PCI Confidential - Every company is a target. Every platform is vulnerable. And compliance is never what it seems.

Whenever a major retailer gets hacked, compliance gets called in for questioning. But security experts say these latest breaches point to implementation failures not missing certifications.

Often the detective work occurs when interpreting PCI's 12 requirements—which include rigorous penetration testing, anti-virus, and regular audits—and implementing them correctly for your IT environment.

As the dark world of cybercrime evolves with new techniques, such as social engineering and planting insider threats, every company (large or small) is a potential target and no platform is off limits—even IBM i.

Working the IBM i Scene

IBM i has its own set of security controls and recommended configurations for PCI compliance. Beyond that, there are certain exposures that also need to be accounted for and secured.

Unfortunately, many PCI auditors don’t have enough experience on the platform to check these exposures. To make sure your implementation of PCI compliance is really protecting customer data—you need insider know-how.

PCI Confidential: What's Inside?

Everything you need—white paper, checklist, and quick reference guide—to implement PCI’s latest requirements smoothly, secure your IBM i servers, and prevent cybercrime on your own turf. Find out:

PCI Compliance


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