Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)

September 2019

Version: PTF 7.4 SI70626, 7.3 SI70625, 7.2 SI70624

In version 7.2 and later:

  • BRMS has enhanced the way it processes job log messages to improve performance.
  • The STRRCYBRM command now orders *IBM and *ALLUSR libraries by ascending tape sequence order.
  • BRMS has been enhanced to provide turnkey virtual support when using media classes named QAVVRTTAP or QAVVRTOPT.
Other Fixes

In version 7.2 and later:

  • Using SAVSAVFBRM for several save file backups up with different media policy retentions may set the wrong volume expiration date.
  • Cloud backups using an IASP for the cloud transfer were not checking for enough space available for the virtual media and MSGBRM1799 did not show the correct IASP name.
  • BRMS restore commands that exceed 1000 characters fail with MSGCPD0013.

  • The BRMS GUI Restore Wizard "Browse" dialog box does not show contents of IASPs.
  • BRMS user media library device support is resolving the incorrect Deallocate device command parameter for the &DEVICE variable.

In version 7.4:

  • The old world call to set the cloud transfer ASP does not change the Cloud transfer ASP setting in the backup policy.

July 2019

Version PTF 7.4 SI70368, 7.3 SI70367, 7.2 SI70366

In version 7.2 and later:

  • The volume selection for concurrent backups tape reservations has been enhanced.
  • Enhanced the backup omit processing to combine BRMS GUI web omits and green screen *BKUPCY omits for libraries
  • The backup control group exit program has been enhanced.
Other Fixes

In version 7.2 and later:

  • The QBRMSYNC job fails with MSGMCH1202 when using User-defined SYSBAS and IASP timestamps.
  • Non-BRMS backups to media not enrolled in BRMS fails with MSGBRM3D1D.
  • The clear missed objects policy setting is not being resolved correctly when the control group Missed Object policy is set to *BKUPCY.
  • The INZBRM OPTION(*VFYNET) or OPTION(*VFYENT) incorrectly reports MSGBRM1177 if more than 50 systems are in the BRMS network.
  • Domino restores using WRKMEDIBRM with the VOL() parameter or WRKMEDBRM options 13 to Display contents shows the wrong Domino package information.
  • Remote restores may not restore all libraries and WRKSPLFBRM remote restores may not restore expected spooled files.
  • Restores of a list of libraries backed up using serial and parallel saves may fail with MSGCPD0071, MSGCPF006, and MSGCPF61FF.
  • *ALLUSR backups using *INCR *INCR may fail with MSGCPF0550.
  • Changing the volume expiration date to an earlier date and changing the owning system for an expired volume in the same operation may cause volume owning system inconsistencies in a BRMS network.
  • An *ALLUSR control group entry using Save While Active *NO and a Save active wait time value of *NOCMTBDY for the control group attribute Pending record changes incorrectly omits Q* and #* libraries.
  • Control group backups containing a folder or spooled file list using a control group exit program may fail with MSGMCH1210.
  • Backups to sequence one may not be reflected in BRMS history if a cloud remote restore preceded the backup in the same job.

The PTFs for IBM i 7.3-SI69390 and IBM i 7.2-SI69389, are superseded by the above PTFs 7.3-SI70367 and 7.2-SI70366.

April 2019

Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS)

Version 7.4
  • Turn-key cloud control group deployment which allows customers to easily set up custom cloud control groups.
  • Enable the green screen command to change control group attributes which were previously only available in the GUI.
  • Backup for journaled objects changes is now the default setting: the default parameter value for SAVLIBBRM command has been changed to OBJJRN(*YES).
  • New *OBJ list named QALLSPLF to backup all spooled files which improves restore performance.
  • Support for the 3592-60F tape drive with *FMT3592A6 and FMT3592A6E densities.
  • Enhanced log information: uses the system timestamp to preserve message order when messages are logged at the same second are displayed using DSPLOGBRM.

March 2019

Version PTF 7.3 SI68856, 7.2 SI68855

In version 7.2 and later:

  • Improved virtual tape image catalog management for BRMS backups to virtual tape.
  • BRMS enhanced the select user space code to support cumulative/incremental *ALLUSR backups.
  • BRMS added the Change Control Group Attributes (Q1ACHGCGA) API.
Other Fixes

In version 7.3 and later:

  • In 7.3 and later, BRMS GUI web reclaim media fails.

In version 7.2 and later:

  • In 7.2 and later, BRMS backup job loops sending MSGBRM1017.
  • In 7.2 and later, BRMS GUI web incorrectly allows the parallel type to be set for the all IBM data
    control group entry.
  • In 7.2 and later, PRTRPTBRM TYPE(*CTLGRPSTAT) outfile information does not show device names that are less than 10 characters.
  • In 7.2 and later, DSPLOGBRM not reporting some MSGCPC37xx completion messages and some completion messages appear in the wrong order in the job log.
  • In 7.2 and later, volumes with an expiration date in the year 2039 may be changed to *VER xx during maintenance.
  • In 7.2 and later, WRKPCYBRM parameter changes are not saved when paging up or down without hitting enter.
  • In 7.2 and later, DUPMEDBRM batch jobs are not using the BRMS system policy values for Job description and Job queue for the submit job.
  • In 7.2 and later, Object lists QCLDIPL *OBJ, QCLDIPL *LNK, and QCLDOMTUSR *LNK lists are created incorrectly when 5733ICC is not installed.

