SharePoint Classifier Configuration Sweeper Service

July 2020

Version 3.11.0

July 2020

New Features
  • Support for SharePoint 2019.

  • Support for SharePoint Modern Experience in document libraries.

  • Optional automatic enabling of SharePoint Classifier on new SharePoint sites and libraries.

  • Support for synchronizing existing document library items with SharePoint Classifier views at a site collection and site level rather than just a document library level.

  • Optional quarantine for documents that fail Classifier mandatory rule checks.

  • Facility to import and export configuration settings.

Other Fixes
  • 'Boldon James Classifier Settings' still present after uninstall.

  • Provide the option to support SharePoint Classifier on any kind of list template.

  • Set selector values to display an alternate name in document library columns.

  • Set selector values to display an image value.

  • Have a mandatory selector rule on check-in.

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