Mac Classifier

June 2021

Version 3.12.5

June 2021

  • Updated for Microsoft Office 365 16.50 (CSD 00022256, 00022272).

  • Improved support for Unicode visual markings with Microsoft PowerPoint. See Further Information.

April 2020

Version 3.12.3

April 2020

New Featuers
  • Mono version 5.12 or later is required if you will be running Classifier on macOS versions up to and including Mojave. For macOS Catalina, testing with this current Classifier release indicates that Mono version 6.4 is required. Mono can be obtained from

  • Basic status information is shown in the Classifier menu if you hold the Option button while opening it. This menu is now always created on startup, even when Classifier cannot find a valid configuration.

Other Fixes
  • The Classifier button now appears disabled in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, when Classifier is disabled in the policy.

  • Addresses an issue where Mac Classifier fails to load the configuration from the root folder on some web servers.

  • There was an issue where subject labels may not be formatted correctly if the user did not add a subject to the message, and hence the label was not decoded on delivery. This no longer occurs with recent versions of Outlook – tested on 16.35.

  • Classifier will now display a message on startup if the evaluation license has expired.

  • Some changes to avoid issues encountered when running alongside Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

  • Fixes the case where an evaluation license warning is incorrectly given when using a subscription license.

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