Webdocs Forms Management

July 2020

Version: 7.4.0

Jul 10, 2020

New Features
  • The Visual Rule Builder supports functions/expressions.
  • The Email step for workflows has been renamed to Anonymous Task. This added functionality greatly enhances the rule builder's ability to create more powerful rules reducing the need to manually add JavaScript.
  • The Rule Builder provides Lookup, Help and validation support for new expressions.
  • Ability to turn on an unsaved changes warning that displays in Use mode when the form/flow browser window/tab is closed without saving/submitting and changes have been made to the data.
  • Ability to display a customized warning message when a user tries to delete a repeating section or table row.
  • System Metrics to monitor Platform Stability / Performance - Cloud Only.
  • Turn on DEBUG level logging for Live Forms using a simple property.
  • Spaces generate menu item url's using parentheses instead of curly braces.
  • The Insight Server war is now included in the frevvo.war file.
  • Customization of On Premise installations is done in a single properties file named <frevvo-home>\conf\frevvo-config.properties.
  • On Premise customers using the tomcat bundle, will no longer see an insight.war file in <frevvo-home>\tomcat\webapps.
  • Log entries for the Insight Server are captured in the frevvo log.
  • Configuration Property to turn on JSON logging for the frevvo log - On Premise only.
  • Connectors directory including the PVE and Google connectors removed from the frevvo tomcat bundle.

March 2018

Version 7.3.5
Other Fixes
  • Initial release.
  • Streamlined installation process.
  • Integrated with Webdocs:
    • Final archive location for any form or other customer document created in Forms Management.
    • Saved as PDF.
    • Form fields mapped to Webdocs for document check-in.