HA-MX Monitor

  • The current shipping version of Halcyon HA-MX Monitor is 15.0 (PTF:2020.044.2).
  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

June 2020

Version 15.0

June 16, 2020

No updates for this release.

July 2019

Version 15.0
  • The Audit History age limit has been increased to 1 day.

March 2017

Version 15.0
  • HA-MX Monitor now supports the following additional audit attributes:
    • AUDCMP Audit objects compared
    • AUDDETNE Audit objects detected not equal
    • AUDNOTCMP Audit objects not compared
    • AUDNOTRCV Audit objects not recovered
    • AUDRCV Audit objects recovered
    • AUDTOT Audit total objects selected
    • AUDSTS Audit history status
  • A new system default HMX/AUDHSTMAXMINS has been made available to control whether the values returned by the last Audit are considered valid.
  • HA-MX rules now support the ability to require a Comment when closing an Alert if closed within "Display Message Console" (DSPMSGCON). This is set on the first page of the rule by new parameter "Console comment".
  • HA-MX Monitor now has the ability to re-alert if the Alert is closed and the rule is still triggering. This is controlled by new system default HMX/ALWDUPALERT.
  • HA-MX now supports 4 digits for "Attribute" LSTAPYTIME.
  • HA-MX Monitor job log now correctly handles messages from failed MIMIX RTVAPYSTS commands.

November 2016

Version 14.0
  • You can now resequence the rule numbers on HA-MX rules by using new option 38=Resequence against the rule group. Actions which include the ability to define the rule number, such as CLOSE, DELETE, HLDRULE, RLSRULE and RSTRULE are not updated.
  • A fix has been applied to the HA-MX Monitor so that it updates the apply status for all sessions, even if there is an error in getting an update from any of them.

February 2016

Version 14.0
  • HA-MX Monitor rules now have the ability to run an Action Schedule when an alert is closed.
  • HA-MX Monitor rules within a group can be resequenced by use of new option 38=Resequence.

July 2015

Version 14.0
  • Work with MIMIX Status (WRKMMXSTS) now includes additional statuses, AIPEND and AIFLAG for integration with Halcyon Alert Intelligence.
  • A fix has been applied to return Apply Session values for all Data Groups.

Archived Release Notes

Please check the following archive files for HA-MX Monitor release information prior to 2015.

July 2013

April 2013