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Conquer Your Scheduling Fears

Why You Need This Guide: If you have ever faced sudden downtime, failed backups, missed SLAs, or month-end disasters, you have a problem with your IBM i scheduling. Maybe you know what it is, and maybe you don’t.

There could be many factors: complex or disjointed processes, outdated run books, overworked staff, or lost tribal knowledge.

But here’s the real problem:

Your time (and talent) is valuable. It’s too valuable to spend fixing custom scripts, rerunning processes, sifting through logs, checking resources, and scrambling to meet every deadline.

Mission-critical processes should run on time, every time, without delay or error, and most importantly, without someone pressing “Go.”

This guide makes that happen.


of research, best practices, and tips to help you triumph in your battle against manual scheduling. Learn how to calculate the hard and soft benefits of automation. Follow our step-by-step outlines and checklists to plan better and implement smoothly—just like the pros.


crucial to simplifying job scheduling automation. Learn what to do when staff or budget problems arise, how to make a major rollout more manageable, and how to measure—and celebrate—your success.


no company should be without when automating their enterprise. We tell you what resources you’ll need and what problems must be addressed before implementation. You’ll also learn how to arm yourself with information and how to be savvy in choosing a vendor.

We value your privacy.
We will not rent or sell your email address.