling capability.
    • Enhanced support to detect 64-bit PE, ELF, Mach-O, and .NET based malware.
    • Optimizations to DAT initialization to improve load times.
  • A menu option has been added that allows you to change the *ALLOBJ profile to something other than QSECOFR.
  • Object locks on AVMSGQ, which could interfere with installation, have been fixed.
  • Documentation updates have been added, including the usage of a non-standard FTP port for acquiring DAT files and PTF files, fixes to code examples, omitting a single file from scanning, and other improvements.
  • The owner of AVMENU has been changed to STANDGUARD (rather than the user performing the installation).
  • AVCFGTSK *CMD has been changed to public *EXCLUDE.
PTF Updates
  • 1AV0001: The MCH0601 space offset error with On-Access Scanning has been fixed.
  • 1AV0002: The SQL0181 error in AVRUNTSK, when omit items exceed 1024, has been fixed.
  • 1AV0003: The *WGET option has been added to AVCHGUPDA, AVRUNUPD.
  • 1AV0004: The help text for WGET has been updated.
  • 1AV0005: AVMSGF for WGET has been updated.
  • 1AV0006: The SIGABRT error in AVRUNTSK when creating a logfile in a directory that doesn't exist has been fixed.
  • 1AV0009: The FORCE parameter has been added to AVRUNUPD. This allows you to force a DAT update even if the DAT files are current. This can be used to fix missing or corrupt DAT files.
  • 1AV0010: Duplicated AVCHGAO help text has been fixed.
  • 1AV0011: The user guide has been updated.
  • 1AV0012: AVUPDATE ADDJOBSCDE AVRUNUPD OUTPUT(*LOGFILE) not valid has been fixed.
  • 1AV0013: AVRUNUPD now supports ACS wget.
  • 1AV0014: A problem causing incorrect display of AVDATVER data area text has been fixed.
  • 1AV0015: A problem causing incorrect function of AVSUPPORT option 20 menu has been fixed.
  • 1AV0016: Resolves an error reported as CPF2105 AVRUNUPG "Object Q1134112 in QTEMP type *FILE not found," an issue that could interfere with the PTF update process.

August 2017

Version 7.4
  • HelpSystems Insite Deployment Manager support has been added to Stand Guard Anti-Virus, allowing for updates and licensing management.
  • Extraneous errors have been eliminated from the installation process.

July 2017

Version 7.3
  • Stand Guard Anti-Virus now uses the new McAfee 5900 Anti-Malware Engine, which includes the following:
    • Enhanced support of JavaScript malware detection
    • Enhancements to DAT content to improve predictability of content processing
    • A new high-performance executable packer (MPRESS) to decompress executables
    • Dotfuscator .NET obfuscation functionality for string obfuscation
    • Improved support of OLE file format Platform enhancements
    • Deployment functionality has been added to Stand Guard Anti-Virus, including the ability to stage the product installation.

For more information, visit the McAfee website.

October 2014

Version 7.2
  • Updated to use the new McAfee 5700 Anti-Malware Engine. Using the new scanning engine improves threat detection and enhances performance. Some of the improvements are listed below. For a full list, visit the McAfee website.
    • Improved Java class format scanning to exploit detection capabilities.

    • Enhanced generic unpacking to detect more threats.

    • Native unpacking for newer versions of ASPack, AutoIt, and MSI.

    • General performance optimizations, including initialization and scanning.

    • Improved extra.dat load times.

April 2014

Version 7.1
  • Adds full Domino 9 compatibility.

February 2014

Version 7.0

October 2013

Version 6.1.1
  • Critical update now available with McAfee Scan Engine 5600. Scan engine must be updated prior to November 1, 2013 in order to remain compatible with McAfee DAT files and stay protected against the latest threats.

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