Access Assurance Suite (AAS)

December 2019

Version: 9.2.1
Access Assurance Suite Enhancements
  • Access Assurance Suite uses JQuery 3.3.1 and Bootstrap 4.3.1 to minimize the risk of several vulnerabilities. Security fixes added to minimize the risk of web server vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, content sniffing and external service interactions.

  • The size of SourceIPAddress and workflow columns in the Ticketing table schema is increased.

  • New column ‘RetryCount’ added in Notification Table.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and 2019 support.

  • Microsoft Windows Server edition 2019 support.

  • Support for the Transparent Synchronization Listener for Windows and the Password Management Module and Connector for Microsoft Active Directory when using Windows Server 2019 Domain Controllers.

Enhancements to the Provisioning Platform
  • Hide Auth Step 1 functionality works correctly when workflow is launched from a web server that is on a different server than application server.
  • Courion-ADAttributeTrigger-1.0 connector is enhanced to include Domain Controller in the target configuration.
  • Enable User Utility is modified to get and display the correct list of disabled users after clicking on Get List button.
  • Workflow page header bar now displays consistently.
  • Branding changes – All workflows show the product name as “Core Access Assurance Suite” on the User Authentication screen.
  • Configuration of Transaction Repository in Microsoft-ADO-3.0 connector is fixed to not show “The provider you chose was not 'Microsoft OLEDB Provider for SQL Server.' Return to the Data Link page and choose the proper provider.” warning message.
  • Password Reset workflow shows space between word name as ‘Verify’ and label ‘Password’.
  • ENABLE ENHANCED LOGGING configuration option on PMM for Microsoft Active Directory Target configuration screen now honors the setting and logs detail logging statements in log file.
  • Workflow Auth Step 1 page is updated to display correct Help Text icons for modern interface.
  • All Baseline workflows are modified to cache the static macros to improve performance.
Access Assurance Portal Enhancements
  • The Windows Authentication feature works correctly and no longer shows the message “Your Username or password is incorrect”.
  • Portal authentication supports use of HTML reserved characters like “<”, “>” in the password field.
  • The menu bar of Access Assurance Portal now remains expanded as default behavior.
  • New menu “Reports” with sub menu item “Connect to Insite” is added to the Menu Bar.
Core Compliance Enhancements
  • Scheduled activation of the certification review cycle is fixed to trigger at 00:00 AM.
Core Access Enhancements
  • Approval process handles “Profile Request” correctly.
  • XMLAO Provisioning for Access Requests honors the Automated / Close Loop for the requested entitlement.
  • Approve Request page is corrected to handle the delegated approval requests.
  • Performance Improvements – Manage Access and Manage Access Catalog page is improved to handle large amount of data in-terms of User Profile, Entitlements and Roles.
  • Custom image added in the Menu bar displays correctly in the chrome browser.
  • Pagination on Manage Access is improved.
  • Manage Access – Users Panel shows vertical scroll bar to accommodate user selection beyond the panel display limit.
  • Manage Access page is modified to visible correctly on Google Chrome Update 76 browser.
  • Approval request is showing clear differentiation in access Add / Remove requests, added indication tag which helps approvers to differentiate between Add / Remove requests.
  • Admin Delegation functionality is fixed, an ARM Admin can delegate privileges and approvals on behalf of any user.
  • Users who are designated as approvers can see Approval page and perform approval process correctly.
  • Manage Access page is modified to show Entitlement description.
  • Approval request is modified to show the Entitlement count correctly for the Role Definition request.
  • Intelligent Modelling feature is modified to not show disabled users.
  • Showing Role Shared Count on Manage Access page is now configurable, new global config value named “ManageAccess.Display.RoleShare.Count” is added in Global Configuration. By default, the config value is set to “false” (do not show count).
  • Showing Role Shared Count on Manage Access page is now configurable, new global config value named “ManageAccess.Display.RoleShare.Count” is added in Global Configuration. By default, the config value is set to “false” (do not show count).
  • Search boxes on Manage Access page are fixed to trim leading and trailing spaces in search string.
  • Access request submission is fixed to populate the UserName into SubRequestItem table.
  • Request Approval process is fixed to accept Approval Comments.
  • Manage Access page is modified to show Available Access panel and Current Access panel correctly.
  • Search functionality on Manage Access – Select Filters panel is improved, now user can search for any filter string and filtered result is available to apply filter. To clear the filter, Cross button is provided which will clear the search string and refresh the filter list.
  • Tags functionality is improved to show Tags associated with the Available Accesses after selection of user from Intelligent Modelling.
  • For delegated approvals Core Access tracks the name of the Acting Approver and this helps the auditing process.
  • Category filter selection is modified and now users can select only one Category at a time to filter out the data.
  • Paging is improved on Manage Access page to show exact count of accesses present in the grid.
  • Loading icon is added on Manage Access page for adding / removing user to request.
  • Notification Service is improved to not send multiple emails in case of failed delivery of the email.
Other Fixes
  • The SQL.ApprovalsCheck.Logged In User, SQL.AccessApprovers.ApprovalsCount.Logged In User, IsApproveAsManagerDelegationAvailable, IsManagerRequestDelegationAvailable, Has Access Find Access By Intelligent Modeling, and Has Access Find Access By Entilements macros have been updated for this release.


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