December 2018

Version PTF 7.3 SI68846, 7.2 SI68845

In version 7.2 and later:

  • The BRM log information has been enhanced to use the system timestamp to preserve message order when messages logged at the same second are displayed using DSPLOGBRM.
  • BRMS has been enhanced to support the new 3592-60F tape drive with new *FMT3592A6 and FMT3592A6E densities.
  • BRMS has enhanced the cloud turnkey solution to allow customers to create their own disaster recovery turnkey control groups.
  • BRMS has enhanced the green screen to change the previously GUI only control group attributes for TCP/IP servers, to unmount user-defined file systems, and run maintenance after backup.
  • BRMS now creates an *OBJ list named QALLSPLF to backup all spooled files.
  • SAVLIBBRM command default for Journaled objects has been changed to OBJJRN(*YES).
Other Updates

In Version 7.2 and later:

  • WRKMEDIBRM with VOL() parameter for a specific volume was not showing any saved items.
  • The BRMS GUI web was not working with EIM/SSO.
  • BRMS GUI Web failed with MSGBRM3C4B after updating the backup policy properties.
  • IFS files greater than 4GB are now able to be archived.
  • BRMS programs that adopt authority now use qualified library programs calls.
  • WRKSPLFBRM fixed to list all the spooled files that were successfully backed up.
  • STRBKUBRM prompt for the control group parameter fixed to return all choices.

September 2018

Version PTF 7.3 SI68073, 7.2 SI68072
  • In 7.3 and later, IFS pattern support using include or omit option *PATINCLUDE and *PATOMIT were added to WRKLBRM *LNK lists.

  • In 7.2 and later, INZBRM OPTION(*VFYSYS) was enhanced to check if the flash copy state allows communication.
Other Fixes
  • In 7.2 and later, the BRMS function to log messages to an additional message queue is not sending the expected messages.
  • In 7.2 and later, STRBKUBRM using the STRSEQ() parameter does not start at the correct library when the starting sequence is a generic library name.
  • In 7.2 and later, backups which select volumes from a WORM media class incorrectly fail with MSGBRM148A when volumes are available.
  • In 7.2 and later, WRKSPLFBRM restores fail with MSGC2M1601.
  • In 7.2 and later, BRMS backups may fail with MSGCPD0084 (for libraries) or MSGCPF3C81, value for key 27 not valid (for IFS) when the Private Authorities parameter is incorrectly changed in a control group.
  • In 7.2 and later, running a native SAVLIB command in the same job previously used for an encrypted BRMS backup incorrectly encrypts the native SAVLIB backup.
    NOTE: Note: This fix will result in a behavior change, BRMS should not be used to encrypt native SAVLIB operations.

June 2018

Version PTF 7.3 SI67946, 7.2 SI67312, 7.1 SI67311
  • In 7.1 and later, BRMS cloud turn key control groups are being enhanced to use any user specified ASP storage for virtual media that is created for cloud transfers.
  • In 7.1 and later, BRMS volume selection has been enhanced to ensure WORM media are only returned if the media class being used is set with the Write once media value set to *YES.
  • In 7.2 and later, the DSPLOGBRM command has been enhanced to support a list of message identifiers on the MSGID() parameter to display or include in the report.
Other Fixes
  • In 7.1 and later, backups are showing excessive file open and close operations to the QA1ANET2 file in QUSRBRM.
  • In 7.1 and later, WRKSPLFBRM does not show correct spooled files when doing a parallel backup of an object list.
  • In 7.2 and later, GUI omits are not being honored if using the BRMS wiki documented interface to control which control groups will not use the select user space code.
  • In 7.3 and later, the BRMS menu selection shows incorrectly translated text on the BRMS Web GUI client.
  • In 7.1 and later, BRMS automatic cloud backups using a user profile with only *SAVSYS authority fails with MSGCPFA09C, MSGCPFBC02, and MSGBRM148A.
  • In 7.1 and later, if there are more than 10,000 media sets in saved history, STRRCYBRM or STRMNTBRM fails with MSGMCH0603.
  • In 7.1 and later, RSTLIBBRM using OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) posts a MSGCPD2861 message and fails to create the outfile .
  • In 7.1 and later, sequence 1 for expired volumes history records may not be removed when the volume is reused.
  • In 7.1 and later, batch parallel restores may fail with MSGSQL7011.
  • In 7.1 and later, BRMS networked systems are incorrectly allowed to send BRMS changes to a remote system while it is in flash copy mode.
  • In 7.1 and later, STRMNTBRM with RGZBRMDB(*YES) may use large amounts of system storage.
  • In 7.1 and later, RSTBRM using SAVLVL(*SAVDATE) parameter may select incorrect volume(s).
  • In 7.1 and later, DUPMEDBRM receives MSGBRM1483 message for volumes that are expired and available to use.

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