Multi-Factor Authentication IBM i Agent

July 2019

Version R01M06
  • Powertech MFA's IBM i agent can now accommodate authentication calls to a RADIUS server to authenticate users.

April 2019

Version R01M05
  • Powertech Multui-Factor Authentication now supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) protection for communications to and from the Authentication Manager, and is now registered as a Client Application within the IBM Digital Certificate Manager (DCM).
  • Exit programs that were registered against exit points before Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication control for those exit points was activated can now be changed.
  • The product has been renamed Powertech Multi-Factor Authentication. The new name is now used in the IBM i Agent module and accompanying documentation. (Previously the product was called "Access Authenticator.")
Other Fixes
  • When configured, requests from the IBM i agent to the Authentication Manager are now sent over HTTPS.
  • Authentication request with parameters set to null is no longer sent when CCSID=65535.

October 2018

Version R01M04
  • A new error handling and messaging mechanism has been added to the Desktop Agent that enables important messages about upgrades to be displayed.
  • You are now logged out of the Desktop Agent after changing HelpSystems Insite addresses.
  • The Insite server address on the Access Authenticator IBM i agent is now updated with each Activation from HelpSystems Insite.

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