Email and Office Classifier

April 2021

Version 3.17

April 2021

New Features
  • Support for new features introduced in Classifier Administration Server version 3.18

  • New Condition to detect edited meeting responses (00001621)

  • New Message Body condition (00005197)

  • New Subject Only condition (00006060)

  • New File Size condition (00006530)

  • Change classification history date/time to show as local time (00008664)

  • New Message Originator Attribute Values Condition (00009221)

  • New Audit Events For Classifier Decision Tree (00009581)

  • Provide ability to format of watermarks (00009689)

  • Extend formatting ability of Insert Image Rule for Word (00009907)

  • Extend or control the amount of time the tooltip stays on screen (00010017)

  • The warning image in the labeller UI is now configurable (00028419)

  • Supports interoperability between Titus products (TMC, TCO and Gmail)

Other Fixes
  • Setting Follow Up Flag Or Categorize On An Email In A Shared Mailbox Causes An Error Message Dialog To Display (00004206)

  • (The Outlook setting Folder View Column populate on startup now applies to all available mailboxes)

  • Subject marking in emails not working with conversation mode in outlook (00005871)

  • (Requires new Outlook setting: Allow Show As Converstations when using Subject Labels in Classifier Administration Server)

  • Email & office Policy/configuration not loading when region language changed to Turkish (00006163)

  • MAC Classifier to E&O Classifier Text Label Decode Issues (00006277)

  • Label Not Removed from Powerpoint Footer on Copy and Paste - Powerpoint Footer Rule (00006848)

  • (Requires the following registry key to be set: .\Boldon James\Classifier\PowerPoint\UpdateDuplicateMarkings=1)

  • Document Content Count not triggering Suggested Classification (00006986)

  • Favourite labels that include a Date Picker selector value should automatically update to today's date (00008869)

  • Unable to display content check hits for PDFs in Outlook (00009135)

  • The latest version of DTSearch PDF Search highlighter is required for this CSD fix.

  • The dtSearch PDF Search Highlighter is a free plug-in for Adobe Reader, which allows

  • dtSearch and other search programs to highlight hits in retrieved documents inside Adobe Reader DC, XI, and X

  • This can be obtained from here. After installation, use the 'check for updates' at the bottom of the dialog to ensure you have the latest version installed.

  • Issue with Email/office classifier interacting with Stories in Office applications (00009402)

  • Recipient Removal Query (00009875)

  • Text Entry selectors values should be included in high water-mark checks (00010277)

  • Specific Excel File issue (00011204)

  • Error message when opening a PowerPoint file, after labelling it with File Classifier (00010486)

  • Issue with X-Header format in Outlook message (00010488)

  • (Classifier now supports x-header values that are encoded using RFC2047)

  • FLOT does not obey alignment setting when using Right To Left language (00010499)

  • Additional blank line appears in footer that includes mulitple lines (00010802)

  • Content Checking Not Detecting Expressions In The Content Library (00010873)

  • Issue With Classifier's AD RMS And Azure RMS Integration (00010924)

  • Duplicate LLOT appear on replies if the label is changed (00011010)

  • Request to select User defined default classification from the Classifier Options Menu (00011220)

  • Dynamic Clearances with Clearance Masking enabled causes significant performance issues (00011030)

  • Outlook Signatures causes Classifier to add ATT files on emails (00008296, 00010275, 00010463, 00010592, 00010637)

  • Subject marking on emails appear to duplicate when responding to message (00010507, 00011126)

October 2020

Version 3.16.3

October 2020

Other Fixes
  • Issue when saving PowerPoint document in conjunction with Seclore software

  • Issue with large attachments when working in conjunction with Seclore software

  • When using the right to left language option, the visual markings are not right-aligned

  • Classifier adding ATT files on emails when using Outlook signatures with embedded images

  • PowerPoint footers may not be formatted as expected

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