Authority Swapper

  • The current shipping version of Halcyon Authority Swapper is 15.0 (PTF:2020.044.2).
  • There are no updates for historical releases unless specifically listed.

June 2020

Version 15.0

June 16, 2020

No updates for this release.

February 2016

Version 14.0
  • Authority Swapper now supports user lists which include select / omit users.
  • The Authority Swapper file containing the screen captures for *SWAP Sessions is now encrypted.
  • Authority Swapper automatically removes passwords in screen captures for *SWAP Sessions.

July 2015

Version 14.0
  • Authority Swapper User Lists have been migrated into Common Functions so they can be used within any Halcyon product.
  • Work with ASW Profiles now requests a reason/comment when option 9=Password is used to show the password for an enabled *FTP or *ODBC Profile.

Archived Release Notes

Please check the following archive files for Authority Swapper release information prior to 2015.

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