Core Network Insight

June 2020

Version: 7.0.3

June 29, 2020

  • Asset risk UI has been changed for a clearer understanding.
  • Navigation style has been updated.
  • Asset page header has been modified for a better user experience
  • Login message improvements on the User Interface to make easier the troubleshooting.
  • Hardware footprint reduction on sensors.
  • Threat Intel domain has been updated to
Other Fixes
  • Login page image was always reset despite the checkbox content.
  • LDAP credentials fail even when they are correct in Domain Controller Asset Resolution settings.
  • Improvements in traffic processing engine to make it more reliable against failures.
  • Dshell password authentication was not working properly.

May 2020

Version: 7.0.2

May 27, 2020

  • Integrations Menu is now alphabetically ordered.

  • RADIUS authentication can now be validated.

  • Columns that should be displayed by default on the grid give more information on the specific asset status and threats.

Other Fixes
  • An issue with the LDAP validation configuration was causing a crash in the user interface that could cause problems accessing it for the next 30 min

  • Modifying whitelist enables threat categories. (CAS-0010158537)

  • An issue was causing a malfunction on the user session enrichment sessions feature through active directory. (CAS-0010189597)

  • An issue has been corrected when the retro database queue was full. (CAS-0010158089, CAS-0010194418)

  • Custom Threats page breaks when non-ASCII characters are used in threat names. (CAS-0010197912)

April 2020

Version: 7.0.1

Apr 27, 2020

  • Core Security logos have been updated to blue to fit with the HelpSystems brand book.

  • Newly created users can't log in until a second password change.

  • SMTP mail server configuration validation button has been added.

  • Add SSL and TLS/STARTTLS authentication to SMTP server configuration.

  • SSL and TLS/STARTTLS authentication has been added to SMTP server configuration. (CAS-0010192121, CAS-0010184524)

Other Fixes
  • User Permissions prevented from correctly upgrade the product to 7.0. (CAS-0010196258)

  • Software update notifications messages have been corrected to display the correct status of the installation.

  • When creating a new user account, there's a checkbox for forcing the user to change their password upon first logging in that is not being unchecked after the change so the user is requested to change the password after each login. (CAS-0010191716)

  • Corrected a defect where 2 consecutive password resets were needed to allow a new user to log in the product.

  • Memory requirements have been modified to allow a correct functioning on lightweight micro-sensors or vSensors. (CAS-0010195683)

  • Systems and Threat tabs in the GUI are not accessible after scrolling to bottom of the page. (CAS-0010196661)

  • SIEM settings Syslog or Splunk uses UDP irrespective of changes in UI. (CAS-0010198356)

  • Statistics are now saved in multiple files. (CAS-0010198455)

March 2020

Version: 7.0.0

Mar 16, 2020

New Features
  • After any version update, a what's new page is presented to the user to explain the new features and enhancements released on that version.
  • Dark mode ensures that bright and eye-burning screen will not be a problem for your night on-call.
  • User interface has been updated with the following enhancements:
    • UI navigation is now easier and more user friendly with more data visualization space and easier menus.
    • New login Page.
    • New table/grids look & feel.
    • New Forgot Password Page.
    • New Reset Password Page Style.
    • Diagnostics Charts look and feel has been improved.
  • New help text has been added to the UI to make the configuration process easier.
  • Mail alert notifications have been improved with enriched information and a new look & feel.
  • Automatic monthly updates are now available.
  • New help text has been added to Asset identification settings and it is possible now to validate the Domain Controller asset resolution settings.
  • Under the hood performance improvements for Speedracer driver.
  • Enhanced Message Queue and communication channel improvements.
  • Easier configuration of the authentication settings. Authentication settings have been merged to improve its usability and user experience.
  • Improvements on the graphical reporting of statistics. You can select specific metrics and zoom on the data to understand better the product behaviors. (CAS-0010186683)
Other fixes
  • API authentication was failing if the user had never logged into the user interface first.

January 2020

Version: 6.4.4
Other Fixes
  • Fix in the Diagnostics Bandwidth chart (under some conditions the graph could produce spikes due rounding errors). (CAS-0010182239)

  • Reduction of the CPU and bandwidth usage in the diagnostics data generation.

December 2019

Version: 6.4.3
Other Fixes
  • Improvements on diagnostic metrics calculation performance and reliability. (CAS-0010170402)

November 2019

Version: 6.4.2
  • SIEM events can be forwarded now using both TCP and UDP protocols via Syslog. (CAS-0010168588)

  • Performance improvements on servicenow tickets integration.

  • New notification to update servicenow synchronization status through the user interface.

  • Logon failures are now audited. (CAS-0010166873)

  • Support for VXLAN packet analysis.

  • Lists now support the possibility to display more than 100 records at a time. I.e.: assets, files, threats, etc.

Other Fixes
  • Improvements on diagnostics data reliability. ([CAS-0010170402)

  • Improvements on data forensics to improve support diagnostics performance. postgresql logs added.

  • Other under the hood improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements to make the product experience even more smoother.

September 2019

Version: 6.4.1
New Features
  • Network Insight can run now on AWS and Azure.

  • All audit changes are now forwarded through SIEM integrations (login, account creation, account locking, and so on).

  • Threat Intel host and port configuration have been removed from user interface to ease the configuration. Now only the Threat Intel API key is needed.
  • Force parameter has been added to config_export command to force an export even if the information is incomplete.
  • LDAP field names and help tips have been improved.
Other Fixes
  • Management Console does not connect to RADIUS server.
  • Internal Proxy IPs appear to be published as CnC IPs for Palo Alto Integration.
  • Error 500 while accessing the details for some assets from All assets page.
  • Error while accessing logs from Management Console User Interface (Settings > logs).
  • Memory management improvements on Distributed Configuration service.
  • Memory management improvements on Carrier sniffer service.
  • Performance and stability improvements.


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